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Mindful Social Media


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Mindful Social Media

  1. Mindful Social MediaMini-Workshop by Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog
  2. Managing Your Attention Online: Why Is It An ImportantWork Skill?
  3. Self-Knowledge Is The First Step A few quick assessment questions Add up your score: # of YES answers
  4. Self-Knowledge Is The First Step1. When you open email or do social media tasks, does it make you feel anxious?2. When you go online to do social media tasks or email, have you ever forgotten what it was in the first place you wanted to accomplish?3. Do you ever wish the email or social media would just go away?4. Do you experience frustration at the amount of electronic information you need to process daily?5. Do you sit at your computer for longer than 30 minutes at a time without getting up to take a break?6. Do you constantly check (even in the bathroom on your mobile phone) your email, Twitter or other online service?7. Is the only time youre off line is when you are sleeping?8. Do you feel that you often cannot concentrate?9. Do you get anxious if you are offline for more than a few hours?10. Do you find yourself easily distracted by online resources that allow you to avoid other, pending work?
  5. What’s Attention Score? Source: Tzofia Source: Lulumonathletica 0…1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10Mindful Online………………………………………………………..Need Help Now
  6. What is mindfulness online? • Pay attention to your breath and cultivate mindfulness • Understand your goals and priorities and ask yourself at regular intervals whether your current activity serves your higher priority. • Notice when your attention has wandered, and then gently bringing it back to focus on your highest priority Source: Howard Rheingold NetSmart
  7. Sometimes your goal might be to learnor deepen relationships – in which case– having fun or making small talk orexploring from link to link ispermissible – and important. Don’tmake attention training so rigid that itdestroys flow.
  8. What small habit will you change? To establish new attention habits, start small, find a place in your routine for new behavior and repeat until paying attention has become a habit Source: Bandragirl: