The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC)  A Charitable Support Group for Plymouth Cancer Laryngectomees The Voice of PLC Septe...
THE PLC SEPTEMBER 2011 MEETING                                              R   AFFLE. Because of the few numbers attendin...
N                                                                                                                         ...
THE RECOVERY CLUB, CORNWALL                                                        NEWS & CURRENT EVENTSG    EOFF EMAILED ...
BROOK felt as if his lucky star was gone.                                     So when he was asked to give a lecture to a ...
E   XERCISE, NOT REST, is Important After Ops. This article                                               th    was publis...
• Health Care Travel Costs Scheme• Patient Transport ServiceFurther supporting information is available on the NHSPlymouth...
Getting involvedThe first step for Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and NHSPlymouth (provider and commissioner) is to migrate ...
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The Voice of PLC September - October 2011 Newsletter


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PLC September - October 2011 Newsletter

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The Voice of PLC September - October 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) A Charitable Support Group for Plymouth Cancer Laryngectomees The Voice of PLC September – October 2011 Address: c/o 80 Warleigh Avenue, PLYMOUTH, PL2 1DH, Devon, UK Mobile: 07745819828 (text only) Email: Website: FOREWORD BY THE CHAIR GREETINGS! Written by Edward (Ted) BURNETTWelcome Members and Friends! B EST WISHES TO Susan STEPHENSON for her birthday th on Sunday, 25 September 2011. Susan is staunch and loyal member of PLC. Have a lovely day Susan!Well, our first year of PLC has passed! In fact, itsbeen more than a year, and I think it’s been quite aninteresting time for us all. H APPY BIRTHDAY TO Alan Derek PEACEY for Wednesday, th 28 September 2011. Alan is a Friend of PLC although he resides in Norway!We’ve had a wide range of guest speakers andmanaged a few outside trips and events.I should like to thank everyone for their help and C ONGRATULATIONS TO Ted & Liz BURNETT for Friday, st 21 October 2011 on the occasion of their anniversary. Ted was the Chair of PLC for 2010 – 11. And we all know thatsupport during our first year... to name just a few: behind any good man is a good woman! Well done Liz!The Staff of the Mustard Tree Cancer Support Centrewho have been excellent hosts and have alwaysmade us all very welcome!Maggie, Emer and Julia for their part in giving us the D EVOTED HUSBAND. This is for all women who think men are heartless!help, support and advice any time we needed it.Geoff, who as I think you will all agree, has workedtirelessly as our Club’s Secretary.Jean, for all her hard work as Treasurer in sorting outthe finances for our Club.And finally I should like to thank all our Members andFriends for showing their support.Because without you we would not have a club!Many thanks!TedChair, PLC EDITORIAL COMMENTI NTERNET Links. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined, thenyou can click on these links and be taken directly to anothersite for more information on that particular topic.If you read this on Microsoft Word, you can put your cursorover the link, hold down the Control (Ctrl) Key and click! Ed. The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC) is an Affiliated Member of: The National Association of Laryngectomy Clubs (NALC) In Association with Macmillan Cancer Support Registered Charity Number: 273635 Our Funder: Macmillan Cancer Support A Member of The Plymouth Third Sector Consortium (PTSC) Patrons & Medical Advisors : Mr. W.M. BRIDGER, FRCS - Consultant ENT Surgeon, Mr. Tass MALIK, BSc FRCS (Gen), FRCS (ORL H&N) - Consultant Otolaryngologist, Head & Neck / Thyroid Surgeon, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.
