DCFA August - September 2011 Newsletter


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DCFA August - September 2011 Newsletter

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DCFA August - September 2011 Newsletter

  1. 1. The Devon & Cornwall Food Association Ltd (DCFA)NEWSLETTER August – September 2011 Patron: Judi Spiers, BBC Radio Devon Spare Food is Share Food!7 Whimple Street, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2DH Mobile: 07745819828 (text only) Email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk Website: http://dcfa.webs.com FOREWORD BY THE CHAIR EDITORIAL COMMENTDear Friends and Supporters,Once again I can happily report that DCFA is gradually I NTERNET Links. If you’re reading this on-line and come across words with blue lettering that are underlined, then you can click on these links and be taken directly to anothermoving forward. At our recent Board Meeting, a decision site for more information on that particular topic. Put yourwas taken to appoint a part time Project Coordinator as and cursor over the link, hold down the Control (Ctrl) Key and click!when our financial situation allows us to do so. However, Ed.our financial situation is not good and we desperately needthe assistance of a competent Fund Raiser to make funding DCFA MEETINGSbids on our behalf.One of our Volunteers has compiled a Workbook listing theFood Producers in our region and we will shortly be J ULY 2011 BOARD Meeting. This meeting took place on Church. th Monday, 19 July 2011 at the Catherine Street Baptistapproaching them to ascertain whether they would like tohelp our cause. Of course, DCFA would in turn be helpingthem by preventing good food from going to landfill! F REQUENCY OF MEETINGS. The Board agreed that it should only meet every other month rather than each month. An interim meeting can always be called ifHow can you help? By helping us to spread the word! warranted for any reason.This can be done in a number of ways: Talk to your family, friends and neighbours. Go to DCFA at Facebook and click the LIKE button! N EXT MEETING. There will be no Board Meeting in August 2011. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 6 September 2011 at 10.30 a.m. at the Catherine Street thDCFA has also decided to hold its future Board Meetings bi- Baptist Church, Plymouthmonthly, on the understanding that a meeting can becalled urgently if necessary. This will give the veryhardworking Trustees a little respite between meetings and F UTURE MEETINGS. All meetings are scheduled to start at 10.30 a.m. at the Catherine Street Baptist Church unless otherwise stated. This information is subject to change atgive them time to complete some outstanding tasks. short notice.We always need more committed people to take some of  th Tuesday, 6 September 2011the load from our shoulders. We all think this is a very General Board Meetingworthwhile project and it will only succeed if we carry the  stsupport of you all. Do please give this some serious Tuesday, 1 November 2011thought and get in touch! Annual General Meeting  th Tuesday, 6 December 2011Christine General Board Meeting followed by Christmas Drinks & Mince PiesChristine REID (Plymouth - Shekinah Mission)Chair  thDCFA Board of Trustees Tuesday, 7 February 2012 General Board MeetingThe Devon & Cornwall Food Association Ltd. (DCFA) is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee.Registered Company No. 07419679.Registered Charity No. - DCFA is recognised by HMRC as a Charity for tax purposes under Reference XT27083.Members of : Our Funder:NCVO (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations) – Membership No. MEMBERVC/13004,PTSC (The Plymouth Third Sector Consortium),The Small Charities Coalition,And Volunteering England – Membership No.1278747. … And Voluntary Donations.
  2. 2. A NNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2011. The first DCFA AGM th will be held on Tuesday, 1 November 2011 and we’re DCFA NEEDS ITS OWN PREMISES!already looking for one or two Guest Speakers. Can youhelp or do you know someone that might? Please contactGeoff (details at the top of Page 1). H ELP Please! DCFA could do oh... so much more if only it had its own premises in a central area of Plymouth! Do you know of somewhere... an empty warehouse or shop that we DCFA PROJECT COORDINATOR could utilise? DCFA could then start accepting the food produce that localA FTER MUCH PREVARICATION, DCFA has decided to opt for the recruitment of a part-time Project Coordinator.This means that we will have to put the idea of obtaining producers have promised to supply us! DONATIONS TO DCFApermanent premises on hold because our current financialcircumstances do not allow us to do both. So... once wehave all our ducks in a line we will be looking to recruit. D CFA RECENTLY HAD the offer from the Proctors who run a Smallholding in a particularly beautiful part of Devon. The offer was for a butchered half sheep! Geoff drove up to VACANCIES AT DCFA Crediton to collect it and then delivered it to the Shekinah Mission in Plymouth. We wish to thank the Proctors for thisS TAFF (PART TIME PAID). DCFA will shortly be looking to recruit a: magnificent donation which will help a very needy cause! Project Coordinatorand a Warehouse ManagerFurther details will be announced soon. LETTERS