Packard socialmedia-lab-module-4-socialgraphics


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Packard socialmedia-lab-module-4-socialgraphics

  1. Leveraging Social Media:Understanding Strategy and Putting it into Practice<br />Module 4: Understanding Your Audience’s Social Behavior<br />This project is being generously supported by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation<br />
  2. Social Media Usage Is Almost Mainstream …<br />Broadly speaking, the top 1,000 media sites fall into two categories<br />Publisher Media<br />Social Media<br />
  3. Page View Share<br />Share of all page views at the Top 1,000 Media sites, December 2007 – 2008 <br />Social Media took the lion’s share of the 2.1 trillionpage views made at the top 1k media sites last year, nearly doubling 2007 PV volume<br />Publisher Media<br />2008<br />Social Media<br />
  4. What You Need To Know to Design A Successful Social Strategy Success<br /><ul><li> Audience target group identification
  5. Research from many sources
  6. Social graphics: Pyramid of Engagement
  7. Psychological Motivations</li></li></ul><li>Surveys, Focus Groups, Secondary Research, and Listening<br />
  8. Social Graphics: The Pyramid of Engagement<br />Charlene Li and Jeremiah Owyang<br />
  9. Most people watch videos on YouTube – few upload.<br />Watching<br />
  10. Twitter enables real-time sharing.<br />Sharing<br />
  11. Commenting<br />Facebook commenting and “Likes” simplified how users responded to other people’s content.<br />
  12. Commenting<br />Commenting includes rating and reviews.<br />
  13. Producing<br />
  14. Curating<br />
  15. What psychological motivation drives their social participation?<br />Goals and rewards<br />Moods and feelings<br />Knowledge and learning<br />Giving and receiving<br />Helping and assisting<br />Asking and answering<br />
  16. Share Pairs<br />Work in Pairs …<br />Use the worksheets and handouts to explore your own social graphics and those of your audience<br />Photo by Franie<br />
  17. Full Group Discussion<br />What do you know about how your audience behaves online?What do you know about what they love?What do you know about what turns them off?Do you need to learn more about your audience? <br />If so, what?<br />