SANJLI GIDWANEY                                                        BIOGRAPHY              ...
SANJLI GIDWANEY                                                         CURRICULUM VITAE     ...
Boston Partners in Education -
August, 2009 - Present
Volunteer Teacher’s Assistant

Online Advertising and Social Media Marketing Experience

Hill Holliday -
July, 2008 - March,2009
Assistant D...
o   Interviewed product influencers and directed videos to be featured in final reports to
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Sanjli Gidwaney - CV - December, 2009


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Sanjli Gidwaney - CV - December, 2009

  1. 1. SANJLI GIDWANEY BIOGRAPHY Last Updated: December, 2009 (857) 869-7777, Cambridge, Massachusetts Biography Sanjli directs her passion and deep knowledge in marketing and advertising to build technologies which help children develop their creative thinking and problem solving skills. Sanjli collaborates with research groups at MIT’s Media Lab, industrial design firms and various NGOs to explore partnership opportunities for deployment of innovative learning tools in developing communities around the world. She believes that children learn best when they are vested in their education and are engaged in creative learning experiences. Sanjli is applying her experience in the corporate world to the social sector with the aim to create systemic curriculum change at the elementary level. She is currently conducting in-field research and has extensive real life exposure to the communities she has a desire to serve. She has an innate interest in education at the elementary level and in activities which teach children to learn to love learning. Previously, Sanjli most recently was an Assistant Digital Medial Planner at Hill Holliday (, one of world’s premiere global advertising agencies. At Hill Holliday, Sanjli was part of the digital creative team executing global online campaigns for top consumer brands, including CVS, Chili’s, EmblemHealth and Harvard Pilgrim. She managed relationships with partner web properties to ensure optimal brand exposure and was instrumental in executing highly effective advertising campaigns. Prior to Hill Holliday, Sanjli was a Marketing Coordinator for a top word of mouth marketing agency, Matchstick ( Sanjli worked directly with consumers to gain an appreciation and understanding of their motivations and purchasing habits, and then translated those insights into grassroots strategies to penetrate the marketplace and generate buzz about new products. At Matchstick, Sanjli strategized and implemented word of mouth marking campaigns for global brands, including Gillette’s 5-blade Fusion razor, Dodge’s re-designed Grand Caravan, Tylenol, Coca-Cola’s first energy drink, “Vault”, Calvin Klein’s scent for men and women, and others. As a marketing consultant, Sanjli continues to develop and execute effective word of mouth and grassroots online marketing strategies. She has assisted various organizations, including Three Jars, a Web 2.0 startup focusing on early childhood financial education ( and My Little Pakora, an organic baby clothing company. 1
  2. 2. SANJLI GIDWANEY CURRICULUM VITAE Last Updated: December, 2009 (857) 869-7777, Cambridge, Massachusetts Profile I am deeply passionate about technology for elementary education that help children foster their problem solving, analytical thinking, and creative skills. I work with organizations and educational institutions that are focused on product design and innovation for education. I have a unique combination of experience in word of mouth marketing, online advertising, project management, and working with nonprofit organizations. Skills • Self Starter: Conducting a self initiated research project in India to more fully understand the technology and education space as it relates to children from low income communities • Strategy development: Organize large and complex marketing campaigns involving multiple grassroots and mass media strategies • Program execution: Manage and mentor up to 15 people and be held accountable for meeting performance metrics, execute online campaigns • Client management: Interface and report to clients about program successes and challenges • Communication: Develop strong relationships with suppliers, partners and industry leaders Social Entrepreneurship Experience MIT Media Lab – Lifelong Kindergarten / High-low Tech September, 2009 – Present Volunteer Researcher Lifelong Kindergarten - High-low Tech - • Designing creative learning tools and workshops for children living in low income villages and urban settings • Conducting extensive in-field research in India to more fully understand the environmental context in which these children live and learn • Collaborating with the MIT community, India based NGOs, and industrial design firms to develop creative learning experiences for children from low income communities Sristi – May, 2009 – Present Volunteer The Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies is a registered charity, which is devoted to empowering the knowledge rich and economically poor by systematically by documenting, disseminating and developing grassroots green innovations, and providing intellectual property rights protection to support grassroots innovators. • Participated in a 100km Discovery Walk organized by Sristi, through villages in Gujarat India, to learn about grassroots innovation and sustainability • Conducted a rapid prototyping workshop with villages children to expose them to creative learning exercises and tools • Presented findings from the 100km Discovery Walk to several design firms in both India and the US to develop meaningful collaborations • Created exposure for Sristi by providing interviews for local and national publications including PopTech 2
