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  1. 1. NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 2011Dave Squibb – Liaison Officer01726 86276607914 040636 chrisdavesq@talktalk.netMeeting 6th SeptemberThere were very few members at this meeting as several of ourregulars are on holiday. However, we were pleased to welcomeour special guest, Jacqui Williams.Jacqui raised various subjects and we were able to discuss withher some of our ideas concerning treatment and life aftercancer.We were made aware of the new notice board that has beenprovided in OPD clinic for use by support groups.We discussed topics such as HPV; current treatment, which now combines chemo and radio therapy; theimportance of oral hygiene; the new pre-treatment clinic that Jacqui is keen to set up in order to explaincertain aspects of treatment to recently diagnosed patients; and something known as a ‘she wee’!!Jacqui gave us a recipe book containing many interesting food ideas. This is available for members toborrow. She also recommended ‘Bangers and Mash’ a book written by Keith Hearn, which describestreatment and various medication prescribed by The Royal Marsden Hospital. This can be ‘googled’ if youare interested.Once again the subject of the mental aspect of dealing with cancer was discussed. Perhaps when (or if) thefoundation trust happens this subject will be addressed.We were amazed to learn that MacMillian supports almost three million cancer survivors.Jacqui amused us with her account of being on a cruise liner off the coast of East Africa when a suspectedpirate ship was sighted and passengers were advised to stay away from the windows and of her refusal tosit on the deck as she had was wearing her posh frock.One of the advantages of membership of a support group is the opportunity to meet our professionals in aninformal manner away from a hospital setting. We were reminded of how fortunate we are to have carerslike Jacqui and the rest of the team looking after us.We are concerned that very few new patients are joining our group and the possibility of organising a‘support group awareness month’ in order to attract some of the hundred or so patients diagnosed eachyear with ‘our’ type of cancer. New posters and leaflets advertising our group will be produced shortly.Look out for them on the new notice board in the clinic.Due to so many of our members being away and in view of the weather forecast, we postponed our outingplanned for 8th September. We will visit Bodmin Jail dreckly!On 14th September four of us had the pleasure of joining Speakeasy and The Plymouth Lary Group for alunch-time meeting at Devoran. We discussed how to attract new members and all thought that anawareness month may be a good idea. We were sad to hear that Colin Salter was not well enough to bewith us. Our thoughts are with him and Brenda. We were reminded that our joint Christmas meal will be atThe Carlton Hotel, Truro on 14th December. More details nearer the date.Meeting 19th SeptemberOnly three of us at this meeting as several still on holiday. Joan is back from her trip to North Wales butdidn’t get to the meeting as she overslept!!I have spoken to Colin and Phyllis who have told me that Colin’s lung cancer has been contained and he iscoping well but has just had his eighth operation on his jaw. Phyllis is still having problems with her backbut has recently taken up pottery which she can do sitting down. They both still have their lovely sense ofhumour.
  2. 2. Extracts from the Plymouth Lary Club NewsletterTrio appointed to help run new health company.This article was published in The Plymouth Herald on Wednesday 31st August 2011.“Two former police chiefs and a banker will help run a new company set to take over Plymouth’s Community HealthServices.Morris WATTS, Jim WEBSTER, and Marie KERR have been appointed as non-executive directors of PlymouthCommunity Healthcare.The social enterprise will take control of community health services, 2,200 staff and a £90million budget from NHSPlymouth, the city’s Primary Care Trust (PCT).The shift is part of nationwide changes, started under Labour and being taken on by the coalition. It is taking shapealongside other NHS reforms including giving GPs wider funding powers when PCTs are abolished. DuncanCURRALL, Plymouth Community Healthcare chair designate, said he was delighted to announce the threeappointments.The new organisation, which will provide community and mental health services for the people of Plymouth, is due tobe launched on Saturday 1st October 2011.”Two old coppers and……………. a banker????? (Dave)Peninsula Head & Neck Cancer Support Group (PHANCS)Are you interested in a support group for head and neck cancer patients and carers?This could take the form of:Group meetings, One to One meetings, Information/advice by post or e-mail, an on-line website, telephone helpline,or a combination of the above.We have established that there is a need for such a group and are in the early planning stage. If you would beinterested in helping with setting up the group please contact Mac Merrett. E-mail tel: 013928412490.As last year, we will be holding a Christmas raffle to boost our funds and offers of prizes will be muchappreciated.SLTs Jane and Emma are due to return to RCH shortly and John, who has held the fort superbly will bemoving on.On 4th October Holistic Therapist, Helen Pownell will be our guest speaker. Helen’s visits to us are alwaysinteresting, thought provoking and have proved to be helpful to members.I am expecting to be discharged when I visit the clinic next Tuesday as the fifth anniversary of the end ofmy treatment falls in October. I feel that this is the time to hand over the secretary-ship of the group to ayounger person who is ‘up to speed’ with modern technology as opposed to me who grew up with steamengines and am more at home with snifton valves and regulator stuffing boxes than mega-boots and re-biting computers. My thanks go to Chris for being my typist/secretary/critic/editor and advisor since I wasvolunteered as temporary newsletter writer in December 2008! and all those of you who have commentedon my efforts. I am grateful to Trish (01736 369382 or 07402 792557) for agreeing to take over and who isbursting with ideas and energy! I shall, of course, continue to be involved in the club as liaison officer.Maggie is constantly in our thoughts and we all send her much love.Future dates4th October Holistic Therapist Helen Pownell1st November Sue Ogilvy14th December Christmas meal – lunch time at Carlton Hotel,Truro Please feel free to come to any of our meetings. We are always glad to meet new friends. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU COULD RECEIVE THE NEWSLETTER VIA E-MAIL RECOVERY CLUB MEETINGS FIRST AND THIRD TUESDAY – 11am-12.30pm COUNTY ARMS, TRURO