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Secrets of Personal Fundraising


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Secrets of Personal Fundraising

  1. The Secrets of Personal Fundraising By Beth Kanter
  2. Before We Begin: Housekeeping Details
  3. Logistics: Ask Questions Type them in here, click send Otherwise, I’m talking into a black hole!
  4. Logistics: Muting *6 to *7 to Un- Mute mute
  5. After the Session … • An evaluation survey • And ….
  7. Wait for the Recording Lady…
  8. The Secrets of Personal Fundraising By Beth Kanter
  9. Beth Kanter, Presenter Photo by Steve Goodman
  10. Rebecca Krause-Hardie, Co-Moderator
  11. What you need to know to launch a successful campaign! Learning Goals
  12. What you are starting with …. 2. 3. 1.
  13. Overview Personal Fundraising Campaign Social Network(ing) Fundraising Widget from ChipIn PayPal Campaign Steps
  14. Personal Fundraising
  15. Personal Fundraising Campaign
  16. “ It can't be about the cause so much as the messenger.quot; Katya Andresen, Network For Good
  17. Clear idea of how the money will be spent …
  18. Humor helps …
  19. School Leisure Professional Friends Community YOU Neighbors Family Social Network Work
  20. Social Network(ing …)
  21. Social networks sites and social features enable you fundraise more effectively …
  22. Social Networks: First Generation 1) I am linked to -> -> to you --->You are linked to her -> -> to her… Source: Slideshare by Rashmi Sinha
  23. Now I know all these people!
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  25. • What • Account linking • Account set up
  26. Personal Fundraising Campaign Steps
  28. Step 1: Campaign Planning Internal conversation Feedback A Match Getting Organized
  29. Ask for feedback …
  30. Line up a matching donation, if possible
  31. Getting Organized Goal $ Amount Timeline System Help me sponsor Leng Sopharath's college education so she can make a better life for herself
  32. Goal Exercise: Type into the Chat Help me raise $X to do Y for Z outcome
  33. Step 2: Communications Strategy The Ask Prospects Campaign Materials
  34. The Ask 1. Outcome of donor’s gift 2. Why Important To You 3. Money will be used for … 4. Call to Action 5. Close
  35. Prospects
  36. Campaign Materials • ChipIn Campaign Page • Email Messaging • Blog Posts • Photographs • Video
  37. Your Chipin Campaign Page
  38. Email Messaging
  39. Social Networks Messaging
  40. Thank you
  41. Leveraging Your Social Network
  42. Don’t Forget Face-to-Face
  43. Saying Thank You!
  44. Be Creative!
  45. Building Relationships with donors
  46. If you are raising money for a nonprofit …
  47. The Secrets to Success! 1. It’s about you and why you care! 2. Be clear about what the money will do 3. Urgency and humor work 4. Leverage your social network on and offline 5. Don’t under estimate! 6. Say thank you in visible and creative ways 7. Be a bridge between your cause and donors
  49. Contact Information Beth Kanter Beth’s Blog