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DCRSC August 2008 newsletter,

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DCRSC August 2008 newsletter

  1. 1. DEVON & CORNWALL REFUGEE SUPPORT COUNCILProviding Practical Support to RefugeesNEWSLETTERAUGUST 2008 FOREWORD Geoffrey N. ReadBY THE CHAIR OF THE DCRSC BOARD OF TRUSTEES in the absence of ... Lorna M. SewellDear Friends and Supporters, Chair, DCRSC Board of TrusteesThe Board of Trustees has been very busyprogressing the setting up of the new AsylumSeeker & Refugee Organisation Consortium and EDITORIAL COMMENTits related Constitution. The Board remains Ccompletely confident that this will be very ONTRIBUTIONS. We welcome allshortly achieved, thereby releasing the much contributions from anyone to our monthlyneeded funding from Plymouth City Council. Newsletters. Do you have something to include? Please pass your article or commentThere are several interesting snippets in this to the Editor whose contact details are at theissue of our Newsletter, including the article on foot of each page. News, gossip, information,the Draft Immigration & Citizenship Bill... so do notices, advertisements, photographs… anythingplease read through it at your leisure! will be considered for inclusion.Harvest Festival will be upon us next month and Deadline for the September 2008 issue:we will soon be sending out an electronic email Friday, 29th August 2008shot to you all requesting that you rememberDCRSC at this special time. We rely on yourdonations of food, cash and other items to keep DISTRIBUTIONus afloat! D ISTRIBUTION. We would like toWe simply cannot afford to purchase Toiletries publicise our monthly Newsletters farfor our destitute clients and rely on you to and wide. Unfortunately, due todonate such items. This includes soaps, financial constraints and to avoid postaltoothbrushes, razors, etc. You know the sort charges, we can only send copies to those onof thing! email. A few spare copies will be available at the Reception Desk at DCRSC. The layout isCould I also please also take this opportunity to designed so that it can be printed back-to-backthank you all for very kind support during the so do please print off a copy and pass it to yourfirst six months of this year? You have all friends. If you are reading this and notbeen truly wonderful! already receiving a copy then please get in touch with the Editor. DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. Or go to our new website at: http://dcrsc.cfsites.org/ 1
  2. 2. DCRSC OPENING HOURS HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!O H PENING HOURS. Due to reduced APPY BIRTHDAY to Svetlana st staffing, our Drop-in Opening Hours ZAKHAROVA for Friday, 1 August. until further notice will be: Svetlana was formerly a member of our Food Programme Team.Mondays: Drop-in 10 am – 2 pm. BTuesdays: Closed. Appointments only.Wednesdays: Drop-in 10 am - 2pm. EST WISHES to SvetlanaThursdays: Closed. Appointments only. STOUPNIKOV. All members of DCRSCFridays: Closed. would like to wish Svetlana all the very best for her birthday on Wednesday, 6thClients will be seen for appointments on August. Svetlana is a member of our Board ofTuesdays and Thursdays only, and on Fridays Trustees, filling the post of Treasurer.the office will be completely closed to clients.You can telephone DCRSC on (01752) 265952. We hope that you both enjoy your special dayIf anyone has an urgent enquiry on Tuesdays and thank you for all your hard work!then please go to Refugee Action which is Olocated on the 4th Floor, Prideaux Court, Palace THERS? Have we missed any? DoStreet (not far from DCRSC). Their telephone please let me know! Ed.number is (01752) 235030 and they will accepttelephone calls from Mondays to Fridays from10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. DCRSC GENERAL MATTERS A DONATIONS NNUAL REPORT FOR 2007.O Electronic copies are available by email NGOING APPEAL. DCRSC is a and our Administrator is currently registered charitable organisation and sending out copies to those who have already not supported by any national requested them. If anyone should like a hardGovernmental funding. We rely totally on copy then please send an A4 SAE to the Editor.donations. We ask for donations of cash, non- Bperishable food, and items of clothing, bedding, OARD OF TRUSTEES. The Board heldand toiletries. If you are able to help, please a meeting on Wednesday, 16th July. Thecontact the Editor in the first instance. next meeting will be held on Wednesday, rd 3 September. If there is something of FAREWELL! concern that you would like the Board to discuss then please mention it to the Editor who willW e bid farewell to Marvella WOOD- pass it on to the Board. WOLFE (Vella) who has moved on to C pastures new. Monica covered all OMPOSITION OF THE BOARD OFvolunteering points during her time with DCRSC TRUSTEES.and finally ended up in the Clothing Store.Thank you for all your hard work Vella and best Trustees. The following were confirmed aswishes for the future! Trustees at the AGM in June: Mrs. Lorna M. SEWELL Mr. Arnold D. MELHUISH Ms. Svetlana STOUPNIKOV Mrs. Elizabeth A. HARDINGE Mrs. Isatta KALLON Dr. Penelope KEY DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. Or go to our new website at: http://dcrsc.cfsites.org/ 2
