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Markets for Good Workshop - Between the Dashboard and the Chair

Lighting talk for Gates Fdn convening

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Markets for Good Workshop - Between the Dashboard and the Chair

  1. Between the Dashboard and the Chair The Human Side of Data for Good Beth Kanter Author, Speaker and Trainer June, 2014 – Gates Foundation
  2. Beth 399 Data that Inspires Change and Leads To Better Outcomes Healthy Range >150 Triglycerides: Test Results
  3. I was ignoring the data on my dashboard!!
  4. I Needed Better Data and To Collect More Often
  5. Dashboard To Collect Data Connected To Goals
  6. 99 Triglycerides: Test Results
  7. The Human Side of Data for Good
  8. Technical Outcome Identification and OMM Consensus on Outcome Identification and OMM Human Transactional Metrics Transformational Metrics Data Collection and Hygiene Quantitative Statistical Analysis Impact Data informed and Agile Visualization & Storytelling Qualitative Sense- making, reflection Learning Spreadsheets
  9. What Happens When You Don’t Balance Human and Technical?
  10. A Few Stories: Getting Consensus and Buy-In
  11. Human and Technical Data Practice Issues Emerged
  12. A Paper Prototype of the Dashboard
  13.  What should the movement as a whole measure?  What should partners and participants measure for their individual campaigns?
  14. Designing Data for People and Communities
  15. Data for Good Begins with People