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Measuring and Managing A Social Media Presence


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NASAA Conference

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Measuring and Managing A Social Media Presence

  1. Measuring and Managing A Social Media Presence Beth Kanter Author, Speaker, and Trainer November, 2014 - PIO Peer Session
  2. Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Author, and Blogger @kanter
  3. Measuring and Managing Social Media Presence Agenda OUTCOMES • To leave the room with one idea to develop and try FRAMING • Interactive • Co-Learning -Strategy -Content Optimization -Measurement -Time Saving Tips
  4. So many questions! Only 30 minutes!
  5. Networked Organizations: Maturity of Practice CRAWL WALK RUN FLY Linking Social with Results and Networks Pilot: Focus one program or channel with measurement Incremental Capacity Ladder of Engagement Content Strategy Informal Champions Strategy Best Practices Measurement and learning in all above Communications Strategy Development Network Mindset and Map Culture Change Network Building Formal Champions – internal/external Strategy Multi-Channel Engagement, Content, and Measurement Reflection and Continuous Improvement
  6. Maturity of Practice: Crawl-Walk-Run-Fly Categories Practices CULTURE Networked Mindset Institutional Support CAPACITY Staffing Strategy MEASUREMENT Analysis Tools Adjustment LISTENING Brand Monitoring Influencer Research ENGAGEMENT Ladder of Engagement CONTENT Integration/Optimization NETWORK Influencer Engagement Relationship Mapping 1 2 3 4
  7. Survey Response: Integrated Social Media Strategy • Consideration of communications strategy with SMART objectives and audiences and strategies for branding and web presence. Social Media is not fully aligned. • Strategic plan with SMART objectives and audiences for branding and web presence, include strategy points to align social media for one or two social media channels. • Strategic plan with SMART objectives and audience definition. Includes integrated content, engagement strategy, and informal champions/influencer program and working with aligned partners. Uses more than two social media channels. • Strategic plan with SMART objectives and audience definition. Includes integrated content, engagement strategy, and formal champions (Internal/external) influencer program and working with aligned partners. Uses more than three social media channels. Formal process for testing and adopting social media channels.
  8. SMARTER SOCIAL MEDIA: POST FRAMEWORK Flickr Photo: graceinhim
  10. POST APPLIED: ARTS NONPROFIT PEOPLE: Artists and people in their neighborhood OBJECTIVES: Increase engagement by 2 comments per post by FY 2014 Content analysis of conversations: Does it make the organization more accessible? Increase enrollment in classes and attendance at events by 5% by FY 2014 10% students /attenders say they heard about us through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter STRATEGY Show the human face of artists, remove the mystique, get audience to share their favorites, connect with other organizations. TOOLS Focused on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to use best practices and align engagement/content with other channels which includes flyers, emails, and web site.
  11. POST: PEOPLE - KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE • Who are they? • What social channels do they use? • What are info are they currently seeking? • What are they sharing on social channels? • What influences their attitudes? • What influences their decisions? • What’s important to them? • What do they care about? • What makes them act?
  12. POST: DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE • Arts Attenders • Arts Donors • Arts Advocates CONSUMERS • Policy makers • Journalists • Civic/Biz Leaders INFLUENCERS • Grantees • Arts Nonprofits • Artists ORGANIZATIONS
  13. Consumers: The Landscape of Social Media Users in the US
  14. Audience Perception VS Reality
  15. Important Social Sites for Nonprofits Source: Nonprofit Marketing Guide
  16. Nonprofits Use of Social Media Source: Nonprofit Marketing Guide
  17. Nonprofits Use of Social Media Source: Nonprofit Marketing Guide
  18. Influencers: Journalists Source Washington Post
  19. Influencers • What do you want to accomplish w/ influencer engagement via social? • Identify policy makers that are your influencers • Find and follow them on social media channels • Evaluate if feeds are being used • Monitoring their streams • Engage with them as appropriate • Measure, Refine, and Repeat 4,5,6
  20. Summarize Your Insights: Use Personas RESEARCH • Analytics • Audience Data • Survey • Interviews PERSONA • Name • Define Needs • Segment • Create
  22. POST: DEFINE OBJECTIVE AND METRICS OBJECTIVE METRIC Increase donations % reduction in cost per dollar raised Increase donor base % increase in new donors Increase number of volunteers % increase in volunteers Increase awareness % increase in awareness, % increase in visibility/prominence Improve relationships with existing audiences % improvement in relationship scores, % increase in donation from existing donors Improve engagement with stakeholders % increase in engagement (comments on YouTube, shares on Facebook, comments on blog, etc. Change in behavior % decrease in bad behavior, % increase in good behavior Change in attitude about your organization % increase in trust score or relationship score
  23. POST: SOCIAL STRATEGY Monitor Engage Content Champions
  24. United Ways of California POST: EDITORIAL CALENDAR Editorial Calendar Template:
  27. Social Content Optimization • Focus on publishing high-quality, engaging, relevant content • Optimize sharing widgets • Timing and Frequency • Write headlines 25x • Use images/visuals, but vary type of content and test • Clear to call to action • Test, Test, Test
  29. Social Content Optimization
  30. Social Content Optimization • Write 25 headlines, pick the best ones to test • Don’t give it all away in the headline • Also, don’t give it all away in the excerpt, share image, or share text • Don’t be shrill. Don’t form an opinion for the end user. Let them do that • Don’t depress people • And don’t over-think it. Some of your headlines will be terrible. Accept it and keep writing • Lastly, be clever. But not TOO clever More Headline Tips:
  31. Write Better Headlines
  32. Measuring Your Content Result Metrics Analysis Question Consumption Views Reach Followers Does your audience care about the topics your content covers? Are they consuming your content? Engagement Re-tweets Shares Comments Does your content mean enough to your audience for them to share it or engage with it? Action Referrals Sign Ups Phone Calls Does your content help you achieve your goals? Revenue Dollars Donors Volunteers Does your content help you raise money, recruit volunteers or save time?
  33. Facebook: Measuring Reach and Engagement
  34. Google Analytics: Traffic Referrals Centre Gives & Social Media Strategy Increase Website Traffic/Donors 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 2013 Jan 2013 Centre Gives Internal Champions Feb March April May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 2014 Jan On average, 65% are NEW visitors. Feb March All Traffic Before the 2013 Centre Gives, monthly website traffic hovered around 400 visitors per month. The May and August spikes in traffic are focused around Centre Gives and inviting Facebook friends of staff/board. A media strategy supported by social media has significantly increased our monthly website visits.
  35. Social Media: Time Box Tasks MINUTES TASK 20 Browse and Engage 15 Monitor 5 Post 20 Analyze 15 Schedule • Use your mobile phone for browse and engage • Use “found time” in between meetings • Use scheduling tools and automation • Batch create content
  36. Social Media: Use Automation Tools Wisely • Don't automate everything • Automate repetitive tasks • Automate at ideal times • Automate a mix of content types • Automate evergreen content • Maintain a live presence to respond • Automate during vacations
  37. Takeaways: Share Pairs • Implement: What’s one tip or technique that you can put into practice next week to improve your social media strategy?
  38. Thank you! @kanter on Twitter