  3. 3. Boston Partners in Education - August, 2009 - Present Volunteer Teacher’s Assistant Boston Partners in Education enhances the academic achievement and nurtures the personal growth of Boston's public school students by providing them with focused, individualized, in-school volunteer support. • Math volunteer for a grade three summer school program • Assisted teacher design a class recycling program to introduce specific math concepts including pie charts and percentages Pratham - September, 2009 - Present Volunteer Pratham is the largest non-governmental organization working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India. Pratham provides education to the children in the slums of Mumbai. • Volunteer as a local chapter member • Develop creative learning tools for children attending their centers in Mumbai The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) – March, 2008 - Present Volunteer The mission of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) is to foster conscious entrepreneurship globally by Educating, Mentoring and Networking. World’s largest nonprofit organization promoting entrepreneurship. • Organize several networking events including annual TiE East Coast conference • Active member of the TiE Social Entrepreneurship and New Media Marketing special interest groups Publications POP! TECH Finding technologies in rural India June 24, 2009 Sify News Shodh Yatra: Discovering the power of rural India August 11, 2009 jilm6Ehfgai.html 3
  4. 4. Online Advertising and Social Media Marketing Experience Hill Holliday - July, 2008 - March,2009 Assistant Digital Media Planner Hill Holliday is a leading Advertising Agency under the umbrella of the Interpublic Group, one of the world’s premiere global advertising agencies. Hill Holliday specializes in clients in fields such as financial services, health care, and casual and quick service restaurants. • Program Execution o Executed online advertising campaigns using Atlas ad serving platform, clients included: • Healthcare • Healthcare (Harvard (EmblemHealth) Pilgrim) • Retail (CVS Pharmacy) • Casual Dining (Chili’s) o Worked with creative development teams and provided specs for creative elements o Managed relationships with partners including: sending RFP’s, uploading and delivering creative elements such as necessary creative tags, and monitoring campaign performance • Relationship Building and Client Management o Facilitated engagement and maintained relationships with representatives from various partner web properties including iVillage, The Economist, Washington Post and Martha Stewart. o Assisted with the preparation of weekly and final reports Matchstick Inc. – January, 2006 – November, 2007 Marketing Coordinator Matchstick is a top word of mouth marketing agency. Through innovative product seeding programs, Matchstick leverages the existing social networks of consumers to introduce the products of their clients. • Strategy Development: o Developed strategies for and executed unique marketing campaigns for global brands in various industries including: • Consumer Goods • Health (Tylenol) (Gillette) • Cosmetics (Calvin Klein) • Automobiles (Dodge) • Packaged Goods • Beverages (Coca-Cola) (Splenda) o Strategized with clients about target demographics to further understand customer purchasing motivations o Developed innovative approaches to target customers online and offline o Regularly assessed program effectiveness and adjusted strategies to meet key performance benchmarks • Program Execution and Client Management: o Recruited, hired and managed in-field execution teams of up to 15 staff per program o Managed program processes and data from planning, including: • Planning • Execution • Surveying • Analysis 4
  5. 5. o Interviewed product influencers and directed videos to be featured in final reports to clients o Built and managed relationships with online and offline vendors to support program related initiatives o Assisted with the preparation of final reports by analyzing data and highlighting the effectiveness of programs for clients • Online Marketing: o Generated product interest online through social networks, blogs and advertising o Worked with creative artists to develop web creative materials 3 Genius Co. January, 2005 - December, 2005 Marketing Consultant 3 Genius Co. is a an integrated, interactive media company and a meaningful contender in the online travel space. • Devised marketing strategies to maximize search engine optimization • Worked with web programmers to ensure accuracy of website content • Developed a training program for managing user reviews and website content • Designed website interface for with web developers and management Consulting Experience My Little Pakora – August, 2009 – December, 2009 Marketing Consultant My Little Pakora, is an organic baby clothing company producing high quality and environmentally safe clothing with an Indian Flare. • Developed a strategic plan including an opportunity analysis, detailing the steps to implement a successful online word of mouth marketing campaign targeted at mothers • Consulted with the founder regarding awareness generation and social networking strategies Three Jars – December, 2007 - June, 2008 Marketing Consultant Three Jars is a transparent and socially responsible way to teach children how to manage their money. Through a fun interactive website, Three Jars opens up a channel of communication between parents and children to discuss household finances and money management skills. • Developed a strategic plan detailing the steps to implement a successful online word of mouth marketing campaign targeted at parents • Consulted with the management regarding awareness generation strategies and social networking opportunities Education University of Toronto 2001 – 2005 Bachelor of Arts - Business Management, Communication Culture and Information Technology 5