  3. 3. TBoard Members. The following were elected ALKS & PRESENTATIONS. Two ofas Board Members at the Board Meeting held in volunteers, Geoff and Charlie, conductedJuly: two sessions of lectures and PowerPointMrs. Lorna M. SEWELL (Chair) Slide Shows at Estover Community College inMr. Arnold D. MELHUISH (Vice-Chair & Secretary) July. Both presentations were well receivedMs. Svetlana STOUPNIKOV (Treasurer) and more sessions are being planned.Co-opted Members. The following arecurrently serving as Co-opted Members to the Are you a School, Group or OrganisationBoard: that would welcome a Talk about theMr. Geoffrey N. READMr. John SHINNER work of DCRSC? Please get in touch with the Editor inN EW DCRSC LEAFLET. We have the first instance. recently issued a brand-new leaflet to T replace the earlier edition. All earlier RAINING DAY. Another Training Dayeditions should now be destroyed as they for Auxiliary (Volunteer) Caseworkerscontain out-of-date information. We also have was held on Friday, 27 th June from 09:30a brand new separate leaflet outlining our Food a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This was organised by TrishProgramme. If you would like to receive copies Baxter. The next level of training will beand have not already received them, please dealing with the Asylum Support Servicecontact the Editor. Contract & Asylum Process for our clients so that we know how to assist them when they come to us with their needs. This will take place on Friday, 1st August from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Trish will give more details to those who are interested. V OLUNTEERS’ MEETINGS July 2008 Meeting. This was held at 10:00 st a.m. on Thursday, 31 July. The minutes haveS TAFF TEAM MEETINGS. Staff Team been made available by email and hard copies Meetings are normally held on a have been placed in the Volunteers‟ Box in the Wednesday every fortnight. The Staff Administration Office of DCRSC.Team had a meeting on Wednesday, 9th July andArnold has emailed copies of the minutes to the August 2008 Meeting. The next meeting willStaff Team. The next meeting is scheduled be held at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, 28th Augustfor Wednesday, 6th August at 3 p.m. at DCRSC. All volunteers are encouraged to attend.S TATISTICS. Geoff Read has produced the monthly statistics for DCRSC for the June 2008 and is currently workingon those for July. These latest stats areparticularly important as it gives the run-downfor the first half of 2008. If anyone wishes tohave sight of any statistical information then doplease contact the Editor directly in the firstinstance. The 2007 statistics are included inthe 2007 Annual Report which is also nowavailable. DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. Or go to our new website at: http://dcrsc.cfsites.org/ 3
  4. 4. V W OLUNTEERS NEEDED! We are EBSITE. We have a brand-new constantly seeking new volunteers to website at long last! Although this replace those who occasionally leave us. site is up-and-running, there will be aNo special qualifications are necessary… simply lot of „tweaking‟ to be done in the next fewthe ability to give a little of your time each weeks so please try to take a look at in eachweek. We need more volunteers to assist us week to see how it develops. We would welcomewith the following: any suggestions, criticisms and / or comments that you have regarding this site so please Clothing Store forward them to the Editor. This new website Food Programme was built for us by one of Volunteers who IT Supervision wishes to remain anonymous but we should like Reception Desk to give him / her our very sincerest thanks! Women‟s Group Simply click on this link or cut-and-paste it into We are also seeking selected volunteers to become Auxiliary Caseworker. your address box. Please also make a note of this link in your diaries, etc.Would you like to help? Please contact the