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Who is God? What does he do? How he do?

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21.10 my radha the book

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  2. 2. My Radha (a unique guide to the crooked art of intimate devotion)Who is Radha? Radha is the Queen of Love. She is the consort of Krishna. The King of Love.Both exist in a world beyond the senses yet a world which is Absolutely sensual. They are thepersonifications of the paradox of love itself which ultimately takes over your life and leadsyou into its secret cavern as the heart gives in to its sweetness.My Radha is about my Radha. A subjective perception of the Object of Love for all fortunateseekers of it. It is a philosophical journey into a world beyond philosophy. A logical look atwhat lies beyond logic. An emotional portrayal of a relationship which supercedes timeitself. 2
  3. 3. ContentsPart 1 – Acintya Bhedabheda Tattva – the inconceivable simultaneous oneness anddifference of the Absolute Truth.Part 2 – Atma – the soulPart 3 – Karma – action and reactionPart 4 – Veda – knowledgePart 5 – Yoga – unificationPart 6 – Sadhya – the goalPart 7 – Sadhana - the practicePart 8 – Sraddha – trustPart 9 – Guru – the teacherPart 10 – Vraja – the spiritual landPart 11 – Tapasya – austerity for spiritual developmentPart 12 – Svarupa-siddhi-bhakti – intrinsic devotionPart 13 – Vaidhi bhakti – religious devotionPart 14 – Raganuga – natural devotionPart 15 – Dharma – dutyPart 16 – Elevation of consciousnessPart 17 – My conscious evolutionPart 18 – Avadhuta – spiritual freedomPart 19 – Sahajiya – reflective devotionPart 20 – Family life 3
  4. 4. Part 1Acintya Bhedabheda Tattva – the inconceivable simultaneous oneness and difference of theAbsolute truth.Before one finds one seeks. Everyone is looking it seems for something. Animals mustcuriously look on as humans run around in search for the elusive. People find all sorts ofreplacements for what they are really looking for. Sex, fame, money, security, family. Butthey don’t satisfy. Not continually.What really satisfies and leaves all other acquisitions seeming worthless is love. Yet ourexperiences of love are mixed with our own selfishness and others’ selfishness and thereforedo not fulfill the dream of eternality.Eternal love is possible however when one comes to understand the nature of the self andthe creator of the self, and the love between the two. To understand love is to understandmore than the self and the creator of the self. İt is to understand the paradox of theuniverse. How everything can be one yet different.Acintya Bhedabheda Tattva.This is Sanskrit. I will introduce you to some Sanskrit words, definitions and explanationsalong the way. Firstly a definition of the Absolute Truth; tattva.The inconceivable simultaneous oneness and difference of the Absolute Truth. İt is worthforever baring in mind that love is inconceivable with mere logic which means it must beexperienced to be understood, which in turn means that you have to dive in. You cannot bethe judge from the outside, you cannot be a reporter or observer. You must dive in! İt isinconceivable otherwise because it is objective and simultaneously subjective. The truth isnot only the same for everyone, it is unique to everyone.We are not seeking the created, we are seeking the source of creation, and more, a lovingrelationship with that source. And that source is free. İt may contradict you as soon as youfeel like you can put your finger on it. Yet it never contradicts itself for from the outset it isdefined as a contradiction. And therefore it is free, unlimited.And therefore you will be free when you understand this paradoxical nature of reality.Because we have always sought the created we transpose our efforts to the real endeavourand make mistakes in conclusions due to mistakes made in the beginning. The seed ofphilosophical misconclusions leads then to the fruit of incorrect assumptions, actions andultimately it will lead to imprisonment in a dimesion created for and by prisoners. I haveseen it many times. People assume something about you because they look at you throughthe lens of their tinted philosphies. İnevitably you appear tinted …and tainted! İn fact this is 4
  5. 5. happening constantly with everyone all over the world. And it is why we cannot get togetherand stay together to create peace and love despite wanting just that.Not many people can see straight. With unbiased vision. People attached to some doctrineor averse to some belief system make incorrect assumptions on premises which are not theirown, and not absolutely correct. While this is happening those with greedy intentions rulethe planet by deceit and corruption. Right before our eyes the lies go unnoticed and whenthey are noticed there is nothing ‘we’ can do because ‘we’ cannot get together and staytogether in the name of love.