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Speak easy newsletter 50 5 oct11


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Speak easy newsletter 50 5 oct11

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Speak easy newsletter 50 5 oct11

  1. 1. the SPEAK EASY club in Cornwallfor laryngectomees and the people who care for them. Chairperson: Ron Wills, Phone: 01209 718284 E-mail: ronandrose.wills@btinternet.comNewsletter No. 50 5 October 2011 Secretary: Jan Wilton, Phone: 01579 344884 E-mail: members Ron & Rosemary, Nigel & Val, Peter, Ted, Janet and Jan at the Clockand Key, Trispen on the 5th were our two Speakers, David Broadhurst from the Lions Clubof Truro and Miles Williams from Platon.David demonstrated the Lions Speech-Aid unit which is designed for anyone who has alow volume of speech and requires amplification to aid communication. The lightweightHead Microphone is secured with a small earpiece which fits into either ear; this isattached to a small low power battery powered amplifier which can be clipped to a jacketpocket, etc. This speech aid, evolved over the past sixteen years, has been available inother parts of the country, only now being introduced into Cornwall. Several of us tried thisby speaking only with a whisper, with excellent results - everyone in the room could hearus. It was thought this would especially help those with oesophageal speech or Servoxusers, but also of benefit to valve users because they only have to whisper. The cost is£80 but Truro Lions Club will provide them for anyone unable to cover the outlay. ContactDavid Broadhurst for further details or a free demonstration on 01209 614704 or 07866540928 or email him at Treliske SLT will have a sample.Miles demonstrated the Provox Vega valve - very easily fitted in five minutes (hospitalchange only), avoiding the problem of dilation; it can also be brushed right through. It ismuch more robust and should last longer than the standard valve. There is a self-changeoption available through Platon,on hospital recommendation, though it will not last as long.Ron thanked David and Miles for demonstrating the equipment and giving us their time.Events:Thursday 3 November – visit to Radio Cornwall. Hope you can join us at 12 noon for12.30 lunch which is available at The Carlton Hotel, Falmouth Road, Truro, to be followedby a one hour tour round Radio Cornwall at 2.30 (maximum of 12 people, so pleasecontact Ron on 01209 718284 to confirm if you can come). Whether you join us forlunch or only for the tour, we will all be able to leave our cars at The Carlton, and SpeakEasy will provide the taxi service to and from Radio Cornwall. Could you please bringalong any items you can spare for our car boot sale at Lostwithiel Sunday 6 November.Wednesday 14 December – Christmas lunch, to be provided from Club funds, will be heldat The Carlton Hotel, Truro 12 noon for 12.30. Contact Janet Boxall on 01872 863241or Ron Wills on 01209 718284 for details and to confirm you can come. The Speak Easyraffle will be open to all, and we would welcome gifts to be donated as raffle prizes, with allproceeds going to Speak Easy. We are delighted to know that founder member, BobBrewer, and Colin and Brenda are looking forward to joining our Christmas get together.Our get well wishes to Colin Salter, Stan Edgcumbe and Reg Callaway.Website. Macmillan are happy to set up a link to Speak Easy from their website as we area support group, and said there may be funding available for this. Val will be puttingtogether as much information as possible to get this started. NALC are working on theirwebsite and asked us to contact them at a later date.We are told that low tariff rate electricity may be available from EDF Electric for thoseregistered disabled. Contact number 0808 1015184.SPEAK EASY clubNo. 50 5 October 2011