TO THE EDITORV OLUNTEERS. DCFA is always on the lookout for competent, qualified individuals to volunteer for us. Wespecifically need volunteers to fill the following vacant posts: From: Pearl Webb To: Geoffrey READ <saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk> Sent: Fri, 24 June, 2011 12:47:49 Accountant / Auditor Subject: Re: DCFA NEWSLETTER Administrator First Aider Dear Geoff, Food Handler Once again we would like to thank you for the milk we Fundraiser receive. I cant thank DCFA enough for the difference it Poster & Logo Competition Coordinator makes to the running of our Day Centre.Interested? Then please contact Geoff (details at the top of Hope to see you some time in the future.Page 1). Thanks once again! PearlT RUSTEES. DCFA is constantly seeking competent, qualified individuals who can perform the duties of aTrustee with diligence and loyalty. Previous experience, Pearl Webb Cook (Elspeth Sitters House)although helpful, is not necessary. Please contact Geoff Plymouth Age Concern(details at the top of Page 1). "... aims to improve the lives of older people" Plymouth Age Concern is a Company Limited by Guarantee LOCAL FOOD PRODUCERS Registered in England and Wales, Company number 1499927O NE OF OUR volunteers has been labouring away in her spare time to produce a workbook listing over 100Local Food Producers and their details. DCFA will be making Registered Office: Elspeth Sitters House Hoegate Street Plymouth PL1 2JBcontact with these organisations in due course to ascertain Charity No. 281820whether they will be able to help DCFA with its aims. Ofcourse, DCFA will first need to obtain some permanent Editorial Comment! DCFA loves to receive compliments...premises for this to go ahead. In the meantime, if you know who doesn’t? So thank you Pearl! What is important to usof a Food Producer that may help, do please pass us the however, is to know that DCFA is actually beginning to makedetails so we can add their details to our Workbook! a difference to organisations such as this. It makes all our efforts seem worthwhile somehow! Ed. Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 2
  3. 3. A DCFA TRUSTEE AT WORK DCFA ONLINE MARKETING An article by Mrs. Eunice HALLIDAY DCFA Trustee & Treasurer C HRISTINE REID & Geoff READ attended an Online nd Marketing Seminar on Wednesday, 22 June 2011 atI N ADDITION to being a Trustee and the Treasurer of the DCFA, I am also the Co-ordinator of the Plymouth Foodbank. Dame Hannahs, Seale Hayne near Newton Abbot. The seminar gave an insight into how social networking canWhen I heard about DCFA I was so pleased that a group of assist charities to:people were keen to identify and redistribute good food  Communicate its cause.deemed to be surplus to retailers requirements.  Increase its following.  Interact with the community.At the Foodbank we have a list of food items we give each  Improve its fundraising, andperson / family and we are often short of some items. Also it is  Increase its volunteer base.only common sense for food to be used rather than wasted. I Our thanks to Jackie DAWKINS who hosted the event. Jackie isam sure all readers of this newsletter would agree so please do the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Devon Air Ambulance.offer to get involved. Our thanks also to Alistair GLEAVE for giving such an excellentIt is great for us at the Foodbank that we can have fresh milk to presentation.give out which comes from Wiseman Dairies. I quite enjoyedthe early morning milk sorting when we did it for a few weeksat 7.30 a.m. but now it is later and I am supposed to beelsewhere I am grateful to volunteer Ron SANDFORD for takingmy place and all the other volunteers who do this work eachweek.There is no "typical" person who comes to the Foodbank.Some are single young people looking after themselves for thefirst time and some are families where one or both wageearners have lost jobs or had their hours cut. It is currentlytaking weeks for changes to benefits claims to be actioned andin the meantime people use up everything in their cupboardsand exhaust the generosity of friends and family. A mancoming out of a long stay in hospital had to wait three weeksfor any money and this is not unusual even though all theforms had been sorted in advance. A family of four where bothMum and Dad lost their jobs in December were told theycouldnt claim benefits as they had savings... which in fact theydidnt have. It was therefore several months before a claimcould be made and money received. A man receiving benefitsin one town was told he was ineligible here in Plymouth eventhough his circumstances were the same.The Foodbank and the food recipients are humbled by thegenerosity of people who give food to the Foodbank. HoweverI am sure there is a lot of other food which could be madeavailable and DCFA is working to gather together the resourcesin terms of money and people to receive, store and distributegood food... to all sorts of agencies supporting people in See the photographs at Alistair Gleaves photostream at FlickrPlymouth and the local area.The Foodbank is only one of a number of agencies registered LOCAL GIVINGto receive help.We need more people on the DCFA Board of Trustees withtime to pursue aspects of the work. I am currently Treasurer of L OCALGIVING.COM IS A social enterprise owned by the Community Foundation Network (CFN) and the Ardbrack Foundation, both registered charities dedicated to supportingDCFA but would be really pleased to hand this over to local charities. CFN is the national body of the 57 Communitysomeone else. The more this work is shared out the more Foundations in the UK. In 2009 they distributed £56m toeffective the Association can become. 17,000 local charities. If you click on the link and then put DCFA into the Search Box you too can then make a donation. I hope you do! Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 3