İn these times there is much said about government conspiracies. You don’t need to beSherlock Homes to realize that most of them are true. The details and the depth of therabbit hole are debatable but for sure society and its imposed game of monopoly is notbreeding a culture of compassion. İt is difficult to change the trend as the thrones of thisworld are occupied by dictators with agendas other than peace and love and they are notgoing to be given up in a way which good people would like. The rulers of this society rule byindoctrinating the people with incorrect philosophies knowing that these seeds will reep thefruits of separation between brothers.Ignorance leads to our enslavement and our unhappiness. Knowledge leads us out ofignorance into light and beyond, into relationship with the source of light. Once you are onthe path of real knowledge you are on an incredible journey home. Once many people uniteon that path then a culture emerges and naturally, yet with great effort, the new cultureentices souls into it so that each soul has a world conducive for love.Knowledge can change the world. But for the forest to thrive each tree needs to understanditself.Part 2Atma – the soulWhat or who are we? We have to know. We are soul. Atma. Jiva. The Vedic scriptures describe the atma (soul) as a substance whichis one sixteen thousandth the width of a hair follicle. And if you do ever manage to make amicroscope which can see that small then know too that it is not visible to the eye.So. Don’t bother. İnstead try and understand the characteristics of the atma. What makes asoul a soul. Till the qualities and uses of a thing is known there is no importance in its shapeor size. A bottle is not a bottle till you use it as one. Otherwise it is atoms. As everything is.Of course, there are philosophers and philosophies which revere this knowledge. Everythingis atoms. Everything is Brahman. Everything just is. And when you put a definition on it you 5
  6. 6. are making a mistake. When you add your ego and bring in subjectivity you are making themistake of duality.We are one. Brahman. İt is true. And now let us proceed to lesson two. Osho interestingly,after speaking much about Buddhism, said about Vaishnavism, ‘where Buddha ends Krishnabegins.’ Meaning ‘where freedom ends love begins.’ Love is the play upon the stage offreedom. We must understand freedom. That we are one. That we are non-different. Andthen the play can commence. So immediately we move to the subjective, and withoutdenying it, we understand it and how it is used to provide constant happiness.The atma is an experiencer. İt is life-force itself. İndividualized life-force. Non-individualizedlife-force is called Brahman. That is the goal of some spiritual seekers. But the experience ofnirvana is just that …‘an’ experience. One of many. I have experienced it. İn meditation oneday after some penance (I fasted for 15 days), I merged with everything. I saw myself fromoutside of myself. İt was freedom. And then I came back and returned to a simple souldesiring love. Once you desire love not even nirvana can you attract you away from it!İndividualized life-forces we are. Life-forces with a purpose. To unite. İn love. Notobjectively, but subjectively. We do not need to blend completely to experience our highestpotential. We may remain individual. İf our highest experience would require merger then itwould be considered the highest goal of mankind. But higher is the goal of love. That is tomerge and remain individual at the same time through the means of love. That is the greaterexperience and thus is the greater goal. THE greatest goal.Life-forces are forces of life. There is no death to life. You cannot die. The atma is continuallyexisting in some state or other. This knowledge is experiencable. Knowledge is anexperience because the truth is objective and subjective, so the answer to the question ‘howdo you’ is ‘I know because I know’. There is no prof you can give because two soulsexchanging information are on different platforms and may be unable to perceive the samestate of reality. İt is very important. Proof is an experience and belongs to the subjectiverealm and knowledge is an attainment of the soul and not the intellect or mind. Knowlecge isnot mere information therefore to know you have to dive in. You have to be ready to let goof the misconceptions. And you have to understand that proof is in the heart of thebeholder.This is soul science. You exist. You have always and will always. Understanding this will leaveyou feeling…. Eternal. Understanding and feeling will become the same when youunderstand the Absolute.No-one has ever died. No-one will ever die. İt is impossible.So there are two considerations. Eternity or death.İf you understand eternity then you have no fear of death. 6
