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10 Simple Steps to Associaiton 2.0


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for NCNA webinar
A remix of Marnie Webb's 10 Ways To Use Web 2.0 to Change the World

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10 Simple Steps to Associaiton 2.0

  1. 10 Simple Steps to Association 2.0
  2. I am a trainer, coach, and consultant to nonprofits in the area of effective technology use. “ I am not a techie. I only pretend to play on my blog, Beth’s Blog!” Beth Kanter
  3. Just Words
  4. A way of using the Internet to instantly collaborate, share information, and have a conversation about ideas or causes we care about.  It’s a world where anyone can be a publisher, a reporter, an artist, a filmmaker, a photographer or pundit ….  Even an activist or citizen philanthropist! So, what is this Web 2.0 Stuff anyway?
  5. Why did the .org cross the chasm?
  6. To Reach Outcomes!
  7. Insert words like …. Second Life My Space Social Media Tagging
  8. “ It's easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of bleeding edge tools. But what social change organizations really need is enterprise class software that meets their needs at affordable prices.”
  9. It’s both/and not an either or! Web 2.0/Bleeding Edge or Basic Needs?
  10. What does this look like for nonprofit organizations?
  11. Low Risk Experiments
  12. Step 1: Find People
  13. How to find people who are passionate about your organization’s topics
  14. Staff Recruitment
  15. Step 2: Find out what people are saying or thinking about your organization or issue area
  16. Same tool, just use the main search to find out what people are thinking
  17. A homeless person isn’t someone you pass on your way into a fancy restaurant
  19. Benefit Value Metric
  20. Step 3: Scatter bread crumbs
  21. The ability to have a conversation
  24. Step 4: Use RSS as an Information Coping Tool
  26. / RSS Reader
  27. Step 5: Use Tagging
  28. Reduce Email Clutter
  29. What are some ways that Nonprofits can pick the low Take advantage of the social aspects of tagging What did you tag?
  30. Social Bookmarking
  31. Step 6: Share the Face of your organization
  34. Step 7: Use Flickr for FREE visuals for presentations
  35. Source: Creative Commons
  37. Step 8: Set your content free, or at least make it link friendly
  38. Step 9: Open Tools
  42. Engage the Developer Community
  43. / Step 10: Share your path