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  • recording about 2 minutes late to let people join *2
  • Beth will read list of participantsBeth will introduce herself“The last few calls I realized that it was hard for me to moderate, work the software, take notes, read the chat and present. So, I’m lucky to have recruited a fabulous co-moderator, Becky Jain. She is going to help me with the back channel – the chat.Becky is a blogger and active on many social media communities. After studying at Wesleyan and the London School of Economics, she came to India to live with her husband, and to work in the development sector. She recently moved to back to the US and in NYC.Say hello!
  • This is our agenda – we’ll pause along the way for questions.
  • Remember that application you filed out, here’s a summary of group compositionIf I had to say one word about the group: DiversityWide range of budget sizes, different program areas of the Foundation …..That should enrich our work together, hopefully. One thing we have in common -You all have gone beyond the beginner stage in social media and looking to refine your work through measurement or figure out how to document results.
  • Reach = The number of unique people who have seen your post
  • Learned a few things over timeMore I learn the less I know….!
  • Content for Facebook

    1. Peer Exchange Group 1: Stealth Measurement: Using Social Media Effectively: One Channel Focus Content October 28, 2011 Beth Kanter,Visiting Scholar, Social Media and Nonprofits The David and Lucile Packard Foundation Organizational Effectiveness Program
    2. Welcome!If you experience any technical difficultieslogging into the system, please contactReady/Talk Customer support:800.843.9166Please use *6 to Mute your conferencelineWhile we are waiting, play with the chat:What’s something you learned aboutengaging people on Facebook?
    3. This call is beingrecorded *2 Flickr Photo by Malinki
    4. Peer Exchange Group 1: Stealth Measurement: Using Social Media Effectively: One Channel Focus Content October 28, 2011 Beth Kanter,Visiting Scholar, Social Media and Nonprofits The David and Lucile Packard Foundation Organizational Effectiveness Program
    5. On The“wikito Today your reflections Don’t forget jot down in your Call journal”Beth Kanter Becky Jain
    6. Agenda Intros/Reminders Principle #4: Content Peer Discussion Next Session ReflectionQuick Roll CallTwitter Hashtag: #measurenp
    7. Quick Reminders Groups 1a at 11:00 am Groups 1b at 1:00 pm Switch groups: OK Missed Session: Listen to Recording Multiple people from organization can participate, tag team – be prepared Do your homework – light and easy! Write in your wiki journals Facebook Stealth Measurement Group
    8. •A social media policy provides the rule book for all staff to participate through personal use•Organizational guidelines for official spokespersons and department presence•Community guidelines for online discussions and posts•Allocates enough staff time for oversight and implementation•Implementation time is effective and efficient Quick Review: Principle #3: Recruitment and Engagement Ladder of Engagement on Facebook Cross Promote All Channels Staff and volunteers can help recruit Custom Landing Tab 22 Recruitment Tactics Engagement: Open-Ended Questions, Brevity, Photos, and humor Preventing Engagement Drops: Don’t Just Talk About You Always be commenting
    9. Type into the chat:What recruitment tacticsdid you try?What engagement tacticsdid you try?What worked? What didn’t?
    10. Principle #4: ContentCoordinate all content channelsEditorial Ecosystem
    11. Coordinate all yourcontent channels:print, web, social,mobile, and email
    12. Coordinated Content Website/Blog Enewsletter Email Print Mobile Image: marketwireSlide Source: John Kenyon
    13. Content Flow Example - EventSlide Source: John Kenyon Event Two Weeks Save Registration One Week Event the date Now Open left Thank YouWebsite Where, Why Registration Registration Quotes CommentsEmail/Enewsletter Pictures/ VideosFacebook/Twitter/ Nextetc. EventPrint Postcard Newsletter Reminder Newsletter
    14. Content on FacebookFlickr photo by dkalo
    15. Chop Shop
    16. Don’t automate
    17. Offline/OnlineConnections
    18. Has to be in align with your SMARTobjectives ….
    19. Content As Food Preparation: The Shopping List and PantryWhat can be chopped into smallpieces?
    20. Monthly MenusMonth Content/Type TopicMonday QuestionTuesday PhotoWednesday VideoThursday LinkFriday QuestionMonday QuestionTuesday PhotoWednesday VideoThursday LinkFriday Question
    21. Restaurant CriticMonth Content/Type Topic Reach VirilityMonday QuestionTuesday PhotoWednesday VideoThursday Link Reach = The number ofFriday Question unique people who have seen your postMonday QuestionTuesday Photo Virility = The percentageWednesday Video of people who engagedThursday Link out of total reachFriday Question
    22. 1. Look for Pattern2. Look at Reach3. Look at Virility4. Spreadsheet weekly
    23. What works: news about our animals andexhibits…
    24. Next Session: October 28, 201111:00 am PST1:00 pm PSTTopic: Brand AmbassadorsHomework: Write in the wiki journal. Plan amonth’s worth of content and implement and track.Go back and analyze how your content for the monthof September did – based on per post metrics.WORKSHEET on the WIKIReflection: What are your next steps?