  2. 2. THE PLC SEPTEMBER 2011 MEETING R AFFLE. Because of the few numbers attending the September 2011 Meeting it was decided to dispenseO UR SEPTEMBER 2011 Meeting took place at the Mustard Tree Cancer Support Center at Derriford with the monthly raffle this time. S thHospital on Monday, 5 September 2011 at 11 a.m. There UBSCRIPTIONS. Because of the few numbers attendingwere only seven of us in attendance including three Friends. the September 2011 Meeting it was decided not toAnother member joined us later. The business side of the collect any subs this month.meeting was kept very brief with Ted simply giving anoverview on forthcoming events. Mr. Charles HANDLEY of Countrywide Supplies Ltd. T REASURER’S REPORT. Because of the few numbers attending the September 2011 Meeting it was decided hold over the report until the October 2011 Meeting. gave us an informative talk regarding his products. He reminded us once again that before ordering THE PLC CHARABANC TRIP something new from his catalogue we should always remember to first seek approval from Maggie or Julia. As all Members attending were S EVEN INTREPID PLC MEMBERS met at the Roborough th Tesco’s Car Park at 2 p.m. on Saturday, 10 September 2011 to go on a Coach Trip to Dartmeet to enjoy a real alrerady customers of Countrywide it was difficult to Devon Cream Tea. Dartmeet is set in a particularly judge whether Charles was content or frustrated! beautiful part of Dartmoor with rolling tors (hills) and a Ted presented Charrles with a Plymouth Tie Pin / fast-flowing running river. Lapel Badge and a Thank You Card on behalf of all The sun even managed to Members. shine for us! The journey Mr. Michael W.M. BRIDGER, a Consultant Surgeon to and from Dartmeet at ENT Derriford Hospital will be retiring fairly soon meanders through some He is widely respected amongst medical staff and lovely scenery and it was patients alike, and will be missed. We were so a rare treat for the drivers grateful to him for giving up some of his valuable amongst us to be able to time to give us an extremely informative talk about take in those views... his lifetime’s work on head-and-neck cancers and rather than concentrating on the road! We held a raffle how treatments have changed over the years. He during our Cream Tea that realised £8 which we promptly was a pioneer in his field in his day! Mr. BRIDGER handed over to Patrick, our driver, as his tip for the day! also gave an update on which direction he thought Fiona won the prize so she’ll be supplying the prize for our treatments might go in the future, touching upon October 2011 Meeting. laser and transplants. All very interesting! Ted then presented Mr. BRIDGER with a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of all Club Members.In the picture: Ted BURNETT presenting a Certificate ofAppreciation to Mr. Michael W.M. BRIDGER.Photograph courtesy of Liz BURNETTMore photographs at: (fullscreen slideshow),and PLC Facebook page (smaller but faster). Photographs courtesy of Liz BURNETT → View Slideshow Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 2
  3. 3. N thCharabanc OVEMBER 2011. Monday, 7 November 2011:From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John MCKENNA of ColeBROOK Housing Carers has kindly accepted our invitation to be our Guest Speaker. This 1920 Punch cartoon shows UK government ministers in a charabanc. D th ECEMBER 2011. Monday, 5 December 2011: A charabanc or "char-à- Members agreed at the August banc" is a type of horse- 2011 Meeting that Ted should book a drawn vehicle or early Christmas Dinner to be held at the motor coach, usually Acropolis Restaurant in Plymouth City open-topped, common Centre at 7 p.m. Members also agreed in Britain during the that the cost of this event should be th early part of the 20 offset by Club Funds. century. It was especially popular for sight-seeing or works outings to the country or the seaside, organised DERRIFORD HOSPITAL CANCER SERVICES by businesses once a year. The name derives from the GEOFF ATTENDED AN Internal Head & Neck Validation Panel French char à bancs (carriage with wooden benches), th th Meeting at Derriford Hospital on Monday, 15 August 2011. the vehicle having originated in France in the early 19 Geoff was in attendance as an observer in an attempt to gain century. a continuing insight into the Peer Review Process. Should Although the vehicle has not been common on the anyone wish to have further information, please don’t roads since the 1920s, a few signs survive from the era; hesitate to contact Geoff. a notable example at Wookey Hole in Somerset warns that the road to the neighbouring village of Easton is unsuitable for charabancs. THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LARYNGTECTOMY CLUBS (NALC) THE PLC FORECAST OF EVENTSC ALENDAR of EVENTS. A copy of the Club’s Calendar of Events, including Future Entertainments for the next 12 P LC RECEIVED A COPY of the minutes of the meeting of th the NALC General Committee held on Monday, 4 July 2011. NALC only ever send the one copy so if anyone wishesmonths or so, is available on our Club’s website. Please keep to see a copy then do please let Geoff know. PLC was notyourselves up-to-date by taking an occasional peek! represented. Just for interest, these are the main points covered:S th EPTEMBER 2011. Wednesday, 14 September 2011:  Attendance. 