http://dcrsc.cfsites.org/Editor in the first instance. He will then passthose details to the appropriate Trustee / THE DCRSC CLOTHING STOREStaff Member who will arrange a short Dinterview over a cup of tea! ONATIONS. Although located in theV basement of the DCRSC offices, the OLUNTEER’S ROSTER FOR JULY Clothing Store is managed by Churches 2008. John JEBB is responsible for Together in Plymouth (CTiP). They would producing the roster. The roster welcome any donations of clothing, etc., but areincludes the names of volunteers for the currently in need of:Reception Desk, the Food Team, AuxiliaryCaseworkers and the Clothing Store. Just the Curtains No thank you!one hard copy is displayed at the Centre... in the Men’s Clothing Yes please!Kitchen. Please add you names to the list! Men’s Shoes Yes please! Pots & Pans Yes please!W Single Blankets No thank you! OMEN’S DEVELOPMENT GROUP. Sleeping Bags Yes please! Sessions are usually held at 12 noon on Toiletries Yes please! the last Thursday of each month. Children’s Clothing No thank you!The next session will be held at 12 noon on Ladies Clothing No thank you!Thursday, 14th August. Other sessions plannedfor the Summer are listed below. All ladies, Please note that no Ladies or Children‟s Clothingincluding ladies with small children, will be most are required at the moment. It would mostwelcome to attend. Please contact Blerina or helpful if all donations were clean and ofLiz at the Centre for further information. reasonable quality. All contributions will be gratefully received and put to good use.SUMMER DATES:Thursday, 28th AugustThursday, 11th September THE DCRSC FOOD PROGRAMMEThursday, 25th September T HANK YOU! The volunteer Food WANTED! Programme Coordinator would like toThe Women‟s Development Group is currently in need express his especial thanks to all those of materials, sewing thread, wools and knitting equipment. who gave their time and / or who made The cost can be beyond the means of our Clients. donations during recent months. Many thanks! If you are able to help, please hand items in at the Centre to either Liz or Blerina. Thank You! DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. Or go to our new website at: http://dcrsc.cfsites.org/ 4
  5. 5. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR NEWS, GOSSIP & ADVERTISEMENTSC ALL TO FREEZE DEBTS OF FOOD CRISIS COUNTRIES. The following item was submitted by our Volunteer, THIS SPACE COULD HAVE BEEN USED TOChristine: PLACE YOUR NOTICE!Debt Campaigners have called for a moratorium on debtrepayments from countries afflicted by severe food Why not contact the Editor?shortages. The call came as the Food & AgricultureOrganisation met recently in Rome to discuss the food crisis Aand G8 Finance Ministers met in Japan. Nick Dearden,director of Jubilee Debt Campaign, said: “It‟s shocking that MADONNA OF SACRIFICE.while many millions of people in the world are going short of Wordless reverence is the most fittingfood, their governments are still being forced to shell out tribute to the Mothers of All Lands.millions of pounds a week to rich countries and banks. The May her sole remaining treasure, in theterrible irony is that economic conditions, forced on poorcountries by the World Bank and the IMF in return for liberated and peace-blessed world of thedebt relief packages, have actually contributed to the crisis future, live to realise that in the terrible visionwe are witnessing today.” of the present his eyes have seen the glory ofA the coming of the Lord. PPRECIATION. The following item was submitted by our volunteer, Helen:On behalf of my children and I, may I express my deepappreciation to everyone that supported us in various waysduring a very difficult period of our lives whilst we wereimprisoned at Yarlswood, IRC, Bedfordshire. Thank you allfor writing letters, sending e-mails and faxes, signingpetitions, organising the various and massive campaigns andfor praying. Our appreciation also goes to all who visited usat Yarlswood, the encouraging phone calls, cards and letters.Thank you all for the many interventions from differentquarters and organisations particularly the MP, Mrs LyndaGilroy; Bishop John Ford and Father Sam Philpott with thecongregation at St. Peters Church. Also, the Management /Trustees, Staff and Volunteers at the Devon & CornwallRefugee Support Council; Refugee Action in Plymouth; theGovernors, Principal, Staff and the amazing students ofStoke Damerel Community College. EMAS in Plymouth;NCDAC; and the local newspapers.Thank you ever so much, and may God in His infinite mercymeet you all at your points of need. AMENRegards,Helen Editor’s Note: I came across a batch of these photographs and accompanying quotations. The above item is the third of the collection. I intend to publish each of the remainder every month. Ed.Do you have something to say?Do please write and tell us. Ed. DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. Or go to our new website at: http://dcrsc.cfsites.org/ 5
