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Kane gibbons conventions question ancillary

  1. 1. Conventions of existing film posters Different genres of film follow different conventions when creating a film poster. However we focused particularly on those of romantic films or romantic comedies. Saying this most posters do include the expectedfunctions and conventions such as a lead photograph a main title and credits.
  2. 2. Centre image Most posters have a main centre image of which the poster is based around. Sometimes it is an extract from the film itself, however it is mostly posed. This image includes both the male and female as do most romantic films. It is simple and precise and shows the audience the extract romance they want from a romantic film. Actors namesFilm title Actors names are notA typical convention of always included,film posters is to include a however they providelarge bold film title. This an added selling pointfilm title is clear and to the audience.vibrant. It also continuesthe theme of the rest ofthe poster with a delicate Quotes and ratingsfont. The red colour also Some posters take quotessuggests romance. about the film from magazines andOverall effect critiques, this shows thatThe overall impression the poster has on the audience is key. It the film is held in hightells the audience what to expect. It shows what genre the film is regard to professionals.and what approach it will take. This poster in particular has a This can however make astrong effect as the subtlety shows that it will be an enjoyable poster look over crowded.light hearted romance with passion involved
  3. 3. Film titleCentre image The film title uses a conventional font and a bold red colour inI think this is a very order to stand out from the image. The use of such a simple fonteffective main ensures that the title doesn’t completely overpower the image.image. Although itis in black andwhite, it providesstrong emotion Release datewhilst remaining This poster, as dosincere and simple. many, includes aIt also provides a screening date ofclear background when the film is in thefor the title to take cinema. This works asthe forefront a useful promotionalwithout been lost packagebehind the title. Overall effect This poster provides a satisfying impression of the film. It shows the artistic approach in which the film takes. It reaches its target audience and appeals to a younger generation. The classic photography also provides an asp rational image in the young actor and actress making other young people wanting to go and see the film for that purpose.
  4. 4. My film poster
  5. 5. PhotographyI used two separate photographs and using Overall effectPhotoshop, blended them into the one image. I chose to used a very simple, natural take onIt’s an aspirational image which shows the two this poster. The scenery and the characterscharacters in both long shots and medium shots. complement eachother to create a very ‘arty’It follows the convention of a romantic frame, poster which says everything a romancewith the two characters looking back at each should.other. Extras I also included actors names and cinemaFilm title release date. ThisI used a subtle but very makes it morecontrasting colour for the professional, and alsotitle. Its a pastel colour and works as a luringsticks to the naturalistic technique to enticetheme. I also made the word people into coming to‘love’ bold to further see the film.enhance the genre. The font Creditsis very clear and subtle, but At the bottom of the poster I decided to includewith the colour works credits. This adds to the verisimilitude of a real filmeffectively poster and makes it look more authentic. I also included the facebook link, I did this as it would appeal more to my target audience and make them more of an active audience.
  6. 6. Conventions of existing film magazinesImage Main textSometimes the image is Provides the main body ofposed, however this opinion and analytical writing ofimage is taken directly the film. Usually the writer usedfrom the film its self, formal langue with colloquialwhen this occurs a key comments here and there. Thepart in the narrative is writer takes a point of view eitherusually shown in the in favour or against the film andimage then evaluates and describes.Film title Strap-lineBold capital font, large Usually after the film title, aand clear to see. Key strap line is used to lure theconvention of most audience into reading themagazine film reviews. review.Summary phraseSummarises the bulk of Verdict/ratingthe review into a sentence An overall verdict on this film. This advises people onand provides an overall weather the film is worth going to see or not. Itopinion provides the writers overall opinion on the film
  7. 7. My film magazine review
  8. 8. Strap-line Film titleI have chose a different I have stuck to conventions Imagecolour font for my strap and used bold black capitals as Although I used a posed image, itline to make it stand out it makes my title stand out and is an action shot and looks asbut ensure that it doesnt’ it looks classic and though it could have been takenoverpower my title. Its conventional from the film. The photo addsmade of one sentence another dimension to the reviewwhich entices the as the colours make the pageaudience to read on. more appealing.Main textIn my text I review the film. I talk Summary phraseanalytically and honestly. I tried My summary phraseto include as much film, media stands out in purple. Itterminology as possible, but only summarised all that I havewhen necessary. said in the text and againVerdict/rating adds that appeal to theThe verdict gives my opinion on the eye.film and breaks the text down into Footstep detailssections making it more enjoyable Running along the bottom I haveto read. included the magazine name, theColour scheme date, and the website of my magazine.My purple colour scheme provides the magazine This looks professional and ensures anwith a strong brand recognition active audience will further research the brand