18 representatives from across the UK The Speak Easy Club in Cornwall has invited Members of were in attendance.PLC for a trip to Devoran, near Truro, for a Soup & Sandwichlunch. Members of the Recovery Club from Cornwall have  Finance. Current Account: £65,235.54also been invited. Those who have given their names to Business Account : £34,818.63Geoff so far have a car seat reserved. Anyone else wishing to  AGM. The AGM was held in London but the turnoutattend should notify Geoff as soon as possible so as to avoid was poor. Geoff and Jean represented PLC.disappointment. We aim to meet up at Devoran Church at12 noon.  Annual Luncheon. The Annual Lunch was held on th Sunday, 4 September 2011 at Penrith. AlthoughO th CTOBER 2011. Friday, 7 October 2011: invited, none of our Members attended. A Laryngectomee Study Day is being organised by  Larynx Transplants. An article will be published soonJulia and Maggie. It will be held at the Mustard Tree in the CLAN Magazine.Cancer Support Centre. Please make a note of this date inyour diaries as we have cancelled our normal Club Meeting  Next Transplants. An article will be published soon rdfor Monday, 3 October 2011! Our Club Meeting will take in the CLAN in the Double Room of the Mustard Tree between 11 thand 12 noon on the 7 ... just prior to lunch. Members PLC ON FACEBOOKshould note that we have been invited to attend bothmorning and afternoon sessions, as well as lunch, whichhas kindly been provided by our Medical Equipment K ANDA, OUR WEBMASTER, has now put our Club on Facebook. Please do go online and take a look. Go to Facebook and then put PlymouthSuppliers. So do please come prepared for a longer stay Laryngectomy Club into the Search Box!than normal! Click THIS to view the full programme. A hard Alternatively, just click on this link. When youcopy of the programme is attached for those not on-line. get there, please show us your support by clicking on the LIKE button. And do please leave a comment... this is YOUR Facebook Page! Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 3
  4. 4. THE RECOVERY CLUB, CORNWALL NEWS & CURRENT EVENTSG EOFF EMAILED A copy of the August 2011 Newsletter to those of our members on-line. Those not on-line shouldcontact Geoff for a hard copy. Some of us will have the DISCLAIMER Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this section are not necessarily those held by the PLC Committee nor its Members.opportunity of meeting up with members of The RecoveryClub on our trip to Devoran in September 2011. The RecoveryClub and the Speak Easy Club will both be in attendance! A GIFT OF a Voice. I wanted to share with you the story A Gift of a Voice which is about my efforts to speak again. It was posted in the Georgetown University Homepage as aThats good news! feature story and can be seen on-line at: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR For those not on-line, it’s repeated below... I do hope that you will find it inspirational!From: THOMAS Nicola (TORBAY CARE TRUST) Thanks!To: Geoffrey READ Itzhak BROOK, MD, MScSent: Thu, 11 August, 2011 9:27:01Subject: RE: PLC NEWSLETTER Professor of Medicine Georgetown UniversityGeoff, Washington DC, USA Blog site: driBROOK.blogspot.comThanks for your newsletter. I’ve added your website Email: ib6@georgetown.eduaddress on our website, on the support page. The link is: THE GIFT OF A VOICEupport/Pages/HeadNeck.aspx STARING AT THE AUDIENCE, Dr. Itzhak BROOK was nervous.Hope this is OK! In front of him were doctors and cancer survivors. He thoughtNikki about surviving Israeli wars and the time he lost a patient, but nothing would prepare him for his first speech after losing hisNikki THOMAS vocal cords to cancer.Network Nurse DirectorPeninsula Cancer Network Outfitted with a prosthesis to help him speak, BROOK faced challenging audience: would they stay or would they go? What BROOK learned after his speech would help him realiseEditorial Comment: Thanks Nicola! I hope other organisations the power and gift of his voice.will follow your lead! Ed. As a professor at Georgetown University Medical Center, BROOK is revered for his professionalism and ability to teach THE SOUTH WESTERN medical students the art and science of medicine. A natural at the sciences, BROOK discovered his affinity for medicine as a AMBULANCE SERVICE young child.G EOFF RECENTLY VISITED the South Western Ambulance Services Training College recently where he met up withLizzie RYAN, the Education “Growing up my parents believed in a solid education,” says BROOK. “I felt an obligation to make something of my life and my passion for medicine evolved throughout high school.”Business Manager. It was agreed BROOK finished medical school in Jerusalem, Israel andthat the Ambulance Service completed fellowships at Ivy League universities in the UnitedEmergency Control Room for our States, publishing research on anaerobic microbes and headregion could flag-up the names and neck infections. He says it was in paediatric infectiousand details of our Club Members diseases where he felt most at, in the event of a medical emergency, the Service could “When I was a doctor of internal medicine, I