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Kantara Initiative - Connecting a More Trustworthy Internet

An overview of Kantara Initiative, a non-profit membership organization that connects business, consumers, governments, and citizens through innovations and programs that support a more natively trustworthy on-line experience.

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Kantara Initiative - Connecting a More Trustworthy Internet

  1. 1. Kantara Initiative The Next Evolution of Identity and Access Management for the Internet of Everything
  2. 2. Identity Relationship Management IRM Landscape
  3. 3. The IRM Story
  4. 4. Evolution of Identity Employees Consumers Employees & Partners Things Perimeter Perimeter Federation Perimeter-less Federation Cloud / SaaS Perimeter-less Federation Cloud SaaS Mobility Attributes Context Stateless Relationships
  5. 5. Identity Relationship Management l  Model for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers and “things” using Identity and Access Management (IAM). l  IRM rapidly and cost effectively unleashes new business opportunities that drive next generation consumer-facing services and top line revenue.
  6. 6. Pillars of Identity Relationship Management … CONSUMERS & THINGS over employees ADAPTABLE over predictable REVENUE over operating expense VELOCITY over process and tools INTERNET SCALE over enterprise scale DYNAMIC over static intelligence BORDERLESS over perimeter MODULAR over monolithic BUSINESS PILLARS TECHNICAL PILLARS = = = =
  7. 7. CONSUMERS & THINGS over employees only
  8. 8. INTERNET SCALE over enterprise scale
  9. 9. ADAPTABLE over predictable
  10. 10. DYNAMIC INTELLIGENCE over static intelligence
  11. 11. TOP LINE REVENUE over operating expense
  12. 12. BORDERLESS over perimeter
  13. 13. VELOCITY over process and tools
  14. 14. MODULAR over monolithic
  15. 15. The Next Generation of Identity & Access Management
  16. 16. What’s Next?
  17. 17. Tell us how you ‘do’ IRM! Join the community @
  18. 18. About Us Kantara Initiative Overview
  19. 19. Who is Kantara 60+ Leading Organizations, 100’s of Participants, Industry and Governments: l  Trust l  Privacy l  Security l  Community Trustees At-Large: •  Government of Canada •  Trans-European Research Education Networking Association
  20. 20. What We Do The building blocks of Trusted Identity…
  21. 21. So that you can •  INFLUENCE •  CONNECT •  LEARN •  PARTNER •  SHARE •  GROW We provide •  RULES •  TOOLS •  EXPERTS
  22. 22. Trusted Identity l  Kantara Programs verify l  IdPs and Assessors l  Policy, Technology, Privacy l  Reusable program applicable to l  FICAM, FCCX, NSTIC, EU eIDAS, IDAP, + l  IdPs, RPs, FOs l  Our part in the trust chain
  23. 23. Assurance Programs For FICAM and FCCX
  24. 24. FICAM & FCCX l  FICAM – Federal Identity Credential and Access Management (Policy) l  Connects citizens to public services leveraging private sector Credential Service Providers l  Kantara Operates Certification Program – Trust Framework Provider l  FCCX – Federal Cloud Credential eXchange (Implementation) l  The technical identity hub that operates FICAM l  Kantara Operates Certification Program – Trust Framework Provider
  25. 25. FCCX: A better way Ci#zens   FCCX   Agencies  
  26. 26. Trust Framework Model Registration Verification Assessment Certification Trust Status Listing Service Interested Parties Kantara Trust Registry
  27. 27. Accredited and Approved IDPV Component Recognition Registered Applicant organizations in pipeline Kantara Accredited to LoA 1-4 Kantara Approved to LoA 1-3 non-crpyto USAA
  28. 28. Component Services Responding to industry experts Kantara members developed the modular component service approach. Component Services: •  Identity Proofing / Verification •  Credential Issuance and Management Identity Proofing & Verification Organizational Trust Credential & Token Management Credential Service Provider
  29. 29. MODULAR Assurance
  30. 30. CONTEXTUAL Assurance
  31. 31. ADAPTABLE Assurance
  32. 32. BORDERLESS Assurance
  33. 33. Thanks! Questions? • Kantara Executive Director: Joni Brennan • General Inquiries: JOIN INNOVATE TRUST