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COF Technology Changes Everything Panel


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Published in: Business
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COF Technology Changes Everything Panel

  1. How the Connectedness of Online Networks Impacts <br />Everything Nonprofits Do<br />Beth Kanter,<br />Co-Author Networked Nonprofit and Visiting Scholar, Packard Foundation<br />Council on Foundations, Annual Conference2011<br />
  2. Use social media tools to organize, mobilize, raise funds, and communicate with constituents but outside of institutional walls <br />
  3. The Nonprofit Fortress<br />
  4. Nonprofit Fortress<br />Free Agent<br />
  5. Shawn AhmedFree Agent<br />
  6. “The problem is that YOU are the fortress.Social media is not my problem.“<br />
  7. Now working together on a project<br />
  8. Shawn is working with Red Cross on several projects ...<br />
  9. I’ve Found My Free Agent, Now What?<br />
  10. Ecosystem of Free Agents<br />Grace raised $1,400 for wildlife. They met her mom on Twitter. <br />
  11. Sharing VS Letting Go of Control <br />
  12. Militant Optimists = Free Agents in the UK <br />
  13. Networked NGOs in the Arab World<br />
  14. Social media is a disruptive technology because of the connectedness of living in a networked world. We see it in our personal lives first. But it is also having a profound impact on the way health organizations and nonprofits do their work, communicate with stakeholders, and deliver programs.<br />Disruption is our friend ….. <br />