lost a couple ofensure that their paramedics could be properly briefed that the patients and that was hard for me,” says BROOK. “But when Ipatient was a Laryngectomee so they would know what to do, went [in]to paediatrics and infectious diseases, I felt I couldand more importantly, what not to do! The Service could also fight and win on behalf of my patients... it was so rewardingensure their ambulances would be kitted out with any special for me.”neck-breathing equipment that may be necessary. Along the way BROOK lectured medical students andThe Data Protection Act forbids me passing anyone’s personal physicians and treated patients using his voice as andetails to anyone else without that individual’s authority. So if instrument to share his love and passion for wish to take part in this scheme, would you please That all changed in 2006 when BROOK was diagnosed withcomplete the attached form and email it, or pass it back to me? cancer.I will then ensure that your details are passed on to our local After learning he had throat cancer, BROOK explains he wasAmbulance Service. “shaken to the core” and did not share it with his friends orThis authorisation will need to be renewed every six months colleagues.but don’t worry... the Club will send out reminders. One last “It felt like a death sentence,” says BROOK. “I asked mypoint: Laryngectomees do not have to be Club Members to children and wife to keep the news private because I did notparticipate in this Scheme and we have passed blank forms to want to feel stigmatized as a cancer patient for fear of lookingJulia and Maggie to dish out to their patients as required. weak and vulnerable.” Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 4
  5. 5. BROOK felt as if his lucky star was gone. So when he was asked to give a lecture to a large groupBut, with the love and support of his family guiding him, following his treatment, BROOK hesitated, but after muchBROOK made it through the gruelling radiation appointments thought he accepted the invitation.that required a leave of absence from work and teaching. Although he feared people would walk out of the room,While recovering from the first round of treatment, BROOK unable to understand or cringe at his airy, soft whisper, hereceived some unexpected news from his doctor. began to speak. “I am Dr. Itzhak BROOK,” he said. “I am aHis cancer was back with a vengeance. This time, BROOK did cancer survivor.”not have a choice except to tell his friends and family his To his surprise, no one left the room. Instead, all remaineddiagnosis was bleak. silent as he recounted the story of his amazing fight with anBROOK and his wife felt it best to tell their children in person, eventual victory.not over the phone. He met with them face-to-face so that he This first public speech after cancer awakened a new passioncould answer their questions. in him... to share his story with patients and doctors,“Each one of my five children is special and we took a lot of encouraging patient-doctor communication and activetime deciding how to tell them my cancer had returned,” says patient participation.BROOK. He now tours the country giving lectures and presentations,His daughter, Sara BROOK, was devastated. “My dad had no longer the hesitant individual afraid to share his voice, butalways been a symbol of strength in my life and his sickness a man who has learned that his soft whisper has the impactforced me to accept that he was vulnerable,” she says. of a shout.“Although he has approached his sickness with the same By Tressa KIRBY, GUMC Communicationspersistence hes exhibited during previous challenges, cancer Published July 20, 2011is such an unknown and powerful force. Its a scary fight.”After revealing the news to his family and friends he wassurprised at the outpouring of emotional support. People didnot stigmatise him or turn their backs, instead they embraced C ANCER LARYNGECTOMEE TRUST. Geoff has received a hard copy of the September 2011 edition of their Newsletter. Please contact Geoff if you wish to see a copy.him. Alternatively, you can contact the Trust at:BROOK found an otolaryngologist who would see himthrough his darkest days. The doctor informed BROOK that Cancer Laryngectomee Trust,his only hope for a cure was to remove his larynx... a National Association of Neck Breathers,procedure that would leave him voiceless. P.O. Box 618,“All of my life I have used my voice to teach and to Halifax HX3 8WXcommunicate with patients,” says BROOK. “The thought of Telephone: (01422) 205 522losing my voice was terrifying but I didn’t have a choice... it Website: Email: info@cancerlt.orgwas lose my life to cancer or lose my voice... I chose losing myvoice.”BROOK did receive some good news prior to surgery. Hisdoctors told him a voice prosthesis might allow him to speak C ARE QUALITY COMMISSION (CQC): The CQC has now published its Annual Report & Accounts for 2010/11. This shows that they have now completed the task of registeringagain one day in the future, but it would be a slow andtedious process. This hopeful possibility that would help get all adult social care and independentBROOK through surgery. healthcare services, as well as privateAfter the surgery, BROOK fought frustration and depression ambulances and dentists... almostand faced additional health issues as a result of surgery. 