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2018 Predictions from Kantar Media


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For the first time, Kantar Media CEO & Chairman, Andy Brown, outlines his top five predictions for the marketing, media & research industry.

Published in: Marketing
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2018 Predictions from Kantar Media

  1. 1. 5 predictions for from Andy Brown, CEO, Kantar Media
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  7. 7. About Kantar Media Kantar Media is a global leader in media intelligence, providing clients with the data they need to make informed decisions on all aspects of media measurement, monitoring and selection. Part of Kantar, the data investment management arm of WPP, Kantar Media provides the most comprehensive and accurate intelligence on media consumption, performance and value. For further information, please visit us at � Kantar Media company/Kantar-Media +KantarMediaGlobal @Kantar_Media KantarMediaGlobal @KantarMedia KantarMediaGlobal Connect with us to get the latest insights, opinions & trends from Kantar Media