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7p’s in transportation sector

how MSRTC had implemented 7ps

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7p’s in transportation sector

  1. 1. 7p’s in Transportation SectorKanishka
  2. 2. M.S.R.T.C Profile:-• Chairman:- Shri. Jeevanrao Gore• Vice Chairman & Managing Director:- Shri. Deepak Kapoor (I.A.S.)
  3. 3. Cont…Owner Government of MaharshtraTransit Type Intercity bus services within state of maharashtra and selected cities neighboring states. Local bus services in selected cities.Daily ridership 7 Million(70 lakh)Headquarters Mumbai central,MumbaiWebsite http// Online bookingOperator MSRTC
  4. 4. HISTORY• The MSRTC is established by State Government of Maharashtra. It will provided in the Section 3 of RTC Act 1950.• The First bus been flagged off from the Pune to Ahmednagar in 1948.• MSRTC is the state run bus service of Maharashtra with 16,000 buses which ferry 70 lakh passengers daily on 17,000 routes.• It is the third largest bus service provider in India (after APSRTC and TNSTC) and serves routes to towns and cities within Maharashtra and adjoining states.
  6. 6. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE• Physical Evidence refers to the environment in which the service is delivered and where the service industry and customer interact.• Booking offices and ticket counters at MSRTC are extremely spacious and well designed with good looks.• The at MSRTC have elegant interiors well designed seats with more leg room especially in the luxury bus.
  7. 7. PriceBased on:-• Class of travel• Load factors• Profit margins• Competitors pricing
  8. 8. PLACE• MSRTC has a wide distribution channel that gives easy access to it‟s customers.• Tickets can be booked through various channels.• “MSRTC ” has also established a remarkable standing in the market place.
  9. 9. PRODUCT• PRODUCT MIX involves planning and developing the right type of product that will satisfy fully the needs of customers. A product has several dimensions. These dimensions are collectively called product mix.• 1)Core product it is said that core product is what buyers is really buying eg msrts provides bus transportation services for passenger.
  10. 10. • 2)Genric product - the marketers are suppose to termed the core benefit in to generic product also known as the basic version of product e g msrtc provides semi luxury bus(asiad bus) for trvelling comfertable .
  11. 11. • 3)Expected product -this is the product with features which have develop over up period of time shaping the standard specification in the expected product we find the minimum requirement which the customer expect from you eg msrtc provide mini bus(yeshwanti) to passenger for fast travel, and getting quick service . its mini buses special feature are its have a small shape comparing to other buses thats why its easily run on small,narrow villages road and villagers passenger get quick service of transportation
  12. 12. • 4)Augmeted service- the augumet product is additional attraction with which the motto of establishing standard over the compititive firms we also call it the peripheral services . it included extra additional service . e g msrtc provides air conditioner volvo buses(shivneri) to the passenger .
  13. 13. • 5)potential product/services-the organisation are found instrumental in unlocking the full potential by discovering new ways of attracting and holding customers and users e g msrtc provide waiting hall,cool and clean water,online booking facilities and guaranty of safe trvelling.
  14. 14. Promotion:Promotion mix means A specific combination of promotional method used for one product or a family of product elements of a promotional mix may include point or broadcast advertising ,direct marketing ,sales promotional telemarketing etc 1) Advertisement:- The MSRTC is very old corporation and it run by government of Maharashtra.thats why everyone aware of MSRTCs bus services. so they not emphasis on advertisement.but MSRTC has open own website on internet and they giving all information ,services about MSRTC bus transportation services .and they also advertising new services on that website.
  15. 15. Promotion cont..• 2)Sales Promotion A) Discount The MSRTC offers some discount scheme for attracting and sticking the passenger . a) For school student they offer 66% discount on total tickit charges by monthly regular travelling passes . . b) For senior citizen person(above 65 year) they offer 50% discount on total travelling tickit charges. . . c) For blind and handicap person they offer 75% discount on total travelling tickit charges. . without this discount facilities MSRTC also provide some money saving scheme in travelling like a 4 days, 8 days passes with taking some amount of pass charges .this pass holder can travel in MSRTC all buses 4 days,8days as per there passes type he have no necessary to paying tickit charges untill expiry date of this pass. It means passenger can travel unlimited by MSRTC buses using this pass scheme with saving money.
  16. 16. Promotion cont..• Another pass type is regular passenger pass for particular travelling route . it included 50% discount for some time period . MSRTC provide one scheme like pay 45 days travelling charges and get 45 days freetravelling.• The MSRTC provide 10% discount smart card which are useful to getting the 10% discount on total travelling tickit charges.its smart card has 1 year validitiy from buying date . Its cards price is only 200 Rs only . This card discount applicable for all MSRTS buses. (avoiding A/C buses) So its all scheme attracting to the regular passenger and its create loyal customer.which are sticking ,retaining with MSRTC bus service
  17. 17. Promotion cont..• B) Tours and packages: MSRTC conducts different tours and packages all around india.These tours cover all the important tourist and religious places in that particular region .The tours and packages conducted by MSRTC are very reasonable and luxuarious The MSRTC is introducing various new tours and packages for people like a ASHTHAVINAYAK DARSHAN, KONKAN DARSHAN etc.
  18. 18. Promotion cont..• 3) Telemarketing:- The MSRTC open the telephone help line number "1800 22 1250" it is available 24 hours to helping to the passenger and it gives online booking services .enquiry from telephone , reservation from telephone etc.
  19. 19. PEOPLE• At MSRTC, „people‟ are the most important „p• People provide most services that is the selection, training, and motivation of employees• This ensures some amount of reliability, and this in turn affects the degree of responsiveness sought from customers.
  20. 20. PROCESS• The process begins at the time of reservation goes on to the confirmation of seats. For e.g.: Computer reservation system of MSRTC enables any reservation request from anywhere in the world to be auctioned in minutes. The reservation facility is accessible through all-major computerized reservation system of the world.• By giving details of where to book and how to book MSRTC help in providing quality services to the customers.• All these facilities go a long way in increasing passenger convenience.• All these procedures form a part of the total process designed to deliver quality service at MSRTC .• MSRTC making every effort to constantly redefine service procedures to enhance service satisfaction levels.