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Catching the Wave


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For Packard Board Presentation

Published in: Technology, Business

Catching the Wave

  1. Catching the Wave: Social Media and Nonprofit Sector<br />Beth Kanter, Visiting Scholar Packard Foundation<br />Photo by Amay<br />
  2. Social Media<br />
  3. Let’s Do A Real Time Demo…<br />Twitter<br />
  4. <ul><li> Monitor brand and reputation
  5. Identify and reach new supporters
  6. Raise money</li></li></ul><li>ListenEngageRelationshipsMobilize<br />Scale<br />
  7. Listen: Monitor, Compile, Distribute<br />I took an American Red Cross class I thought was less than satisfactory. […] The local chapter director. called me to talk about it honestly. They care about me and they’re willing to go the extra mile. I am now significantly more likely to take another class than I was before.” - Blogger<br />
  8. Listening Drove Adoption<br />
  9. Influencer complaining …<br />Customer service issue<br />Relationship building<br />Engagement<br />
  10. Mobilize<br />
  11. Scale<br />
  12. Twitter Drives Traffic<br /> to Web Sites<br />
  13. Networked Effect<br />
  14. A Vetted Source for Journalists<br />
  15. Grantees<br />Foundation Staff<br />Sharing learning on blog<br />Networked Nonprofit Book<br />
  16. Discussion: How have you seen social media impact nonprofits?<br />Check in on the experiment<br />Twitter<br />
  17. Thank You! <br />