  4. 4. Dorothy DALTON, the Course Leader, gave an excellent DCFA ON FACEBOOK presentation. Dorothy is regarded as the UK’s leading trainerA S A RESULT of the information learned at the On-line Marketing Training Day mentioned onthe previous page, it became apparent that in the specialty of Trustee Responsibility & Governance. Our thanks to John CASSON of Casson International who organised and hosted the event. John is a Trustee with SandyDCFA should be promoting itself on Facebook, GALL’s Afghanistan Appeal.Twitter and other internet sites. DCFA nowhas its very own Facebook Page. Please click OTHER NEWSon that link and when you get there do pleaseclick on LIKE! You will find the LIKE link in thecolumn to the right of the page. This will helpus on our way! C ORNWALL Food & Drink Festival. Now firmly established as one of the nation’s favourite food festivals, the Cornwall Food & Drink Festival epitomisesWe also have a “Friends of DCFA” group at Facebook and we everything that people love aboutcordially welcome you to join us there. Please find the link to Cornwall and its people, andthe group on the DCFA Facebook page. Thanks! everything on sale inside the food and drink pavilion will have been either produced or processed within the county, reflecting the fabulous range of quality FIT FOR FUNDING products Cornwall boasts. There’s something for everyone atA FIT for Funding course was held at ECCVS, Lanivet, near th Bodmin on Wednesday, 20 July 2011 and Christine REIDand Geoff READ attended from DCFA. The this Festival, with lots to see and do and some great places to rd stay all around Cornwall. Don’t miss it: Friday, 23 – Sunday, th 25 September. Contact (01872) 274555 for details, or visitbasic learning pointS of the course were: www.cornwallfoodanddrink.co.uk. Preparing DCFA to write a funding P application th st LYMOUTH Flavour Fest: Friday, 19 to Sunday, 21 The steps that DCFA must take to prepare its project before it can August 2011. Plymouth’s local produce extravaganza begin writing a bid Identifying suitable funders Flavour Fest Matching DCFA’s bid to the funding criteria 2011 returns for its eighthThis should set DCFA in good stead for making funding year. A major part of the Plymouth Summer Festival, Flavourapplications which will be a main objective in the coming Fest takes place in the city centre Piazza and is a highlight ofmonths. Once again we are most grateful to the staff of the the south west’s food and drink calendar. Running from theEast Cornwall Council for Voluntary Services for their Big Screen to Place de Brest, Flavour Fest 2011 will have morehospitality and support. than 100 food stalls packed with tasty offerings from fine food producers all across the south west. GREETINGS! If you would like to find out more about Flavour Fest and read our most recent press releases please visit our news page. ForH rd APPY BIRTHDAY TO Jenny POPE for Friday, 23 any further information please feel free to contact September 2010. Jenny is a Friend of DCFA who has amanda.bishop@plymouth.gov.uk.recently helped us produce a substantial workbook of local Plymouth Flavour Fest is organised by the Plymouth CityFood Producers. Thanks Jenny and have a lovely day! Centre Company as part of the Business Improvement District (BID) initiative and is one of a range of events supportingB EST WISHES FOR a very Happy Birthday to Esme GOSS th for Thursday, 29 September 2011. Esme is a Friendand Volunteer of DCFA and is also the Coordinator of our Plymouths position as the south wests number one shopping destination and a clean, safe environment for families to enjoy a day out.Volunteer Milk Team. Thanks for all your hard work Esmeand have a great day! TRUSTEE TRAINING DAY P LYMOUTH FUNDRAISER GROUP. DCFA is a member of this Group. The most recent meeting was held at th Routeways in Devonport on Thursday, 28 July 2011, the aim of which was to decide an agreed purpose for the Group,C HRISTINE REID & Geoff READ attended a Trustee th Training Day on Tuesday, 28 June 2011 at St. Cuthbert’sConference Centre, Buckfast Abbey. Both Christine and Geoff share successes and issues since the previous meeting and to offer support and information. For further information, please contact Paul READ at Routeways: (01752) 856 706 or emailhave been Trustees for some time but it’s always useful to be pread@routeways.org.ukrefreshed and learn current themes! It’s very important thatTrustees involved with charities should know theirresponsibilities and liabilities, as the law appertaining to Come join DCFA!charities does not recognise ignorance as a defence. Stop good food from ending up at landfill sites! Contact the DCFA Newsletter Editor at DCFA... details at the top of Page 1. 4