Money for Mission Conference: Fundraising 2.0


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Money for Mission Conference: Fundraising 2.0

  1. 10 Steps to Fundraising 2.0 Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog
  2. Beth Kanter: Offline Trainer, coach, and consultant to nonprofits and effective technology use.
  3. Enough about me, let’s talk about my blog! Profiles & Content in Presence many places RSS Powered network Sharing photos, bookmarks, videos, and more Conversations Fundraising
  4. Take Aways A basic understanding Resources for further exploration An idea or two for experimentation
  6. What is Share Pair your burning question?
  7. Web 2 WHAT??? Two Minute Poll
  8. So, what the heck is this Social Media stuff anyway?
  9. Using the Internet to instantly collaborate, share information, and have a conversation about ideas we care about.
  10. Anthropology Professor Michael Wesch from the University of Kansas explains it best Let’s Watch!
  11. What are the core themes?
  12. Finding Kindred Spirits and Support ….
  13. Listening
  14. Conversations
  15. Sharing Content for use and reuse
  16. Openness
  17. Mindset change
  18. y! ss e sM t’ I
  19. Why did the .org cross the chasm?
  20. To Reach Outcomes!
  22. Now, where did I toss that postage meter?
  23. Traditional Offline/Online Tools Media Direct Mail Awareness Awareness Web Site Interest Awareness Interest Email Newsletter Consideration Interest Consideration CMS Awareness Donate Consideration Donate CRS Interest Donate Internet Advertising Consideration SEO Donate Online Donations
  24. Awareness Interest Mixing Consideration Awareness Donate Interest Social Media Consideration Donate with Fundraising Strategies
  25. “It's easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of bleeding edge tools. But what social change organizations really need is enterprise class software that meets their needs at affordable prices.”
  26. Web 2.0/Bleeding Edge or Basic Needs and Traditional Approaches? It’s both/and not an either or!
  27. They’re They are comfortable future with using new donors! media!
  28. Your new role!
  29. You may encounter resistance Our organization isn’t ready for this This is bullshit! Are there any grownups working with you on this?!
  30. Jump in as an individual first!
  31. Low Risk Experiments
  32. Results?
  33. Ready to take those first Steps? It’s Fun! Trust Me!
  34. Steps for Personal Learning Come First
  35. Step 1: Find People
  36. How to find people who are passionate about your program or ideas
  37. And why is that useful? Hmm …
  38. Personal learning Program outreach Connect with potential supporters Find content Learn the landscape of the blogophere And …….
  39. Staff Recruitment
  40. Discovery 1. Brainstorm keywords 2. Technorati blog finder 3. Explore what you find 4. Ask how to incorporate into your practice? Demonstrate the Technorati Blog Finder!
  41. Step 2: Read People’s Minds, Win Their Hearts
  42. A homeless person isn’t someone you pass on your way into a fancy restaurant
  43. Same tool, different search
  44. Discovery 1. Specific terms 2. Why useful? 3. Search in blog posts 4. Set up a watchlist 5. Check it regularly Let’s demonstrate And watchlist!
  45. Step 3: Scatter bread crumbs
  46. Metric Benefit Value
  47. The ability to have a conversation
  48. Discovery Leave one comment a day Comment like a King or Queen Don't forget to include your link
  49. Step 4: A blog!
  50. Individual Blogs Reflect about your practice Connect with peers Thinking out loud, thinking allowed
  51. Let’s Visit Some Blogs by Nonprofit Professionals
  52. Day Job
  53. Let’s talk about comfort …
  54. It’s only an initial fear You have something valuable to say It’s a work in progress People are listening Complete sentences be damned!
  55. Organize? PIM? How do I keep up?
  56. Step 5: Use RSS as an Information Coping Tool
  57. There are two ways to consume information on the web
  58. RSS Reader
  59. How To Find Feeds • Technorati Blog Finder – highly rated • Add feeds from blogs they recommend • Add feeds of blogs from commentors • Ask your colleagues • Check for feeds from favorite web sites • Watchlists and Search Feeds
  60. Discovery Set up bloglines account Add a few RSS feeds Make it a habit to read your feeds Blog about it Demo Show bloglines
  61. Step 6: Use Tagging To Share Resources
  62. Social Bookmarking
  63. Sharing Your Knowledge
  64. Anyone can access on the web! Easily forward links Subscribe to other people’s streams Browse by tag
  65. Publish links to your blog!
  66. Findable
  67. Reduce Email Clutter
  68. What did you What are some ways that tag? Nonprofits can pick the low Take advantage of the social aspect of tagging
  69. Discovery 1. Sign up for a account 2. Use the bookmark tool 3. Bookmark links Let’s look at how easy this is to do
  70. External Communication
  71. Step 7: Wiki this or that
  72. Wikipedia pages show up in the top of search engine pages
  73. What happens when a crowd of film fans use a wiki?
  74. Shared Resource list from listserv
  75. Collaborative note taking from conference
  76. Discovery 1. Setting up a wiki 2. Easy to edit 3. Slightly more difficult to collaborate
  77. Step 8: Tell Your Story (with a blog)
  78. Blog the Impact of Giving!
  79. Publicly advocate a point of view
  80. From a different perspective
  81. “The best blogs start conversations, they don’t control them” – Seth Godin
  82. But, we are too busy saving the whales!
  83. Bad idea My .org Don’t go it alone .. A group blog Start with reading blogs Start with comment blogging
  84. Storytelling (with photos & video)
  85. Share the Face of your organization
  86. Source: Creative Commons
  87. Video Sharing Sites It depends on your goal!
  88. If you’re lucky might go viral
  89. User-Generated Content
  90. Step 9: Messengers for Your Cause!
  91. A web widget is a small piece of cut and paste code that enables a non-technical web publisher to easily pull in content and display it or add interactive features. Source:
  92. Planning
  93. Setting It Up Outcome Dollar Amount Timeline Collection Help me raise money to do X activity for Y outcome Help me sponsor Leng Sopharath's college education so she can make a better life for herself
  94. Messaging “The key is to say why you care about a cause. It can't be about the cause so much as the messenger.quot; Katya Andresen
  95. Messaging
  96. Prospects
  97. Prospects
  98. Materials Click To Play
  99. Materials
  100. • Thank you to donors • Kept them in the loop – via my blog and email newsletter • How might this approach to fundraising work on a larger scale?
  101. Step 10: Explore Social Networking Sites
  102. Who are the donors of the future?
  103. It’s not just a social networking site, it’s a platform!
  104. Why bother with other social networking spaces?
  105. Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace – Danah Boyd
  106. “Over 14,000 profile views in 3 weeks. 500 NEW signups to our email list from MySpace”
  107. Let a thousand flowers bloom … Simple actions repeated Respond quickly Funnel to your web site
  108. Don’t Forget! It takes 21 days to make a habit – what one idea will you will implement? Write it on a business card, give it to me, and I’ll email you in 21 days!
  109. Words
  110. Thank you!
  111. Can focus your network’s power!
  112. That’s dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of!
  113. Fly-In for MS