The brave new world of a paas and ipaas


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  • There is a category of iPaaS that provides 'lightweight' integrations between popular Cloud/SaaS applications for free or very low cost to end users.

    An example of such iPaaS is CloudWork ( that integrates on top of APIs most of the popular SaaS and offers white lbel integration services directly to SaaS developers:

    ProgrammableWeb has published an article titled 'The Growing Trend of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)' that identifies what is driving the iPaaS trends and some of the key players.
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  • Hi Kaniska
    Would appreciate if you could tak e a look at Roubroo iPaaS which is a collection of Web based modeler, token flow based engine, administration console ,out of the box connectors for various cloud apps, XSLT based data maping, User Interaction via Forms and a process debugger to helo iron out the initial adoption. In terms of features and functionality - it is very competitive.
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The brave new world of a paas and ipaas

  1. 1. The Brave NewWorld of aPaaS and iPaaS
  2. 2. • As per Gartner’s prediction, by 2016 most of the SMBs and Enterprises will adopt iPaaS.• The booming SaaS market needs sophisticated smart iPaaS and aPaaS solutions to perform seamless integration between apps on cloud at a cheap subscription rate.• Key Cloud Innovations are taking place in the domain of Cloud Enabled Integration Platform (CEIP) and Cloud Enabled Application Platform (CEAP).
  3. 3. New Players - Front Runners ..• Dell-Boomi, IBM-Cast Iron, SnapLogic, Queplix, Jitterbit -- are the major iPaaS players purpose built from ground up for serving SaaS and On-Premise Legacy App Integration.• Its important to note : why AAA chose Dell-Boomi over Cast-Iron and Jitterbit - 2240114684/AAA-picks-Dell-Boomi-cloud-integration- tools-over-IBM-Jitterbit• Clearly Dell-Boomi is leading the iPaaS Market !
  4. 4. Old Players – Transforming fast ..• MuleSoft and Tibco ActiveMatrix are great examples of how long-term ESB players quickly transforming themselves itself into Cloud Enabled Integration Environment - like MuleiON.• But they are lacking the Web-based Integration Designer, which is primary requirement for enabling SMBs creating a SaaS integration.
  5. 5. Old Players – Transforming fast…• The CEIP or CEAP transformation is crucial for the survival of original PaaS majors like EngineYard, LongJump.• In future, mere on-premise ESB / BPM offerings (cordys, sonic, fiorano ) are not just enough unless served from Cloud for Cloud !
  6. 6. HARDWARE PLATFORM VIRTUALIZATION …. Build, Deploy, CI, Execution, VIRTUALIZATION.... Datacenter Hosting - Platform (OS, IDE ) PaaS Network Enterprise Data Storage backup, Server Mobility recovery IaaSAPPLICATION & INTEGRATIONSERVICES …. aPaaS & iPaaS B2B SaaS Integration Integration Composite App Dev. Legacy App Integration (SAP / Oracle) Collaboration Integrates SOCIAL SERVICES.... SOFTWARE SERVICES …. Facebook MySpaceSMBs ERP CRM Map HR Finance SaaS Game Music Analytics Visualization Twitter Foursquare Travel Content Performance Search Delivery 100... more
  7. 7. how different vendors sharing the pies of the emerging marketplace• OrangeScape, Wavemaker, are great examples of Application PaaS that allow users build Composite Business Applications on Web. True believers of No Software, No Hardware‘• MDM is the main strength for Informatica & Infoteria.• Vordel done a great job in opening its api so that apps can automatically follow them. Same applies to Mashery, JackBe , that allow mashing up services and app integrations through API calls.• Hubspan & SeeBurger focusing on business-to-business (B2B) multi-enterprise integration and Consolidation Cloud Service.• Pervasive Software , Liaison Software - Data Integration (manage, integrate, analyze) Layer 7 -- Cross App Data Security, Compliance and Governance for Cloud Integration.• Vigience Overcast offers SAP–to-CRM/ERP Integration on Cloud• SPSCommerce – Industry’s leading Trading Partner Integration Center (Retail-Supply-Chain Integration on-the-fly)
  8. 8. Battle to grab ‘SMB Market of Cloud Services’• aPaaS and iPaaS are maturing as self-sustained business domains ! Oracle, HP, Cisco, Microsoft may eventually eye upon some of the integration providers like SnapLogic, MuleSoft, Jitterbit !• Whoever will be able to address the ‘SMBs’ concerns for Cloud Adoption and SaaS Integrity’ - will emerge as Champions !!
  9. 9. SMBs Shopping List of Data Integration Features
  10. 10. Web-based Graphical Event Driven Graphical Data Mapper Process Orchestrator Processing Web-based Rule/ Clustering and Job Data Partitioning WorkFlow Designer, Distribution Script Editor B2B Standards – EDI Version Control ACORD Split Data Streams SaaS App Connectors Real-time Triggers Publish Flows as Web Services Ability to deliver Master Data Library of Built-In data in real time and Management Mapping Functions batch Data Validations Rich Logging Nested Processing and Tracking Auto-scale, Auto-Ability to handle provision, point- Parallel Processingstructured, unstructured and-click self-serviceand semi-structured data Web Service Built-in Scheduler Client