  6. 6. A I PPLES & SNAKES, COLLECTIVE NDEPENDENT ASYLUM COMMISSION VOICES & AVID. My place or PUBLISHES SECOND AND THIRD yours? Saturday, 26th to Wednesday, REPORTS. The Independent Asylum th29 October 2008. Free performance poetry Commission‟s second report focused on theworkshops. treatment of refused asylum seekers, sayingAn invitation – if you or your group would like to take part in that the current system was inadequate. It saida brand new live lit lyrical explosion, please read the poster that dawn raids by immigration officers shouldat the end of this Newsletter!... be phased out and that voluntary return shouldD RAFT IMMIGRATION AND be the “standard procedure” for refused asylum CITIZENSHIP BILL. The draft seekers,” with force used only as a last resort. Immigration and Citizenship Bill was It also said that refused asylum seekers whopublished on 14th July 2008. The Bill has been are unable to return through no fault of theirpublished in draft to allow Parliament and public own should be given temporary permission toto provide their views on our plans before the work rather than being forced into destitution.final Bill is introduced. If you would like to The third report called for a comprehensivecomment on the plans, a public scrutiny review into the detention of an estimated 2,000document setting out the proposed changes children each year. "There should be an end tothere is a setting in the website given below. A the detention of children and age disputedquestionnaire is also provided so that you can young people," it said in its recommendations.complete electronically and return to the Home For further News Reviews, please visit theOffice simplification team. DCRSC will be Refugee Council website. Osubmitting a joint reply. NE WORLD WEEK:For further information, please go to: 19th -26th October 2008. One Worldhttp://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/sitecontent/documents Week is a development educational/policyandlaw/immigrationandcitizenshipbill/ charity, which encourages local people to use aF week as a focus to get together for activities REE LUNCH AND ENGLISH CLASSES and celebration of One World issues, using a for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and others common annual theme. This year it‟s „Growing who are unable to access provision. Together‟.Organised by Plymouth Faith CommunitiesAsylum Support Coordination Group. Lunch is at Some One World Facts:1 p.m. and English Classes are at 2 p.m. every  Founded 30 years ago.Tuesday and Friday in the Stoke Damerel Parish  It is a member of Development Education Association and the Trade Justice Movement.Centre, Paradise Road (entrance behind the  Usually held around 24th October (United Nations Day).Stoke Damerel Church).For further information please contact: Marlene Schuster Millions of people around the world still do not enjoy thaton (01752) 567420 or email her on most fundamental right – the right to survive. Yet 2008 ismarlene_schuster@hotmail.com. the 60th Anniversary of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which aspires to: “….a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want” One World Week Are Working Towards:  Growing together – locally... By bringing together people of diverse cultures, of many faiths and none, to grow together in mutual understanding of shared values and commitment to each other‟s human rights locally and globally, and  Growing together - globally... By learning more about how our local actions and personal lifestyles can affect the rights to a livelihood of members of our human family across the world, and what we can do to help. DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. Or go to our new website at: http://dcrsc.cfsites.org/ 6
