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  1. <li>An Introduction to Social Media<br />CCC R&amp;R Network Directors Institute 2010<br />Beth Kanter and Bryce Skolfield<br /></li><li>My passion is teaching and learning …-&gt;<br />Photo by Steve Goodman<br /></li><li>Engaging<br />Content in<br />many places<br />network<br />Sharing<br />Conversations<br />Crowdsourcing<br />Fundraising<br />Learning and content creation<br />Social Media<br /></li><li>Beth Kanter, CEO, Zoetica<br /></li><li>Bryce Skolfield, Children’s Council of San Francisco<br /></li><li>Agenda<br />1:00-1:30<br />Social Media and YouWhy Should You Care?<br />1:30-1:50Effective Social Media Strategy<br />1:50-2:10A Case Study on Tools and Tactics: Children’s Council of San Francisco<br />2:10-2:25Some Easy Starters<br />2:25-2:30<br />Reflection <br /></li><li>Spectra Gram:<br />How comfortable are you with social media tools?<br />NOT AT ALL<br />VERY<br />Somewhere in between? <br /></li><li> Social Media, do we have to? <br /></li><li>Trust Factor<br />http://www-&gt;nielsenbuzzmetrics-&gt;com/cgm-&gt;asp<br /></li><li></li><li>With my friends<br />How people are getting info to make decisions<br /></li><li></li><li></li><li></li><li>What’s the value for your agencies?<br /></li><li><ul><li> Monitor brand and reputation</li><li> Identify and reach new supporters</li><li> Raise money</li></li></ul><li>ListenEngageRelationshipsMobilize<br />Scale<br /></li><li>Listen: Monitor, Compile, Distribute<br />I took an American Red Cross class I thought was less than satisfactory-&gt; […] The local chapter director-&gt; called me to talk about it honestly-&gt; They care about me and they’re willing to go the extra mile-&gt; I am now significantly more likely to take another class than I was before-&gt;” - Blogger<br /></li><li>Listening Drove Adoption<br /></li><li>Influencer complaining …<br />Customer service issue<br />Relationship building<br />Engagement<br /></li><li>Mobilize<br /></li><li>Scale<br /></li><li></li><li>Social Media’s Role in Disaster Relief Effort in Haiti <br /></li><li>Principles<br />Flickr Photo by toby_maloy<br /></li><li>Community Building &amp; Social Networking<br />GenerateBuzz<br />Social Content<br />Engagement<br />Listen<br />Social Media Strategy Blocks<br />Crawl ………-&gt;-&gt;……Walk ……-&gt;……-&gt;-&gt; Run ……-&gt;-&gt;……………-&gt;Flyl<br /></li><li>Social Content<br />acticaches<br />Social Media: Tactics and Tools<br />Community Building &amp; Social Networking<br />GenerateBuzz<br />Listen<br />Engagement<br /> 10hr<br /> 15hr<br /> 20hr<br />Support Overall Communications and Internet StrategySupports Offline Action , Change of Behavior, or Impact Outcome<br />Less Time<br />More time<br /></li><li>Capacity: Allocate staff time, have expertise to implement strategy<br /></li><li></li><li></li><li>Well, maybe not dead<br />Pick the right metrics to understand what is and what isn’t working<br /></li><li></li><li>Results<br /></li><li>Assess Organizational Culture <br />Flickr photos by jamesjordan<br /></li><li>Common Social Media Myths<br />Loss of control over their branding and marketing messages<br />Dealing with negative comments<br />Addressing personality versus organizational voice (trusting employees)<br />Fear of failure <br />Perception of wasted of time and resources <br />Suffering from information overload already, this will cause more <br /></li><li>Social media policy template<br /><ul><li> Encouragement and support</li><li> Why policy is needed</li><li> Cases when it will be used, distributed</li><li> Oversight, notifications, and legal implications</li><li> Guidelines</li><li> Identity and transparency</li><li> Responsibility</li><li> Confidentiality </li><li> Judgment and common sense</li><li> Best practices</li><li> Tone</li><li> Expertise</li><li> Respect</li><li> Quality</li><li> Additional resources</li><li> Training</li><li> Press referrals</li><li> Escalation</li><li> Policy examples available at wiki-&gt;altimetergroup-&gt;com</li></ul>Source: Charlene Li, Altimeter Group<br /></li><li>Creating A Safe Place for Experiments<br />Identify worst case scenarios<br />Develop contingency plans<br />Prepare for the failures<br /></li><li>Pick a social media project that won’t take much time<br />Write down successes <br />Write down challenges <br />Ask or listen to the people you connect with about what worked and what didn&amp;apos;t <br />Watch other nonprofits and copy and remix for your next project-&gt; <br />Rinse, repeat-&gt;<br /></li><li>Bryce Case Study: Insert Slides Here<br /></li><li>Photo: ableman<br />Some Easy Ways To Get Started …-&gt;<br /></li><li>Reflection<br /></li><li>One Small Step<br /></li><li>Thank You! <br />Beth’s Bloghttp://beth-&gt;typepad-&gt;com<br />Slides and Linkshttp://socialmedia-strategy-&gt;wikispaces-&gt;com/<br /></li>