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Company Profile- iGR


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Company Profile

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Company Profile- iGR

  1. 1. ConfidentialThe information contained within this document is proprietary to iGR and it reserves the right to all information provided. The recipient agrees not to distribute, shareor use any part of the material without express written permission of iGR. The recipient would treat this material as confidential information.Company ProfileEmpowering Business Through Market Research
  2. 2. iGlobal Research- Fastest growing Market Research Firm Our Research Networks • iGlobal Research Analysts Data Collection and Market Research Solutions. • iGlobal Research India Research Solutions for India Markets. End Users Solution Provider • iGlobal Research Online Online Panel
  3. 3. iGlobal Research- Fastest growing Market Research Firm About Us • Who we are? iGR is a market research fieldwork company in India. We provide end-to-end Outsourcing/Research services globally. We focus on primary research and work exclusively with Market Research and Technology Firms. • What we do? We help Market Research organizations across the globe with their end-to-end research and support processes. Fieldwork Quantitative, Qualitative, F2F Interviews, Online Panel, Telephonic Interviews, Desk Research and Financial Research. We also provide complete Data Processing and Data Analysis services. We have very experienced survey programming team scripting various online studies. • Our Network? Some of the countries we have done CATI projects are Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, USA, UK , and other European and APAC countries. Our team is comprised out of the stalwarts of the research industry in India. We have multilingual staff with option to speak in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German & many more.
  4. 4. iGlobal Research- Fastest growing Market Research Firm Our Vision and Core Values • Our Vision As a fast growing research company in India, with our deep insight and understanding in global Market. We aspire to help client to ignite desire for their brands, business and people. • Core Values  We build our professional ethics based on reliability honesty and trust with clients. We have a strict confidentiality system.  Keep commitments and meet deadlines at any cost.  We have a strict quality control system. Original methodology which meets high-quality standards is our forte. Our aim is to transfer the Real Value and Essential Information to clients and exceed clients expectation.  Respectful professional team regarding to each category of studies is the key to iGR’s success.  Exceed customer expectations on all key performance metrics.  We will remain prudent and be responsible for our performance.
  5. 5. iGlobal Research- Fastest growing Market Research Firm iGR research focus on the following industries:  IT/Telecommunications  Automotive  Electronics/Electronic machinery  Chemical materials  Finance/Insurance  Publication & distribution  Pharmaceutical  Wholesale, Dealers  Real Estate  Government officials  Cigarette  Advertising  Utilities  Construction & Building  Agriculture  Transportation  Clothing/Cosmetic  Education  Food & Beverages  Health Care  Manufacturing  E-SAT  Professional Services  C-SAT
  6. 6. iGlobal Research- Fastest growing Market Research Firm • iGR offers the following types of Consumer Research to clients :  Global Warming  Female care  Sports  Travelling & Tourism  Health Care  Clothing/Cosmetic  Food & Beverages  Home Appliances  Consumer Satisfaction Study  Market Segmentation Study  Usage and Attitude Study  General Awareness Study
  7. 7. iGlobal Research- Fastest growing Market Research Firm • iGR Provides complete data collection and research analysis services for Quantitative and Qualitative research studies. Quantitative Research Studies Qualitative Research Studies  Telephonic Interviews  Focus Group Discussion  CATI- We our own platform with 80+ seat.  In-depth interviews  Web Based Telephonic Interviews.  Center Location Test (CLTs)  Paper & Pencil Telephonic Interviews.  Secondary information collecting and analysis  Face to Face Interviews  Door to Door  Consumer Surveys  B2B Surveys  C-Level Surveys  Opinion Surveys  CLT (Central Location Test)  Online Web bases Interviews  Online Panel  Programming & Web Hosting  Technical Providing  Other Online Solutions
  8. 8. iGlobal Research- Translation Services We provide Translation services in mainly US & UK English, major Asian and European languages as well as Indian Languages. Some of the languages we provide research in are:  English  Arabic  French  Chinese  Italian  Hindi  Spanish  Korean  Dutch  Thai  Portuguese  Malay  German  Bhasa  Turkish  Urdu
  9. 9. iGlobal Research- Why work with us Better Visibility in Market Research issues Easier Scalability Onsite Account Management for Tier 1 Clients Profitable and Manageable growth 24/7 operations Domain expertise in a range of Research activities Multi Lingual Staff Efficiency Management Process excellence Quarterly refresher training Leadership comprises of seasoned MR professionals. A team of qualified & experienced professionals (MBA / CFA / CA / Engineers) Progressive experience of providing MR Support to global clients. Exposure to industry recognized tools for efficient delivery. Established CATI, Survey Programming, Coding Data Processing and Online Sample capabilities 100 % customizable and flexible solutions. Conducted over 80,000 interviews Expertise of conducting research via all modes of data collection – F2F,FGD, Telephonic and Online Panel etc. Reach experience in area like Marketing research, Industrial research, Business Research, Financial Research, Riskmanagement, Business Strategy, International Marketing, Macro-economics etc.
  10. 10. iGlobal Research- Project Team Hierarchy
  11. 11. iGlobal Research- Contact Us Head Office iGlobal Research B-15, Shankar Garden, Main Najafgarh Road, Vikaspuri, New Delhi- 110018 Phone: +91-11-456-331-15 E-mail: US Office iGlobal Research 38865, Argonaut Way Fremont CA 94536 Phone: +1-510-857-5672 E-mail: Canada Office iGlobal Research #1903 – 1367 Alberni street, Vancouver BC Canada V6E 4R9 Phone: +1-510-857-5836 E-mail:
  12. 12. THANK YOU!