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Joe goodepg twitterpresent


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Published in: Technology
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Joe goodepg twitterpresent

  1. Joe Goode Performance Group<br />does Twitter.<br />@joegoodegroup<br />
  2. Objectives, audience, plan integration<br />More personal presence w/ audience, more insight into company.<br />Intended for balance of fans + actual (orgs, friends, and colleagues).<br />Non-journalistic coverage, social interaction for marketing plan, tangible benefits for marketing partners.<br />
  3. Tactics: tools, content<br />TweetDeck/Twitpic on phones/computer.<br /> for more people to follow. Found & followed marketing partners, critics, other orgs.<br />Taught, had artistic director tweet. Set up lists.<br />Asked dancers for possible material.<br />Mentioned marketing partners & colleagues during press mention about us all.<br />Tweet-versed w/ a dancer’s personal acct.<br />Mentioned Twitter presence on Facebook.<br />
  4. Integration: this is always on in the background<br />
  5. Results<br />176 followers as of 6/9 (137 in April; 693 Facebook fans).<br />New followers are more active, influential.<br />“outgrew” Twubble;Socialmention ineffective.<br />Dancers/AD not that interested in Twitter.<br />Neither are our dance audiences.<br />Daily maintenance challenging but necessary.<br />
  6. What we’d do differently<br />Follow feeds better.<br />Begin experiment in slower time of year.<br />Involve more of the company earlier.<br />
  7. The big ah-ha!<br />Our followers- orgs and individuals- respond well to our AD’s insights & observations.<br />Teaching the AD to use Twitter<br />Organizing (paring down) feeds into lists <br />the end.<br />