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SF Gay Men's Chorus


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SF Gay Men's Chorus

  1. The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus<br />
  2. Listening Experiment Objectives <br />
  3. Listening Experiment Objectives <br />Find our audience online<br />Hear chatter<br />Trending<br />Best practices<br />Prove value <br />
  4. Listening Experiment Tactics<br />
  5. Listening Experiment Results<br />
  6. What Would We Do Different/Next Time, Mom?<br />
  7. A-Ha! Moments & Insights<br />Our audiences discuss little more than our performances online. How/should we engage them more?<br />We have just started to tap Social Networking and the challenge is No Chorine Left Behind!<br />Social Media is about more than just selling tickets.<br />We are a leaderin Social Networking for LGBT Choruses, but can’t rest on our laurels. We must always innovate.<br />There are lots of people in the Arts community to tech with/opportunity loss if we don’t, and…<br />
  8. A-Ha! Moments & Insights<br />SFGMCappreciates being asked to take part!<br />Thanks, Beth and Theatre Bay Area.<br />We look forward to the next one!<br />