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Engaging Learners Through Pod Casts


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empowering learners through pod casting.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Engaging Learners Through Pod Casts

  1. 1. How do you learn ? ?
  2. 2. Empowering e-learnering through podcasts. Kane Horwill, South West Tafe
  3. 3. 300 disengaged youth (16-21)
  4. 4. Don’t irritate your students by making it your boat.
  5. 5. Students Teachers
  6. 6. Students Teachers Engaged
  7. 7. Forgiving in adolescent insensitivity Dr Richard Opie, Warracknabeal Secondary
  8. 8. How to win friends and influence people Rapport
  9. 9. Student centred and driven
  10. 10. Adaptable
  11. 11. What types of technology do your students like to use? What ways can they use their favourite technology to communicate? How we got the ball rolling
  12. 12. Our students chose podcasts.
  13. 13. How a podcast works and some real life examples.
  14. 14. Share course outcomes. Let the students choose how to reach their outcomes.
  15. 15. Teach to their stage not age.
  16. 16. Let the students drive the project.
  17. 17. What our web page looks like?
  18. 19.
  19. 20. Learner opinions of project using a Flip Cam . Click here to see hear what our group had to say
  20. 21. Give lots of praise Transferrable skills Student centred Adaptable Forgiving of adolescent insensitivity Let your students know it’s OK to make mistakes Critical thinkers Global citizens Risk takers Stage not age Students to set their own challenging achievable tasks
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