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Kane gibbons final q


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Kane gibbons final q

  1. 1. How effective isthe combinationof your mainproduct andancillary texts?
  2. 2. Ancillary tasks
  3. 3. How does the genre run throughout the entire production? The genre of my film is evident both within my film and also the ancillary tasks. The genre is a clear indie/art, rom/com. This is projected in the film by the individual style of filming, with interesting camera angles and lack of dialogue. It takes a very natural realistic approach whilst exaggerating the characters emotions. This theme then runs through to my film poster. It uses subtle but very effective photography techniques which display the ‘art’ like creation. Also the particular images that are used suggest love/lust and innocence in a very quirkycountry feel British approach reaching out to all classes in modern Britain for both teenage and adult audiences. My magazine review then takes on a very metaphorical stance, using literature to appeal to the reader, appealing to the same audience that would appreciate the risky filming method we used with creative camera angles. Thereview is easily obtainable and connectable to a large audience and tries to reach out to its readers.
  4. 4. How does colour run throughout my products? Throughout all of my products I have tried to remain constant with colouring used. This way I am able to construct brand recognition and identity. I have tried to remain with naturalpastel colours in order to represent the style of films, but I have also included a bolder colour in both of my ancillaries, this suggests that all may not be as normal as it seems and thatthere is substance to my film representing the twist at the end of my film.
  5. 5. Rather than fronting a mirage of rock and roll youth sub culture as many young directors have over recent years, Kane Gibbons and Reiss Langdon have celebrated what is authentic quintessential British youth, exhibiting the natural ecstasy which is lust and laughter. Short of artificial thrills and explosions Fluent in Love tugs on the natural heart strings and proves that realism and subtlety can compete on the big screen. This is a quote taken from my magazine review. This quote summarises theapproach I intended to take throughout my entire promotional package of my film and ancillary tasks, by celebrating simple life experiences through qualityproducts, rather than exaggurating fantasy of which I have no experience. I believe my ancillaries and film have succeeded in connecting with a large audience and provided an product and an experience of which the audience can apreciate.