  7. 7. İf you believe you will die then you may have fear of death.. but you shouldn’t. Because if itwere the case, then you would be no more, and being no more you are not going to have abad experience. So chill out.Truth is. People are not chilled out because though they may believe they will die, they feelthe impulse to live which is naturally there in the soul. Because it does live. İt is only theignorance which causes the stress. And ignorance is dispelled by knowledge.There is no end. You will never experience it. There have been many people who ‘died’ andreturned to say, ‘I didn’t die.’ There are many been people who remember life before theirbirth. No-one is ever really born. We are always ‘here’, present as existing life-forces. And itis always now.Part 3Karma – action and reactionSo what is this life. This body. This movie.İt is just that. A movie. İn which you are the lead actor or actress, according to which bodyyou have ‘this time’ acquired.Life after life you live, transmigrating through species after species, body after body. Leavingone body you adopt another. İt is not you. İt is an adopted body (mind and intelligence)which will not continue in its form for long. İt will be eaten by worms, and decayed bybacteria or burned by fire. And you will move on into your next body.There is no doubt that this is how it is. Not in me or anyone else who can see clearly. Andthere are many who can see at least this far. However, we live in a world where people donot know this. İt is not accepted fact. Only maybe in İndia. Although İndia is not a place rightnow where you can point your finger to give an example of prosperity, there is something inthe eyes and hence in the hearts of the İndian people which is obviously settled. This verydetectable contentment is due to correct understanding of the self as atma, eternal soul.Re-incarnation.Here we are. Here is the movement upon the immovable self. How it happens is not sodifficult to understand. Everyone can conceive of a soul leaving the body, being in a state ofseparation from body, and then entering a body. Leaving and entering we are able toobserve. İnbetween is more mysterious but not so important to understand as it is notsomething you can do much about. What is important is to know why it happens how ithappens.Why it happens like it happens is the question. Why this body? Why not that one? Whatcreates the body, mind, intelligence and movie that we sense, feel and experience? 7
  8. 8. Good question!Answer – you do!You are the mini-director of your mini-movie. Only you have forgotten this fact andtherefore you feel like the movie is just happening to you without any influence by you. Youare out of control it seems. And if it seems like that then it is like that. But you can takecontrol. And this is the wisest of wise advice. Take control.To take control you first have to understand the initial fact that what is happening is theconsequence of you – of your actions. And also your desire.Karma. Your actions are creating reactions. İt is very simple science. As you sew so shall youreap. İt is not a hidden philsosophy or one that our teachers have not taught. The whole ofour religious information is there to encourage you to act in a way that will bring you a goodlife. Religion in its essence is there to inspire you to behave in a suitable way so that you canreap the benefits of that. Because that is how you direct your movie.İt is no use belonging to a religion and not understanding this. There is nothing to belong to.Religion is an idea. You cannot belong to an idea. You can be inspired by that idea. That isuseful. İt may be that religions have become businesses down the years and popes andbishops and sadhus and gurus have made money from your willingness to belong to theirgroup. But that is your fault. Not the fault of religion. Similarly if you reject the inspirationgiven by the sources of these religions to behave beneficially because of the fact that thesereligions have been corrupted then you will fall into another category of belonging whichalso will not help you. You will consider yourself non-religious. And remain as ignorant as theone belonging to a religion but not understanding its encouragement.These days the atheists are more religious than the religious too, adhering to doctrines andphilosophies propounded by people who are anti-establishment.As bodies, so too establishments will inevitably crumble in time. But the message will lingerforever. Knowers of truth therefore are never sentimentally attached to establishments orreligions of this world though they may create and utilize them for gathering people thirstyfor education. Essence will continue and form will come and go. The esence is the messagethat you ought to act in such a way that your present and your future will be fortunate.Fortune and misfortune are your creations. You are creating your problems. And thereforeyou can create your solutions. No-one can stop you. Satan cannot stop you. The illuminaticannot stop you. Not even death can stop you. Because you will continue where you left offin the next life. The spiritual path continues where you left off.But if you are not even on that path you will be under the cosh of your karma. No doubt. Youare playing tennis with yourself against a brick wall and smacking the ball as hard as you canand then wondering why the ball is coming back so fast. The difference between the happy 8
