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HoneyBee Investor Pitch

  1. 1. HoneyBee Entertainment Media, LLCSmartphone Applications : Disruptive Technology for Todays, Tomorrow CEO: Kane Clamage kanemc@honeybeeshive.comhoneybeeshive.com<br />HoneyBee Entertainment Media, LLC (HB) is a Chicago based Mobile Application provider utilizing new technology platforms to enable growth within multiple entertainment and consumer industries. <br /> <br />
  2. 2. (HB) Global Mission <br />HoneyBee is a Chicago-based developer and distributor of Mobile Applications that;<br />Engage the Global Smartphone consumer w/ instant access to unique monetized video content; <br />Provide social media sharing, mrktg and mgmt, <br />Brand, advertise and mrkt Sponsors, Artists, Brands and Products;<br />Promote consumerism via eCommerce, secure services and instant reach, and;<br /> Incorporate highly-intuitive User functionality;(to) represent a specific City, company, brand or products image, culture and atmosphere from the convenience of everywhere.<br />www.honeybeeshive.com<br />
  3. 3. (HB) Market<br />Opportunity: <br />Provide highly functioning, socially connected, user-intuitive operating functions in Mobile Apps; by incorporating new means for engaging consumers through digital advertising,, eCommerce solutions and Social Media marketing..<br />Nielsen: Smartphone surpass feature phones (2011); 1B Mobile Advertising (2012), 1T Mobile eCommerce (2015)<br />Gartner: worldwide App download 17.7B 2011; 185B App<br /> Worldwide download 2014; mobile App revenue surpass $15.1 billion (2011); ages 15-24 primary User Mobile Phones to surf the web and access Apps. <br />Distimo:Apps priced at $.99 saw a 2% increase in 2010; while Apps priced at $1.99 saw a 5% increase in sales. <br />eCommerce: predicted on multiple sites (Mashable, TechCrunch) and by various analytics companies (Nielsen) to be the #1 form of ‘online’ purchasing by 2015. <br />US Digital Media Users streaming from Mobile Platforms: 2009 (19.13 million), 2010 (40.17 million), 2015 (70.29 million), 2020 (108.95 million)<br />Worldwide Recording Industry Revenues: 2010 ($66.4 billion), 2011 ($67.6 billion)<br />
  4. 4. (HB) buzzzzz(pitch)<br />What: Mobile App’s relevant for Global market; branded from CHI entertainment<br />Where: Apple/Android Market; HBH/HBR website; FB, Twitter, Blog(s)<br />Why: Promote products, places and people on fastest growing digital platform; utilizing eCommerce, Sponsorship/Ad, and numerous revenue stream<br />When: App development 3-4 months upon funds<br />How:PaperBagged, development<br />HB team; SEO/CPM<br />OMC!<br />Promote! <br />Artists, Venues, Stores, Products, Brands, Chicago<br />Sell!<br />Tickets, Coupons, Merch, Music, Reservations<br />Provide!<br />Reach, Access, Live Content, Social Sharing<br />
  5. 5. (HB) PRODUCTS<br />
  6. 6. Building the HIVE (investment)<br />USE OF FUNDS<br />Funds raised from the Offering are initially anticipated to be used as follows:<br />Develop, test and host up to three mobile applications $ 90,000.00<br />Develop, test and host website $ 15,000.00<br />Develop, test and host game applications $ 100,000.00<br />Digital graphic design $ 5,000.00<br />High definition photography $ 3,000.00<br />Company resources (business cards, personal promotions, etc.) $ 2,000.00<br />Legal (Private Offering Memorandum; employee, artist, <br />and venue contracts; structural organization docs; etc) $ 75,000.00<br />Production (film) $ 50,000.00<br />Work-for-Hire commissions $ 10,000.00<br />TOTAL $350,000.00<br />THE OFFERING:<br />Issuer: HoneyBee Entertainment Media, LLC<br />Securities to be Issued: Up to 370 Limited Liability Company Units, 20 of which will be reserved for issue to key employees and service providers, and 350 of which will be offered for sale and purchase by prospective investors<br />Price: $1,000.00 per Unit<br />Aggregate Proceeds: $350,000.00<br />Expected Closing Date: June 1, 2011 subject to an extension at the option of the Company’s Manager<br />Company Manager: Kane Clamage<br />
  7. 7. (HB) Consulting Services<br />As Consultant, HB offers various services to our potential <br />clients. Services including:<br /><ul><li>Development, management and distribution of Mobile App
  8. 8. (concept to marketplace)
  9. 9. Andoid/Apple Apps– mobile and device/tablet
  10. 10. Tiered Pricing
  11. 11. Secure credit card storage/purchasing system
  12. 12. Collected User data
  13. 13. Paired marketing/sponsorship
  14. 14. Social Media marketing/mgmt – creation, updates and viewership
  15. 15. CPM/SEO
  16. 16. User “upload” and “share”
  17. 17. Social Media login
  18. 18. Crowd-sourcing
  19. 19. Mgmt of data/servers
  20. 20. FB, Twitter, Blog, Website </li></li></ul><li>whowe Bee…<br />HoneyBee’s<br /><ul><li>Kane Clamage –Founder, HBM
  21. 21. Brian Rosenblatt - Esq, SmithAmundsen
  22. 22. Mike Shute - Developer, PapperBagged
  23. 23. Nicole Dworak – Social Media Marketing Coord.
  24. 24. Alexa Jade – A/R
  25. 25. Tim Bredrup – Venue/Artist Relations
  26. 26. Evan Tuckerman – Tech. Consultant
  27. 27. Nina Montenegro – Graphic Digital Design
  28. 28. Jillian Francois – Photography</li></ul>Hired Labor<br /><ul><li>Dave Halverson – CPM Advertising/FB
  29. 29. Lucas Schwaller - SEO
  30. 30. Videography</li></ul>Consultants<br /><ul><li>Tom Johnson – Asst. City Treasurer
  31. 31. Jonathan Silverstein
  32. 32. Rick Bonick</li>