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Leveraging Social Media


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Leveraging Social Media

  1. LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA: <br />BECOMING A NETWORKED ARTS NONPROFIT<br />Orientation to Peer Learning Program<br />Track 1: Beginner<br />Beth Kanter and Julie Pippert, Zoetica<br />
  2. Objective: Select an experiment and be clear on the first stepOverview Expectations<br />Walk through syllabus<br />Review experiment options and answer questions<br />Grant<br />
  3. By October, 2011 participants will be able to:<br /><br />
  4. Learning Methods<br />
  5. Expectations: Attendance<br />5 Conference Calls<br />2Face-to-Face Sessions<br />Approximately 2-6 hours per month of homework from now till October<br />
  6. Learning Cohort Groups Participants must participate in one sub-group, but are welcomed to do more than one, although it is not required. Twitter: This group will create and implement an experiment using Twitter. Listening: This group will create and implement an experiment in DYI listening techniques This group will create and implement an experiment using Facebook.<br />
  7.<br />
  8.<br />
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  11. Your Deliverable …<br />Your Written Social Media Strategy Plan<br />Presentation to Group: Choice of ignite style or small group<br />Peer Share (pre-workshop: google documents<br />Week of October 10th<br />
  12. Where to get “just in time” community help ….<br /><br /><br /><br />
  13. We will follow up with a sign up sheet on the wiki for the experiments. Type into the chat: The first action step you will do tomorrow to be prepare to select an experiment.<br />