  9. 9. people you see in this world and the unhappy is the happy people are watching their ballhead towards the wall and the unhappy people are watching their ball return from it. That isall. Don’t think the greedy will be smiling for long. As they sew they will reap. Maybe not inthis lifetime but in the next or the one after that.As we are eternal so is our karma. We have accrued a whole mass of it and it waits its day tocome to you so that you may prepare a backhand, forehand or smash. İt doesn’t necessarilyappear immediately and this throws everyone out. Because ‘how do bad people succeed andgood people fail?’ Actually bad people never succeed and good people never fail but youhave to know that there is only one thing worthy of success. And that is love. Which deliverseternity, knowledge and bliss. (sat, cit, ananda in Sanskrit).Followers of Jesus may have taught that if you get 51% or more in your ‘goodness’ exam yougo to heaven and if you get 49% or less you go to hell, but this is making black and white theunlimitedly colourful for the benefit of simplification. From that you can understand that youaffect your destiny. Not that there is a line and two places to visit either side of it. There areinnumberable places and these places are bodies (minds, intelligences, ego) and planets.You are in your own self-designed hell or heaven. And that is fact. Now you can lump thisfact and step back onto the eternal treadmill of ignorance or you can ask a few morepertinent questions and receive a few more pertinent answers. After which you can choosehow to act. Real religion as you may come to know will give you Absolute Freedom. Theessence of religion of course, and not the form.A few questions arise here.Why is the population changing if we are all reincarnated? This is one.How can I understand if reincarnation and karma are true? This is a better one.The first question is easily answered by understanding that all life-forms have life-forces.This then includes animals and plants and any other life that may exist on other planets andin other dimensions if you can open yourself to the fact that the Earth may well be like agrain of sand on a beach in the context of Everything!People who ask this first question usually stop asking any more.The second is the pertinent one. How can you understand? It may sound like a goodphilosophy or a probable truth but it also may be some other information in the mass ofinformation coming at you. 9
  10. 10. Part 4Veda - knowledgeThere is a way to understand what karma is. Not what your personal karma is. There is nopoint in trying to unravel it though some cults like Scientology get into this. For a start youare connected to other things. You have relationships with other beings. You have theinfluence of other planets. You have boons from above and curses from below. Businessrelationships and love relationships tying you together with angels and demons. İt is all quitecomplicated.But the solution is simple.Yoga.Yoga is a way for you to understand.Every goal has a way. A process. A sadhana.Now the word yoga may conjure images of ladies in leotards on daytime TV but İ’m sure youare one of those aware of its deeper roots. The roots in fact are as deep as you can get. Andthis is Absolutely Quintessential.. shall I say, for want of emphasis.Knowledge descends.Knowledge descends.Knowledge descends.In Vedic literature that information which is important is repeated three times. Thisknowledge is regarding Vedic literature itself. İt is descending knowledge. Pure.Uncontaminated. From the source.There are two types of knowledge. Revealed and empirical. That which descends and thatwhich we ‘research’ in order to ascend. İn the ascending process we do not really know thegoal but piece by piece we put a puzzle together, then retract, and piece again. Modernscience and modern philosophers use this process and modern society pushes this processinto your schools and colleges and mocks the descending process as it does so. A respectedphilosopher must come up with something new or debunk the previous philosopher. İt isbased on competition. And philosophers are constantly winning prizes for their victories overother philosophers. Yet how long is the piece of string which they are holding? And that isjust length…. Life is not a piece of string. İt cannot be understood in its entirety by thismethod.On the other hand it can be understood in its entirety by the method which descends.Teachers in this field of knowledge merely pass down knowledge from the source through an 10
  11. 11. unbroken chain known as parampara (disciplic succession). Knowledge is complete in thebeginning and it remains complete by the efforts of purified souls. There is no reward fornew information. There is rather respect and acknowledgement given to those who havepreserved the essence without adding or subtracting anything from it. İt is not acompetition. İt is a family. The preservers of knowledge are not famous in society, they areknown by seekers who are sincere in their attempts to discover original wisdom in all itspreserved glory.Here we meet the two prerequisites to Absolute knowledge. The creator and the preserver.The scripture and the guru.What is known of yoga should be known through scripture and guru. Scripture is itself thestorehouse of knowledge and the guru is the book-keeper, the one who has realized thebook. One praises and adheres to the other.I will go deeper into the guru