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Published in: Education
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  2. 2. THE SCHOOL When scouting for locations we originally wanted to film in a college. We therefore went to Westminster Kingsway College, based in Kings cross. We chose here because it is a modern building and only has older students. However when going to check out the location we came to realise that the area was too busy and noisy. We understood that it would be impossible to maintain continuity if we were to film in that area. We decided then to looks for a more intimate area, Quintin Kynaston was the perfect place as it was on a back road but it was spacious enough to allow us to film accordingly.
  3. 3. THE CEMETERY Once choosing the school we decided that everywhere else should be within the same area. Therefor St. Johns wood church garden was our next location. The church was not too over crowded and had little closed off area that had graves. This was perfect as it had a intimate atmosphere and helps to create a intimate atmosphere.
  4. 4. Our location for the house was in Islington, the house was large and was close to Westminster Kingsway College. However after changing our school location we had to change our house location. The flats were bright and spacious enough. Inside the flats were also perfect as our character was blind and would need a small place that she would be familiar with. THE HOUSE