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Mobile Device and Attribute Validation (MDAV)


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R&D Topic Area: Access control at the point of need

Published in: Technology
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Mobile Device and Attribute Validation (MDAV)

  1. 1. Mobile Device and Attribute Validation (MDAV)  R&D Topic Area  Access control at the point of need PI: Steve Wilson Lockstep Technologies, Sydney, Australia +61 414 488851 1
  2. 2. MDAV: Customer Need Field Manager First Responder I’m here to help! Great! But what are you?  First responders working across jurisdictions need to convince field personnel of their credentials.  “Provenance” is critical. How was the credential issued? How has it been conveyed? E.g. Concealed firearms permit, hazmat ticket, security clearance etc. 2
  3. 3. MDAV: Approach Anon/pseudonymous certificates holding authoritative attributes convey provenance of issuer and of the device used to present it. Individual 3 Concealed Carry XYZ Credentialing Agency Smart phone Model M 1. Smart device controlled by Individual 2. An authority issues an attribute and seals it in a digital certificate. 3. Cert bound to device via key pair Device with private key store Certificate MOBILE DEVICE AND ATTRIBUTE VALIDATION
  4. 4.  Strong proof of credentials with no need for extraneous personal details; privacy enhancing  Provenance: Certificates convey the (1) authority that issued the credential, and (2) what device carried it  Credentials are verifiable in offline and occasionally- connected environments  Strong audit trails  Fast, de-centralized, light-weight processing  Standards-based; leverages native cryptography in smart phones, smartcards, future IoT devices  Will value-add ID smart cards and phone apps; invert the traditional privacy concerns with chips. MDAV: Benefits 4
  5. 5. MDAV: Potential Transition Activities First Responder Field Manager Digital wallet of attributes on capable device Relying Party App. 1. Do you have a permit? Concealed Carry XYZ Credentialing Agency Smart phone Model M 2. Yes:  Prototype in M2M manual access control); transition to mobile-to system or card-to-system with PACs/LACs partners.  Productize credential certificate mgt with commercial PKI CSPs.  Standard crypto APIs, so solution can diffuse into many form factors and enterprise systems, eg smart license initiatives and IoT. 5