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Mapping Metrics to Strategy


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Slides from NTC session

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Mapping Metrics to Strategy

  1.* Inspired by David Armano Mapping Social Media Strategy to Metrics Listen, Learn, Adapt *
  2. Agenda 1.Intro of session and speakers 2.Share Pair and Laser Out -What do you want to learn? 3.Listening -Overview -Panelist Stories -Discussion 4.Learning -Overview -Panelist Stories -Discussion 1.Adapt -Overview -Panelist Stories -Discussion •Share Pair and Laser Out -What is your takeaway?
  3. Listen Learn Adapt Return on Insight
  4. Panelists Insert photos
  5. Insight comes before financial calculations
  6. Number of Months/Experiments Using of Listen, Learn, Adapt Process Insight Comes Before Investment: ROI
  7. Number of Months Using of Listen, Learn, Adapt Process Dollars Return Insight Insight Comes Before Investment: ROI
  8. Number of Months Using of Listen, Learn, Adapt Process Dollars Return Insight Insight Comes Before Investment: ROI $
  9. Put on your listening ears
  10. Before During After
  11. Listen: Keep Your Listening Ears On All The Time! • Use monitoring tools • Know your keywords • Use your RSS reader like a rock star • Engage and monitor responses from clients • Engage internally
  12. Discussion How/why does listening provide value? What are the best practices for listening? Share a tip that saved you a lot of time What tools are you using for listening?
  13. Learn
  14. “If you don’t launch, you don’t learn.” David Armano
  15. Think like a rocket scientist Essential Optional
  16. Observe and sift through qualitative data like a Primatologist
  17. You’re saying that our clients are primates? Anthropologist * is a better metaphor Armano describes it as “digital anthropologist”
  18. • Document on the fly • Test and tweak • Pick the right metrics • Harvest insights • Look at what other nonprofits are doing in the space • Pause for reflection time before next reiteration: How to improve results? My Learning Process For Every Campaign…
  19. The most important thing: Pick the right social media metric!
  20. Not dead! My point: It’s not all about page views
  21. Create Comment ClickCollect Critic Engagement Metrics
  22. There are also other metrics, but numbers alone are meaningless unless you look at trends against your objectives, audience, and strategy
  23. Discussion What is your learning process from social media? How to involve the organization? What are some examples of using the right metrics to track your strategy? Is qualitative data useful? How? What analytics tools are you using?
  24. Adapt
  25. This is the hard part
  26. You have to be nimble
  27. Did they stop doing photo contests as a result? They adapted … Thank God!
  28. Carrie Lewis, HSUS “Since this was our first run at a photo petition, it was difficult to get across exactly what we wanted people to do without writing a book. So every person who needed help was answered personally. This gave us a good idea of how to more clearly explain ourselves next time. “
  29. 3,000 submissions3,000 submissions
  30. Did it evolve?
  31. Wisdom of the Crowds Meets Person-to-Person Fundraising
  32. 13,000 installations
  33. Discussion What are some examples of how you’ve reiterated social media projects? How does your organization look at learning? How do you change it around from failure? It is easier to adapt a project than your organization. Has your organization changed?
  34. Number of Months Using of Listen, Learn, Adapt Process Dollars Return Insight Insight Comes Before Investment: ROI $
  35. Remember … • Don’t take off your listening ears • Think like a scientist and primatologist • Evolution is a good thing