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Leveraging Social Media: Call 4


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Leveraging Social Media: Call 4

  1. LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA: <br />BECOMING A NETWORKED ARTS NONPROFIT<br />Listening Cohort GroupConference Call 4: August 2, 2011<br />Track 1: Beginner<br />Julie Pippert and Beth Kanter, Zoetica<br />
  2. Welcome!<br />If you experience any technical difficulties logging into the system, please contact Ready/Talk Customer support: 800.843.9166<br />Please use *6 to Mute your conference line<br />While we’re waiting for everyone to arrive<br />Type into the chat: What is your burning question about effective listening? <br />
  3. This call is being recorded<br />* 2<br />Flickr Photo by Malinki<br />
  4. LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA: <br />BECOMING A NETWORKED ARTS NONPROFIT<br />Listening Cohort GroupConference Call 4: August 2, 2011<br />Track 1: Beginner<br />Julie Pippert and Beth Kanter, Zoetica<br />
  5. Julie Pippert<br />
  6. Agenda<br />Roll Call (5 minutes)Where we’ve been, where we’re headed (15 minutes)Listening Experiment: Reports(15 minutes)Peer Assist  (20 minutes)<br />Reflection and Next Call (5 minutes)<br />
  7. Roll Call: Phone/Voice<br />When I call your name, Unmute by *7, say hello and Mute by *6<br />
  8. Wiki: Remember Your Journals<br /><br />Reflections to add as you: <br />What did you do?<br />What did you learn?What is not yet clear? <br />
  9. Learning Culmination WorkshopWeek of October 10th<br />Face-to-Face Workshop<br />Present your experiment:<br />What you did<br />Results<br />Lessons Learn<br />Ignite Style Presentation OR<br />Small Group Verbal Presentation<br />
  10. Implementation Grant: $2,500<br />
  11. Last month we shared ……..<br />
  12. Last Month We Covered Heavy Lifting …<br />
  13. This includes:<br />-identifying your keywords and doing searches<br />-cutting and pasting the urls of those searches into your reader software<br />-organizing your initial set up so it makes sense<br />-daily habit of reading, analyzing, and reporting <br />-maintaining your system<br />-reporting<br />What did you put into practice?Where did you get stuck?What help do you need?<br />
  14. Don’t Panic!! <br />
  15. Avoiding Information Overload …..<br />
  16. Report Template: Summarize First<br />
  17. Once A Month: Look at Your Reports …..<br />ACTION:<br />Summarize what you’ve learned related to your program, brand, or issue. What decisions can you make?<br />Describe in a sentence any ideas for applying the information in your outreach, messaging, program improvement, etc<br />New Ideas for content, programs, etc.<br />Influencers: Identify any individuals that you think may be influencers in the social media space that you want to cultivate <br />Engagement: Where have you engaged with individuals?<br />DISTRIBUTION:<br />Who should receive a copy of the report?<br />
  18. Regular Time for Reflection<br />Are the topics of conversation changing?<br />Is the tone, sentiment, or volume changing?<br />Where are the most interesting conversations taking place?<br />What does this mean for your strategy or programs? How can you use the information to improve what your are doing?<br />Is there great content (stories) that you can repurpose elsewhere?<br />
  19. Peer Assist<br />*6 mute<br />*7 unmute<br />
  20. Reflection and Closing<br /><ul><li> One minute of silence
  21. Type into Chat: What is one thing you are going to do for your Listening experiment before we meet again?</li></ul>Check out the Twitter experiment on the wiki:<br />Homework: Have a Listening Report Ready for the September Call<br />Listening Template on the Wiki<br />Notes on the Wiki, Next Meeting September 13th<br />