  7. 7. R“Sharing this fragile planet our rights are inextricably EFUGEE COUNCIL INFORMATION.linked to those of our fellow human beings. However far The following website gives some veryaway the event may be, if another human being anywhere isdenied their fundamental rights that impoverishes the useful information including:world I inhabit.” Milind Kolhatkar, Chair of One WorldWeek, April 2008  Language ID Chart  Language Profiles  Resources for AdvisersFor further information, go to:www.oneworldweek.org. http://languages.refugeecouncil.org.uk/P T LYMOUTH FLAVOUR FEST 2008. Food EACHING FELLOWSHIP AWARDS and drink traders are being encouraged to FOR ACADEMICS... The following get in quickly to snap up the last few article was published in The Herald onremaining stalls to sell local produce. The Tuesday, 8th July:event, now in its fifth year, is to take placebetween 15th and 17th August and will be held in Two academics at the University of Plymouth have wonthe city centre‟s Piazza. national awards to further their work. Avril Butler, senior lecturer in social work, and Dr. ChrisP Ricketts, sub-dean in the Faculty of Technology, have each LYMOUTH KURDISH COMMUNITY been awarded a National Teaching Fellowship from the THEATRE GROUP. This group is running a Higher Education Academy. theatre project every Sunday at 2.30 p.m. Fifty fellowships have been awarded across the country toon Floor 1, Anglia House, Derry‟s Cross, outstanding teachers. The university now has a total of 12 fellowships.Plymouth. This project explores Kurdish culture They will each receive £10,000 for their professional andand heritage. personal development and will collect their awards in LondonIf you are interested in attending or would like to know in September.more then please call (01752) 262040 or 07856055376. Ms. Butler has led the Social Work Centre for PracticeR Learning at Plymouth and launched the Students & Refugees ECYCLING GOODS TO CITY FOLK Together (START) project in 2001. WHO ARE IN NEED. The following article was published in The Herald on Avril Butler is the Chair of the Board ofSaturday, 12th July: Governors of START. All members and supporters of DCRSC offer theirA new Domestic Recycling Centre is set to open in congratulations to Avril on this greatStonehouse, aimed at re-circulating goods such as fridges achievement!to people in need. WThe Resettlement Agency, which is launching the RendleStreet Centre, is also searching for more volunteers from EEKEND BOLLYWOOD ATall walks of life to help with the project. PLYMOUTH ARTS CENTRE:As well as being a base for repairing and re-servicing white Saturday, 2nd & Sunday, 3rdgoods, the centre will be used as a furniture showroom. August at 1pm.Bosses are urging the public to donate goods such as Plymouth Arts Centre is screening a Weekend Bollywoodwashing machines, fridges, freezers and electric cookers, film every season, beginning this weekend with Sarkar Raj.which will not only help those who may not otherwise be able The film features the biggest stars of the Bollywood worldto afford them, but also lead to fewer ending up on landfill and is the much-awaited sequel to Sarkar. The film issites and harming the environment. screened as a matinee only, offering the chance to luxuriateThe non-profit group, part of the national Furniture Re-use in front of a film and relax whatever the weather is doingNetwork, already runs two shops in Union Street and a outside. Sarkar Raj is an intense political drama, a study ofsocial inclusion service in Adelaide Street. power, which explores the politics of development and takesDonated furniture is cleaned, reconditioned and then sold at a fresh look at the traditional versus the modernity debate.low cost, or given away free, to those who need it. When the CEO (Rai) of an international firm proposes aThe centre at 170 Rendle Street in Stonehouse will be open power plant in rural Maharashtra the insightful Shankarfrom Monday, 14th July. (Abhishek) is quick to realise it‟s benefits.Anybody wishing to donate re-usable furniture should But with shady fixers with an eye on multi-million kick backscontact the Union Street office on (01752) 217046. complicating the issues, Shankar‟s dream project becomes aBoth centres‟ opening hours are 9 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. on Modays potential minefield.to Fridays, and 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturdays. (Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, India, 2008, 125 mins, subtitled. Cast includes:You can also visit their website at: Aishwarya Rai, Abishnek Bachnan, Amitabh Bachchan). www.resettlementagency.org.uk. DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. Or go to our new website at: http://dcrsc.cfsites.org/ 7
