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Final Slides PoST


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Final Slides PoST

  1. Spreading “Happy Birthday” to Send Cambodian Youngsters to School with Social Technology<br />The Art of Re-Tweet, Learning Loops and Chocolate<br />Beth Kanter, Beth’s Blog<br />How I’m Celebrating My 53rd Birthday: Jan. 11, 2010<br />
  2. I’m spending my birthday doing three things I love! <br />
  3. Teaching and learning<br />Photo by Steve Goodman<br />
  4. Helping children in Cambodia <br />
  5. Engaging<br />Content in<br />many places<br />network<br />Sharing<br />Conversations<br />Crowdsourcing<br />Fundraising<br />Learning and content creation<br />Social Technology<br />
  6. Today is my birthday, but I don’t any more stuff<br />
  7. I don’t want cake and ice cream<br />
  8. I want to use social technology to help send Cambodian Youngsters to school!<br />
  9. Share some insights with you about how to do it …<br />
  10. Spread happiness too! <br />
  11. And eat chocolate! <br />
  12. Eat Chocolate = Feel Good<br />
  13. Why Cambodia ?<br />
  14. Framework<br />
  15. 1<br />2<br />4<br />3<br />
  16. The results …<br /> people joined my flickr group –<br />18 people created cards – half I’ve never met f-2-f<br />Many annotated their cards with how they remixed it providing me with content for blog posts to promote the contest<br />12 people wrote birthday blog posts, one person created a birthday blog<br />Barriers: lack of creativity, no technical skills, no flickr account<br />
  17. Ladder of Engagement<br />Participator Type<br />Involvement<br />Personal Fundraiser does the Network Weaving<br />
  18. Strategy:Stories<br />
  19. The photos were from my flickr Beth 5.0 Group<br />
  20. 125 people donated <br />142 birthday wishes<br />180 views on “see me naked” photo<br />
  21. <ul><li> Birthday app: How time/effort is needed and document for others
  22. Learning Loops
  23. $6,300
  24. # of Members Recruited - 253</li></li></ul><li>
  25. Beth is turning 53rd today! And we’re going to learn about the art and science of retweeting!<br />
  26. Experiment: <br />The Art & Science of Re-tweeting<br />Compose Tweet of this message in your own words:<br />Happy birthday Beth! #beth53! Let&apos;s send Cambodian kids to school:<br />
  27. The Science of Re-tweeting<br />@DanZarrella<br />Ask for Retweet<br />Use Nouns<br />Colons Rule!<br />
  28. Ask for the ReTweet<br />
  29. ReTweets are Noun Heavy<br />
  30. ReTweets have More Punctuation: Colons Rule<br />
  31. The Exercise<br />Compose Tweet in your own words of this message:<br />Happy birthday Beth! #beth53! Let&apos;s send Cambodian kids to school:<br />Rules:<br />Must include hashtag and the url<br />Write Tweet in your own words in a way you think will get attention from your network.  <br />Happiness and provoking<br />Review the call to action:<br />
  32. The Secret Sauce: Learning Loops<br />Review your goals against your metrics , extract insights, and adapt or delete what isn’t working. <br />Learning Loops: Real Time Tracking and Reflection<br />David ArmanoListen, Learn, and Adapt<br />
  33. Before<br />During<br />Listening and tracking<br />After<br />
  34. Real Time Tracking Tools<br />Many tools, pick right ones<br />For our experiment<br />
  35. Seed: Twitalyzer to identify Influencers <br />  # followers   # unique references   Frequency RT you  Frequency RT others   Relative frequency updates<br />
  36. Reach: What the Hashtag Tweets<br />
  37. Engagement: for Click Thrus<br />
  38. What’s Missing?<br />
  39. Seed <br />Identify Influencers<br />TrackingThe Whole Funnel<br />ATTENTION<br />Tweets<br />Blog PostsFB StatusFB Wall Posts<br />FB Cause Messaging<br />ENGAGEMENT<br />Click Thrus<br />Retweets<br />CONVERSION<br />Based on: <br />Sean Power and Alistair Croll<br /><br />Donations/DollarsOngoing Donor<br />
  40. Learning<br />“We spend more time figuring out whether something is a good idea than we would have just trying it.&quot; - Clay Shirky<br />
  41. Think like a rocket scientist<br />Optional<br />Essential<br />
  42. Observe and sift through qualitative data like a Primatologist<br />
  43. You’re saying that your followers are primates?<br />Anthropologist * is a better metaphor<br />Armano describes it as “digital anthropologist”<br />
  44. My Learning Process For Every Campaign…<br /><ul><li> Document on the fly
  45. Test and tweak
  46. Pick the right hard data points
  47. Harvest insights
  48. Look at what other nonprofits are doing in the space
  49. Pause for reflection time before next reiteration: How to improve results?</li></li></ul><li>I like to visually document too …<br />
  50. Test and Tweak<br />
  51. You need numbers too<br />
  52. Pick the right metrics that translates into a value …<br />Photo by smitty<br />
  53. Harvest Insights<br />
  54. Grand Synthesis<br />
  55. Exercise: Shift Into A Reflective Mindset<br />
  56. What did you notice about the experience of eating the chocolate?<br />
  57. Let’s Reflect on Your ReTweet<br />Go to your @sign and look at the ReTweets<br />2. Go to and review the transcript<br />
  58. Reflection Questions<br />What tweets were successful and why?<br />What can you take away form this exercise for your class project?<br />What is a good collaborative goal?<br />What is a good success metric?<br />
  59. Thank You! <br />Beth’s Blog<br />@kanter in Twitter<br />Facebook Fan Page<br /><br />