The Recovery Club August 2011 Newsletter


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The Recovery Club August 2011 Newsletter by Chris Squibb

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The Recovery Club August 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2011Dave Squibb – Liaison Officer01726 86276607914 040636 chrisdavesq@talktalk.netMeeting 2nd AugustNine members at today’s very interesting meeting. JohnHenry, our SLT, told us about several ideas that are beingconsidered at our ENT department. Mr Adcock is gettinginvolved with acupuncture treatments in order to helppatients with dry mouth problems. If this trial is successfulit will continue to be offered. Some of our members havetried acupuncture over the years with varying degrees of success. Jacqui can refer anyoneinterested in taking part in this trial.If funding is available a dental hygienist may be included in the team at RCH. One of the nurseson Wheal Coates ward is looking into the correlation of cancer and depression. Our group has, forsome time, been suggesting that help in both of these fields would improve patient recovery.Jacqui is keen to start a pre-treatment clinic in order to explain the techniques involved. Several ofour members suggested they would be prepared to meet new patients in order to pass on tipsregarding coping with the after-effects of surgery and/or radio therapy. Jacqui’s Wednesday clinicis still available to patients.Some members told John that occasionally they feel overwhelmed at the number of people in theconsulting room on clinic visits. He will pass on our concerns.Jane and Emma will shortly be returning from maternity leave. We look forward to seeing themboth again, but this means that John’s contract is coming to an end. We thanked him foreverything that he has done during his short time at RCH and for his interesting and informativevisits to our group. One of the things that John was keen to impress upon us was that we shouldnever feel that we are troubling staff. They are always happy to help.During this meeting I read a text from Maggie apologising for not being able to attend due to hernot feeling well. We were all saddened to be told a few days later that her stomach-related cancerhas returned. She has begun a course of chemotherapy and has asked me to point out that this isunrelated to her previous head and neck cancer. She is grateful for the support that she is gettingbut please do not ring her at the moment. She will keep me informed and I will pass oninformation on her behalf. Our thoughts and love are with her and her family.Meeting 16th AugustThere were ten members present. I thanked the group for the birthday card recently received andfor reminding me that I am 70 years old!Sue Ogilvy, who was to be our guest on 6th September is not able to be withus. However, Jacqui has agreed to be our speaker when I am sure we will beable to get more information on the new developments at ENT and to hearabout her adventures earlier in the year when her holiday cruise ship wasattacked by pirates!
  2. 2. Some of our members will be on holiday next month. Bill and Margaret are planning to get away in their caravan to England; Joan is off to Wales and Geoff is globe- trotting again for a month, returning for a few days for some dental treatment then back out to the sun again for much of October.We have been invited to take part in a joint meeting with SpeakEasy at Deveron Parish Centre onWednesday 14th September. They will be joined by some members of Plymouth Lary Club whowould like to discuss ideas, ‘pick brains’ and come up with some ideas in order to get their newgroup up and running. The event will start at 12 noon and end about 4pm. Sandwiches and soupwill be provided, but of course they need to have some idea of numbers expected – so please letme know asap if you can join us. Parking is possible on the road or transport can be organisedfrom Truro.Our next social event is on 8th September to Bodmin – The Courtroom Experience in the morning,lunch, then visit Bodmin Jail in the afternoon. The best and cheapest parking is in the football clubcar park (opposite the Shire Hall and through the public car park). I would like to know numbers ifpossible. I suggest we meet in the football club car park at 10.30am.Please make a note in your diary for our day out in Bodmin on 8th September.The plan is to ‘do’ ‘The courtroom experience’ which features a depiction of afamous local murder trial, in the morning, lunch, perhaps in Wetherspoons atthe former Methodist Chapel building, then a tour of The Old Bodmin Jail.Future dates6th September Jacqui Williams8th September Visit Bodmin jail14th September Deveron Parish Centre – 12 noon4th October Holistic Therapist Helen Pownell1st November Sue Ogilvy Please feel free to come to any of our meetings. We are always glad to meet new friends. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU COULD RECEIVE THE NEWSLETTER VIA E-MAIL RECOVERY CLUB MEETINGS FIRST AND THIRD TUESDAY – 11am-12.30pm COUNTY ARMS, TRURO