30,000 services in total... to the timescales set in legislation.Then there were the uncertainties of the voice prosthesis... They say that this meant diverting resources away from corehow would his voice sound? What if the prosthesis failed to inspection functions for a time, leading to a temporary dropwork? in the numbers of inspections. Inspections will now becomeThe surgery to insert the voice prosthesis was successful, but the top priority. An electronic copy of the report is availablespeaking again did not come easily. Learning to speak at: additional speech pathology visits and, as BROOK The report is 100 pages in length so Geoff cannot help outfeared, he was not immediately comfortable with the sound those not on-line!of his new voice.“Imagine not sounding like yourself,” says BROOK. “I spokewith a soft whisper... I had no idea how people might react.” C LAN NEWSLETTER. CLAN is the official magazine of the National Association of Laryngectomee Clubs (NALC). The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club is affiliated to NALC.Following physical therapy and learning to use his prosthesis,BROOK rebounded. He returned to teaching and the medical The September 2011 edition of CLAN is online now!profession. But, this time, he was going to do it differently. Click to view it fullscreenHe no longer remains distant from his patients. Download the pdf (825.82 KB)Now he hugs them, he comforts them. He encourages them I have received some hard copiesto use their voices and to speak up when something is wrong. which I will be redistributing toHe knows what it’s like to be in their shoes. members who are not on-line.“Our voice is our most powerful tool. It’s our biggest I do hope you all get the time toadvocate for our health and wellness,” he says. read this edition as there are some insteresting snippets inside it. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 5
  6. 6. E XERCISE, NOT REST, is Important After Ops. This article th was published in The Herald on Thursday, 11 August 2011. ROBSON, who was the Thailand national coach at the time, went to doctors after having difficulty swallowing and feeling a lump on his throat. He underwent surgery and radiotherapy.MACMILLAN Cancer Support has launched a campaign to ROBSON said yesterday: ‘It was great news that I had in theencourage people in Plymouth affected by cancer to exercise letter. Things seem to be going well for me.’more. He said he was overwhelmed by the level of support from theThe Move More campaign follows a report that showed the public.importance of physical activity in the recovery and long-term I’ve been getting messages all the time and I have had greathealth of cancer patients. Patients have long been support from fans throughout the world and at West Brom,encouraged to rest after treatment, something which Move Middlesbrough, Thailand and obviously United.More shows puts cancer patients at risk. I’d like to thank everyone for that.Macmillan Cancer Support has estimated that at least 1.6 ROBSON joined the Reds in 1981 for a then British record ofmillion cancer survivors are at risk of long-term health £1.8m.problems and the recurrence of some cancers because they In what was a barren decade by their standards his all-actionare not exercising enough. The report found that 150 performances helped them lift the FA Cup in 1983. ROBSONminutes of exercise a week can cut the risk of breast cancer also lifted the Cup Winners Cup in 1991, the Premier League inrecurring by 40%, compared to those doing less than an hour. 1993 and 1994 - the same year the Red Devils also won the FASimilarly, the risk of bowel cancer returning can be reduced roughly half by doing six hours of moderate physical He won 90 England caps and scored 26 goals.activity per week and the risk of dying from prostate cancercan be reduced by up to 30% with 150 minutes of moderate To read more please click on this link.exercise a week.The survey found that many health professionals are notaware of emerging evidence that exercise could improverecovery and long-term health. The survey showed that 72 T HE MONKEE WHO Sings Better Than Ever Because He Had Throat Cancer. This article was published in the Daily th Mail on Tuesday, 16 August 2011.per cent of GPs and 60% of oncologists do not discuss the Having long ago turned his back on his wild rock past, Peterpossible benefits of exercise with their patients. TORK had every reason toDavid CROSBY, from Macmillan Cancer Support, said: "There think he was inreally needs to be a cultural change, so that health reasonably good health.professionals see physical activity as an integral part of cancer But two years ago, Theafter care, not just an optional add on." Monkees star receivedHe added: "It doesnt need to be anything too strenuous... terrifying news... the drydoing the gardening, going for a brisk walk or swim all count. throat and husky voiceHealth professionals can refer patients to a variety of services." he’d developed were signs of cancer of the neck. The diagnosis was ‘a real jolt’, says the 69- year-old. His symptoms first appeared in the autumn of late 2008. If you wish to read more, then please