Blogher: Information Overload and Finding Blog Community


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  • I’m really excited to be here
  • Blogher: Information Overload and Finding Blog Community

    1. Blogging Basics Managing Information Overload How to find your blogging community Beth Kanter Beth’s Blog
    3. Take Aways Why a Blog Community is Important 7 Steps To Finding Your Blog Community Information Coping Skills Flickr photo by Tracy Hunter
    5. Two Minute Poll Blog? Read Blogs? Comment on Blogs?
    6. Why Build A Blog Community?
    7. Generate word of mouth and traffic/visitors/subscribers to your blog Helps you establish authority in your content niche and your "personal brand“ Get ideas for blog posts Different perspective or additional information related to the topic of your post - and gasp! corrections
    8. Thomas Hawk It’s more fun!
    9. Okay, so what I need to do?
    10. The 7 Steps 3: Reading 6: Track 5: Comment 2: Find Bridge Bloggers 1: Niche 7: Interact 4: Keyword Search Feeds
    11. 1: Define Your Niche Food Chocolate Desserts Candy Dark Milk White
    12. 2: Find the bridge bloggers
    13. / 3: Read them in a RSS Reader
    14. Here’s another analogy
    15. Photo by niclindh You’re ready to get to work!
    16. These steps require a few hours of research in the beginning to identify bridge bloggers, set up reader, and make it a habit.
    17. Browse and Scan
    18. Bingo – Bridge Blogger
    19. Add to Your Reader
    21. You read the blog in your reader ..
    22. Not here
    23. It won’t create email overload!
    24. 4: Use Blog Search Engines – Ego and Keyword
    25. Twitter Search too!
    26. Simplicity, Time Box, Thoughtful
    27. 5: Become the Queen of Commenting
    28. Read and comment on blogs Think before you write! What did they say well? What did they miss? Answer questions What are other people saying How does it apply to you Look forward Look backward Ask what if?
    29. 6: A system to track your comments
    30. It’s on your handout!
    31. 7: Write posts that encourage readers to comment.
    33. Invite Comments
    34. How You End Your Post Really Matters
    35. Be Open Ended
    36. Respond to your readers!
    37. And don’t forget to link to other bloggers
    38. Define Your Niche Identify Bridge bloggers Use RSS Reader Monitor your "ego" and "keyword" feeds from Technorati and Twitter Become the Queen of Commenting Have a Good System for Tracking Your Comments Write posts that encourage conversation
    39. Will I have to deal with more email? How am I ever gonna find time to read lots of blogs? Photo bybiwook
    40. Just thinking about it give me information anxiety!
    41. Take the Quiz: How Information Overloaded Are You?
    42. Let’s walk the line …. 0 20
    43. How does information overload make you feel? What works or what doesn't in managing your information overload? What causes your information overload?
    44. Defining Information Overload
    45. It’s okay that you’ll never be “caught up”
    46. Don’t Read Every Word
    47. Don’t Live at the Post Office
    48. Know when to turn the damn computer off and take a walk
    49. More stuff on the wiki! Questions? RiBB It ..
    50. Thank You! Beth’s Blog Wiki Have a blog post topic idea? [email_address]