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Lethal Generosity


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Published in: Technology
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  • Saw this first on Dan Hutson's blog It is everything that 'social media karma' doesn't express. As I wrote on Dan's blog - this reminds me of the early days of CSR when companies just gave out money to the local community because CSR was the buzzword. The ones that really committed (the equivalent of Tyson Foods' Ed Nicholson) saw payback from the goodwill by the bundle. The ones that gave money just for the tax breaks or because they had to never saw the customer goodwill because savvy community members saw right through that type of CSR tactic.
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Lethal Generosity

  1. Lethal Generosity: Unleashing Corporate Superpowers for Good <br />just take my hand let's fly away on Flickr - Photo Sharing!<br />
  2. Agenda<br /> What is lethal generosity?<br /> Connecting Your Corporate Brand to Lethal Generosity<br /> Unleashing Corporate Super Hero Powers for Good<br /> Lethal Generosity Tactics<br /> Exercise: Strategy Brainstorm<br /> Research Design: Questions, Hypothesis, Methods<br />Beth Kanter, CEO Zoetica @kanter<br />Kami Huyse, President Zoetica @kamichat<br />
  3. Lethal Generosity:<br />Generosity attached to a branding strategy, <br />Twitterville, p. 110-11<br />FlickrPhot by Eva Blue<br />
  4. Molson Canada is proud to play its part to help people make responsible choices! <br />
  5. Lethal Generosity…<br />is when a corporation advances social change resulting in a competitive difference that contributes to business results. <br />
  6. Social Media Best Practices<br />Social media tactics are aligned with the fundamental mission of the business, the internal interests of its employees or mitigate against negative impact to society.<br />
  7. Lethal Generosity; How and Where To Start?<br />
  8. Lethal Generosity is a hybrid between cause marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility <br />
  9. Cause Related Marketing<br />Tide – “Feeding America” partnership<br />150 influencers<br />Tide T-Shirt Sale $20 (donate portion of proceeds)<br />Results: 2,000 T-shirts purchased, avg. of 13 per spokesperson and general derision<br />
  10. Product Donations, Awareness Raising, and Sponsored Events<br />
  11. A Comment = 100 pounds of protein<br />
  12. Sponsored Day of Service with Social Media Team<br />
  13. Lethal Generosity Best Practices<br />Mission<br />Stakeholders<br />Problem<br />
  14. Share Pair: How might your company or client use lethal generosity?<br />
  15. Unleashing Corporate Super Hero Powers for Good<br /><ul><li>Comic-Con 2009 - Friday on Flickr - Photo Sharing!</li></li></ul><li>Superhero Corporate Culture<br />From “The 5 Competencies of the Connected Corporation,” Communication Overtones,<br />
  16. Breaking Silos with Networked Teams <br />Credit: David Armano, Micro Sociology of Networks, as hacked by Beth Kanter<br />
  17. Excercise:<br />Does your company work like a matrix?<br />NOT AT ALL<br />VERY<br />Somewhere in between? <br />
  18. Lethal Generosity Tactics<br />
  19. The Honeybee Campaign: Donations and Issue Education <br />
  20. Issue Awareness and EducationDonation to Research<br />
  21. Contests<br />
  22. Mobilize<br />
  23. Beth Kanter - Charities Cry Foul on Chase FB haritable Giving Campaign<br />
  24. Copyright 2010 © all rights reserved<br />