click on this link.I VE BEATEN CANCER, says Ex-England Star Bryan ROBSON after being given the All Clear. This article was published thin the Daily Mail on Friday, 26 August 2011.All clear: Bryan ROBSON has N EW PATIENT TRANSPORT Policy for Plymouth. NHS Plymouth is carrying out a piece of work about the production and implementation of a Patient Transport Policy,beaten throat cancer after he the purpose of which is to make sure that they are in line withreceived a letter from a doctorthat treated him. national practice and that they have clear guidance on the management of patient transport. Additionally, the policyFormer England football captain hopes to ensure that resources are targeted to the rightBryan ROBSON has declared people at the right time, with the appropriate level ofthat he has beaten throat support. This policy has been developed in conjunction withcancer. both NHS Devon & Cornwall & Isles of Scilly NHS Trust, toThe 54-year-old said he was ensure a standardised approach for all patients across thegiven the news in a letter from South West Peninsula.the specialist who treated him. They would welcome any feedback that people might be ableROBSON will now have another to give. If any groups feel it would be useful for NHS Plymouthcheck-up to make sure the rest of his body is clear but says to come out and discuss it with them they would be happy tomedics are confident that will be the case. do this.It was revealed in March that the former Manchester United The national policies which have been used to inform thestar, nicknamed ‘Captain Marvel’, had been diagnosed with the production of local policy are as follows:disease. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 6
  7. 7. • Health Care Travel Costs Scheme• Patient Transport ServiceFurther supporting information is available on the NHSPlymouth Website. Editorial Comment: Geoff applied to have PLC included inLet us know what you think about patient transport and the POD and we have since been it could be improved... we need to hear from you by th12 September 2011. Please contact the Plymouth LINkSupport Team:Freepost RRZE-AGZT-EXRS T RIO APPOINTED TO Help Run New Health Company. This article was published in The Plymouth Herald on st Wednesday, 31 August 2011:LINk Support TeamUnit 15, HQ Building, TWO former police chiefs and a banker will help run a new237 Union Street, company set to take over Plymouths Community HealthPLYMOUTH, PL1 3HQ, Devon.Telephone: (01752) 202407 Services.Mobile: 07533 432200 Morris WATTS, Jim WEBSTER and Marie KERR have beenWebsite: appointed as non-executive directors of PlymouthEmail: Community Healthcare. The social enterprise will take control of community healthP LYMOUTH HEALTHWATCH Information Event. This event nd will take place on Thursday, 22 September 2011 from 9a.m. until 1 p.m. in the Charter Room of Plymouth Guildhall. services, 2,200 staff and a £90million budget from NHS Plymouth, the citys Primary Care Trust (PCT). The shift is part of nationwide changes, started under Labour Discuss how HealthWatch can represent local views and being taken on by the coalition. It is taking shape Find out about the Government’s plans for HealthWatch alongside other NHS reforms including giving GPs wider Share your ideas about how it could work funding powers when PCTs are abolished. Duncan CURRALL,Please contact Plymouth LINk to let them know if you would Plymouth Community Healthcare chair designate, said he waslike to attend and give your preferred date at: delighted to announce the three appointments.Plymouth LINk Support Team The new organisation, which will provide community and mental health services for the people of Plymouth, is due toFreepost RRZE-AGZT-EXRS, stUnit 15, HQ Building, be launched on Saturday, 1 October 2011.237 Union Street, Please click on this link to read more.Plymouth, PL2 3HQ, Devon.Telephone: (01752) 202407Email: T RIPS & DAYS Out on Offer to Care for Carers. This article th was published in The Herald on Friday, 12 August 2011:S OCIAL CARE DIRECTORY Launched. This article was published in The Plymouth Herald on Wednesday, 17August 2011. th CARERS are invited to take part in free summer activities. Carers Champions are working with other organisations to put on a range of events in coming months... forPLYMOUTH City Council has launched a new carers and the people they directory of Social Care & Health Options include massage treatments, mealServices. out, trips to Paignton Zoo, a backstage tourThe Plymouth Online Directory (POD) has been of the Theatre Royal with lunch, and a trip to Buckfast Abbey.designed to make information more accessible There will also be a course on Assertiveness & Confidenceand give people greater choice and control Building. Some activities require a £2 deposit.over the services they want to use. For more details and to secure a place call Carers ChampionsThe website draws together information about health and team on (01752) 211348.wellbeing, highlighting services and organisations to helppeople maintain their independence in their own homes.It contains information on local and national charities,community groups and organisations offering advocacy W HAT IS THE Equality Delivery System (EDS)? The EDS has been designed to support