  8. 8. Tickets just £3.50. Booking recommended on Friday, 15th August (01752) 206114. For further information go to: Christian www.plymouthartscentre.org Dormition of the Theotokos An Orthodox festival that commemorates the death, resurrection, and glorification of Christs mother. DIARY DATES Dormition means "falling asleep". ChristianAll dates are shown using the Gregorian (Western) calendar. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryThe calendar is accurate, but some dates may vary regionally A largely Roman Catholic festival celebrating their beliefbecause they are determined by the lunar calendar. Jewish that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was taken body and soulfestivals usually begin at sundown on the previous day. into heaven.If on the internet, just click on the faith links for further Friday, 15th – to Sunday, 17th Augustinformation. These are underlined. Ed. Plymouth Flavour Fest 2008 (see separate article) Friday, 1st August Saturday, 16th August DCRSC Caseworker Training Day (see separate article) Hindu Raksha Bandhan Pagan Raksha Bandhan is the Hindu festival that celebrates Lughnasadh - Lammas brotherhood and love. A harvest festival and one of the Pagan festivals of Celtic "Raksha Bandhan" means a thread for protection. origin which split the year into four. Sunday, 17th August Saturday, 2nd & Sunday 3rd August Rastafari Birthday of Marcus Garvey Weekend Bollywood at Plymouth Arts Centre Commemorates the birthday of Marcus Garvey, the (see separate article) Jamaican politician born in 1887 who predicted the crowning of a King in Africa, and instigated the Back to Africa Wednesday, 6th August movement. DCRSC Staff Meeting Tuesday, 19th August (see separate article) Zoroastrian Christian Jamshedi Noruz (Shenshai) Transfiguration Zoroastrian New Years Day in the Shenshai calendar. Orthodox Christian feast commemorating the sudden emanation of radiance from the person of Jesus that Muslim occurred on the mountain. Lailat-ul-Barah Lailat-ul-Barah (Night of Forgiveness) is the time when Sunday, 10th August Muslims seek forgiveness for their sins. Muslims believe that on this night ones destiny is fixed for Jewish the year ahead. Tisha BAv A solemn day that commemorates a series of tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people over the years, many of Sunday, 24th August which have coincidentally happened on this day. Zoroastrian Khordad Sal (Shenshai) Thursday, 14th August The birthday of Zoroaster, celebrated on this date in the Shenshai calendar. DCRSC Women’s Develop Group Session (see separate article) Hindu Janmashtami - Krishna Jayanti The Janamashtami festival marks the birth of Krishna, the most highly venerated God in the Hindu pantheon. DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. Or go to our new website at: http://dcrsc.cfsites.org/ 8
  9. 9. Thursday, 28th August Monday, 22nd SeptemberDCRSC Volunteers’ Meeting Pagan(see separate article) Autumn Equinox This day is celebrated when day and night are of equalDCRSC Women’s Develop Group Session duration.(see separate article) Thursday, 25th SeptemberJainParyushana DCRSC Women’s Develop Group SessionThe most important Jain festival, it consists of eight(Swetambara) or ten (Digambara) days of intensive fasting (see separate article)and repentance.A time of reflection. Monday, 29th September HinduFriday, 29th August Navaratri (start) Navaratri (nine nights) symbolises the triumph of good overDeadline Date evil and marks the start of autumn.for articles for the DCRSC September Newsletter(see separate article) Tuesday, 30th September JewishTuesday, 2nd September Rosh Hashanah Jewish New YearMuslimRamadan (start)Ramadan is the Muslim month of fasting. Sunday, 19th – Sunday, 26th October One World WeekWednesday, 3rd September (see separate article)DCRSC Meeting of the Board of Trustees(see separate article) Saturday, 26th to Wednesday, 29th OctoberHindu Apples & Snakes, Collective Voices & AVIDGanesh Chaturthi (see separate article and attached poster)Hindus celebrate the birthday of Lord Ganesh, theelephant-headed God.Monday, 8th SeptemberChristianFeast of the Birth of MaryOrthodox, Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches celebratethe birth of Mary, mother of Jesus.ChristianNativity of the TheotokosOrthodox Christians celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary.ChristianBirthday of the Blessed Virgin MaryRoman Catholics celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary.Thursday, 11th SeptemberDCRSC Women’s Develop Group Session(see separate article)RastafariEthiopian New YearThe start of the New Year in Ethiopia is recognised becauseRastafarians believe Ethiopia to be their spiritual homeland,and a place to which they want to return. DCRSC Newsletter Editor: Telephone Geoff READ on (01752) 563800, or 07745819828, or at DCRSC. Or email: saudigeoff@yahoo.co.uk. Or go to our new website at: http://dcrsc.cfsites.org/ 9