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Tips for providing exceptional email service


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Tips for providing exceptional email service

  1. 1. Tips for Providing Exceptional Email ServiceEmails are one of the fastest growing customer service channels that enables companies to trim down their cost per contact. Emailresponse is supposed to give customers quicker answers and solutions while allowing companies to slash operations costs. When emailthreads go back and forth unnecessarily because questions aren’t answered, operations costs exceed the cost of telephone interactions. Asloppy email can rob a company of its credibility. It is therefore necessary manage email conversation with the efficient processes thatensure the speed, quality and consistency of response.The following tips will materially help to provide exceptional customer service experience that can enhance customer satisfaction,confidence and loyalty.* Regard email as part of the self-service strategyEmail is always deemed to be an assisted service channel. The self service strategy is the best place to execute these tips. It is thereforeessential to make emails a primary and seamless channel for self service, as it makes it easy for customers to continue to do businesswith the company. A complete up-to-date knowledge base is a vital tool for self-service and email de-escalation. Content maintained inthe knowledgebase must be incessantly evaluated and enhanced to improve its value to customers and ensure success during self-service.* Ensure that customers are informed.It is necessary to keep customers informed about the progress of their enquiries or requests from the moment of submission. Customerscan be kept in the know by letting them know that you have received the email with an auto acknowledgement. They can also be notified ofthe significant issues, or can be offered with alternative means for resolving their issues.* Ensure effective email managementWith email volumes rising year over year, it is necessary to ensure that your email system is capable of scaling to many times your currentsupport volume. To efficiently manage emails it is necessary to define a set of queues, rules and workflow. This helps in meeting the SLAsfor contact resolution and also handles the times that finally affect customer loyalty and retention.Click here to learn more on - Agent Desktop, Customer Experience Management & Web Self Service