NHS organisations to deliver better services for patients and communities whichservices, money advice and training, employment and are personal, fair and diverse. It will help organisations meetvolunteering opportunities the requirements of the Equality Duty which include havingCouncillor Grant MONAHAN, Cabinet member for Adult due regard for the need to:Health & Social Care, said: "People are increasingly choosing  Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment & organise their own services and POD will help by bringing  Advance equality of opportunity between different groups.the information together into one place and making it easier  Foster good relations between different understand and navigate." The primary purpose of the EDS is to create conversationsDr. Peter RUDGE, Chairman of the Plymouth Health services between NHS organisations and their patients, the public andCommissioning Group, added: "The councils development of stakeholders. These conversations will help us to assess ourthe POD is a wonderful step forward in our efforts to help performance, and with your help enable us to agree whatpatients, clients and professionals navigate their way to equality objectives should be prioritised and the actionseveryday solutions to meet their needs." required. Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 7
  8. 8. Getting involvedThe first step for Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and NHSPlymouth (provider and commissioner) is to migrate from our A LTERNATE MEANINGS FOR Common Words. A newspaper has published the winning submissions to its yearly contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternateexisting Equality Schemes (strategy and action plan) to the meanings for common words. And the winners are:new EDS. This will need to be in place by April 2012 and to 1. Coffee, us do this we are running various engagement activities The person upon whom one coughs.which aim to: 2. Flabbergasted, adj. Ensure you know what is happening, when it will happen and how it will affect you. Appalled by discovering how much weight one has gained. Increase the opportunity for feedback and input into the EDS and develop partnerships to help assist with the delivery of the EDS. 3. Abdicate, v. Work with you, in particular diverse communities to understand To give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach. what the priorities are. 4. Esplanade, v. Achieve a shared understanding of the EDS. To attempt an explanation while drunk. Explain why we are taking a particular action. 5. Willy-nilly, adj. thWe are holding an event on Wednesday, 26 October, from Impotent.9.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., at the Welcome Hall, 4 Fore Street, 6. Negligent, adj.Devonport to start this conversation (lunch provided). The Absentmindedly answering the door whenaim of the session is to: wearing only a nightgown. Inform you of the EDS and how your input can help shape and deliver the best solutions to meet the needs of the people of 7. Lymph, v. Plymouth. To walk with a lisp. Involve you in the development of the EDS objectives and an 8. Gargoyle, n. opportunity to comment on the EDS. Olive-flavoured mouthwash. Help us assess where we are as an organisation (analysing and grading performance). 9. Flatulence, n. Emergency vehicle that picks up someone whoAt the end of the session you will receive an Equality has been run over by a steamroller.Champion pack which can be shared with others to help startthe assessment process. We are also committed to ensuring 10. Balderdash, n.the conversation continues after the grading process so that A rapidly receding hairline.together we can identify objectives that will benefit 11. Testicle, n.communities and deliver better outcomes. A humorous question on an exam.We hope that you are able to attend and please let know by 12. Rectitude, n. thThursday, 15 September 2011 via the contact details below. The formal, dignified bearing adopted byFurther details will be forwarded nearer the time. If you are proctologists.unable to make this date we would still like to hear from you. 13. Frisbeetarianism, n.Email: The belief that, after death, the soul flies up ontoPost: Equality & Diversity Organisational Development the roof and gets stuck there. Building 4 Derriford Business Park 14. Circumvent, n. Derriford, An opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by Plymouth PL6 5XN Jewish men.Telephone: (01752) 437251 or (01752) 437610.P ENINSULA HEAD & NECK CANCER SUPPORT GROUP (PHANCS) ACKNOWLEDGMENTAre you interested in a support group for head and neckcancer patients and carers? Our grateful thanks to :This could take the form of:Group meetings, One to One meetings,Information / advice by post or E mailAn on line web site, Telephone help line,Or a combination of the above. THE PLYMOUTH DIOCESEWe have established that there is a need for such a group are in the early planning stage.If you would be interested in helping with setting up the for their assistance in reproducing copies ofgroup please contact Mac Merrett. this newsletterEmail Tel. 01392 8412490 Contact The Voice of PLC Newsletter Editor Geoff Read on (01752) 563800 or 0774581928 (text only) or email:, or go to PLC website at 8