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Technology Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace:
Avoiding Collaborative Overload
Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, Speaker, Auth...
Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Speaker, Author and
Nonprofit Thought Leader
• Nonprofit Professionals: Nonprofits
• Understanding Connection between Tech and
• Personal Technology Wellness T...
Technology Use Can Cause Stress and Burnout
Our technology use is
changing our brains
We have no downtime
52% of smartphone owners check their phones
a few times an hour or more.
Behavior Addiction
What is the
average human
attention span
Attention Spans Online …
Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information, US National Library of Medicine
Flickr pho...
Information Overload
Personal Technology Wellness Assessment
1. Is the only time you take a break from your tech when you’...
Source: Lulumonathletica
What’s Your Technology Wellness Score?
Technology Wellness Tips for
Nonprofit Professionals
Tip: Use An Alarm Clock
Walk More
Tip: Unplug regularly & often
Tip: Organize Mobile Phone To Avoid
• Notifications from people
• Customized notifications
• Tools on home scree...
Tip: Go On A News Diet
• Consume news for specified time and sources per day
• News meditation – be in the present moment ...
• What is one personal
technology wellness
habit you can start
doing now?
Mindful Moment
Technology Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace
Intentional Focus on Culture Change
Interfaith Youth Core: Quiet Time for All Staff
• Leadership supported an
employee “Giddy” committee
• Feedback on how to ...
Walking Meetings for Productivity and Community
Wednesday Afternoon Weekly Walk
-After lunch for 20 minutes to energize an...
Building A Movement Inside Your Organization
Collaborative Tech Overload: Connectivity Driven
Is this familiar?
• Long work week
• Come home to realize
you didn’t get stuff
• You start doing solo
work in evening...
● 15% of organization
time is spent in
● Four hours a week for
status update meetings
● 11 million meetings a
The Four P’s
Planning People
Priorities Present
Planning: Structure and Rituals
1. Our team has a clear sense of what’s ahead each month
2. We stick to deadlin...
Tips to Improve Planning
● Use Look-Ahead Rituals
● Make Solo Focus Time Part of Your Team Culture
Tips to Improve Planning
● Clearly Define Workflow for Online Collaboration
Platforms and Training
● Adopt Formal Practice...
People: How You Relate To Others
1. I am comfortable saying no, negotiating requests, and making requests of ot...
Tips to Improve
● Set a Statute of Limitations on People Frustrations
● Say NO, But Enforce Boundaries With Grace
Tips to Improve People
● Write emails that are precise
● Create a remote working charter for your team
Subjects w/Keywords...
Priorities: How You Spend Your Time
1. We spend time working on key priorities and goals that move the needle for our
Tips to Improve
● Do A Trend-Line View Reflection with Your Team
● Rethink Status Updates Meetings
Tips to Improve
● Don’t schedule hour meetings by default
Being Present: How You Focus and Pay
1. Our team schedules work according energy levels
2. Our team is focused a...
Tips to Improve
● Team wide analysis of most productive times during day
● Have explicit team or organization policy about...
Tips to Improve
● Device free zones in your workplace
● Meeting policy about use of devices to avoid “technoference”
Our personal and organizational use of
technology can create stress leading to
burnout. But if we are intentional
Thank you!
The Happy Healthy Nonprofit
Tips to Improve ● Do
Tips to Improve ● Do
Tips to Improve ● Do
Tips to Improve ● Do
Tips to Improve ● Do
Tips to Improve ● Do
Tips to Improve ● Do
Tips to Improve ● Do
Tips to Improve ● Do
Tips to Improve ● Do
Tips to Improve ● Do
Tips to Improve ● Do
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Tips to Improve
● Do A Trend-Line View Reflection with Your Team
● Rethink Status Updates Meetings

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