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Published in: Technology
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  1. Content Curation 101 by Beth Kanter Photo: Stock in Customs
  2. Content curation is the organizing, filtering and “making sense of” information on the web andsharing the very best content with your network.
  3. Why should you and your organization careabout content curation?
  4. The exabyte is a unit of information or computer storage equal toone quintillion bytes
  5. 800 million users on FacebookAverage user creates 90 pieces of content each month Flickr photo by dkalo
  6. Content Curators:Provide trust, context, and meaning to contentCollaborative human filtering
  7. Keep Informed of Your Field
  8. Content Curation: The PracticeSEEK SENSE SHAREFramework: Harold JarcheNetworked Learning Is Working Smarter
  9. Content CurationSEEK SENSE SHAREKeeping up to date in your Make sense of the Exchanging resources,field and finding content information by creating a insights, and conversationsthat will help you be more product or applying what with people in youreffective at work or build you’ve learned. network.your organization’sreputation as thoughtleaderFramework: Harold JarcheNetworked Learning Is Working Smarter
  10. The Ideal PracticeSEEK SENSE SHAREDefine topics and organize Product – writing, report, Understand Privacysources presentation, memo,Scan more than you Annotate, Archive , Apply Feed your network acapture steady diet of good stuffDon’t share unless it adds Must add value to your Comment on othergreat value work people’s stuffTime: 15 minutes Time: 30-60 minutes Time: 15 minutesDaily Daily or 3 x per week Daily
  11. Each one of these curatedlists is supports a self-directed learning goal orproject-Blogging-Workshop Curriculum-Presentation-Keeping Up To Date
  12. Bruce and Judy Case Studies
  13. Content Curation: Step-by-Step GoalSharing Topics Curation Mini-Plan Sense Sources Making
  14. Curation Mini-Plan Exercise 20 minutes 10 minutes – report out• What is your goal?• What are your topics?• What are the best sources?• How can you link your sense-making to a work task?• What networks do you want to share with and through?• How to stay disciplined about sharing only the best stuff?• How can you integrate curation into your work flow?
  15. Information Overload
  16. Thank you! Beth Kanter Beth’s Blog My Content Curation Primer My Curated Collection on Content Curation