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Contemporary Jewish Museum


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Contemporary Jewish Museum

  1. The Listening Experiment<br />
  2. Objective<br />Monitor existing social media streams to learn more about our online audience<br />
  3. The Tools<br />SOCIAL MENTION, GOOGLE READER, TWITTER and QWITTER were used to LISTEN<br />
  4. Audience<br /> 1,009 friends <br />1,212 followers<br />Jewish Individuals/Enthusiasts<br />Arts/Cultural Institutions<br />Press<br />Jewish Institutions<br />Arts/Cultural Enthusiasts<br />Students<br />Families<br />Tourists<br />NATIONAL & LOCAL<br />Photographers<br /> 320 group submissions<br />
  5. Integrating Social Media into the Overall Marketing Plan<br />eBlast<br />Facebook<br />Video<br />Print<br />PR<br />Twitter<br />#link<br />Blog<br />
  6. Key Learnings<br />We’re in the Club!<br />
  7. Key Learnings<br />
  8. Key Learnings<br />Don’t look desperate <br />Doesn’t this event look fun????!!Will you be our friend? <br />Please re-Tweet this or I’ll get fired.<br />
  9. Key Learnings<br />Maintain a Balance <br />
  10. Next Steps<br />Continue to LISTEN and ENGAGE our audience<br />Continue one-to-one contact <br />Identify who our INFLUENCERS are<br />Identify who we want to ENGAGE that isn’t currently participating<br />