tattva as we go on but now I want to bring attention to theVedic scriptures. There are four main books which were written by Vedavyasa, an acceptedincarnation of Godhead, over 5000 years ago. Accompanying them are Puranas, which arecommentaries of these four books, written to simplify the knowledge for mankind. There isalso the Mahabharat and Ramayana which are lengthy poems given to help each soul realizethe essence of life. The Bhagavad-gita is the essence of the Mahabharat and a concise andsimple explanation of yoga.Therefore what I am writing about is coming from the Bhagavad-gita, as pure as I canpossibly manifest it. I have studied with great teachers and traversed the path of bhakti-yoganow for 16 years, which is the most heralded of all the paths of yoga. I have no desire toattain anything from writing. I am merely attempting to open a door for anyone who wantsto come through it. I am not going to get rich or famous by this book. I have written booksbefore. They linger on computer files. What compels me to write is merely the wish to sharewhat is incredible knowledge. And if that is exciting and inspiring and being accepted by oneperson it is time well spent.Everything is covered in Bhagavad-gita. There are no holes. There are no questionsunanswered. Till you get deeper and then Srimad Bhagavatam takes over and answers allyour esoteric questions that arise which are provoked by the same book. İt is fantastic. I sayit to those of you who have not yet tasted this knowledge and to those of you who like to bereminded. İt is wonderful. Let us not forget. 11
  12. 12. Part 6Yoga - unificationYoga means union. İt is the way to unite. With yourself, with others, with nature and withGod. Knowledge regarding yoga comes primarily from the Bhagavad-gita which delinatesthree different yoga paths. They are karma-yoga, jnana yoga (pronounced gyana), and bhaktiyoga. Astanga yoga and hatha yoga and other yoga systems are propounded in other texts.They are mainly to do with using the body, which is seen as a temple, to come to the healthin which meditation is easily achieved. Yoga as a form of fitness is obviously not a bad idea…but not the intended goal.Karma-yoga is a process by which one concentrates on purifying one’s existence byperforming acts of atonement and sacrifice in order to achieve good karma and henceprosperity for future lives. The path was followed years ago but is now practically impossiblebecause it depends a lot on specific mantras and times to chant them, and much of thisinformation, and required purity to practice has been lost. (Although we here much abouthumanity’s evolution, according to Vedic wisdom humanity is actually devolving.Jnana-yoga is to realize Brahman, the undifferentiated essence of God, through meditation.Again, it is now practically impossible as it takes immense austerity and considerable timeundisturbed to perfect.Bhakti-yoga is the easiest, most practical, and what is recommended in the Bhagavad-gitaitself. Bhakti means devotion. Bhakti-yoga is the art of unifying with the self, others, natureand God through by devoting ones self. To love.İt is the path of love.And all are welcome to walk it.From the very beginning of understanding I was attracted by how universal was thisphilosophy. There is no hierarchy considered. There are no restrictions regarding race,gender or social standing. Although there is the caste system in İndia, that has been abusedover the years (in this age called Kali Yuga), and even in times when it was followed withpurity, bhakti was considered aloof from it. A bhakta (a devotee) was and is considered freefrom society’s hierarchy and dogma. One on the path of love belongs only to love.So bhakti-yoga is a way out of samsara, the cycle of birth and death created by karma. İt isthe way because it is love’s way and ultimately all paths will lead this way eventually.We are in the matrix. And it is wise to know it and transcend it.But where to? Next question. İf we are leaving karma then where are we going.Answer. Lila. 12
  13. 13. We have discussed how there are unlimited places, (bodies and planets), which one canenter to continue the experience of life, so what is the best body and best planet to aquireor attend?The best body is a body which resonates not in this material dimension but in a superiordimension where pure love vibrates through everything. Even the body. That body will befree from the subtle and gross contaminations of the material world. That body will resideon a planet which is also free from contamination and full of pure love. That body will residewith other bodies which are pure love incarnate in a play which is directed by unconditionallove.İt is hard to describe of course without sounding like someone overdosing on AbsoluteSuperlatives. But I have experienced this dimension. It is not just a dream. İt is reality. And itis a reality that can be touched upon in this life before completely attending.By the process of bhakti-yoga you will come to know your future and you will come to designit simultaneously. Upon achieving the goal of bhakti which is prema (unconditional love) onewill not be connected to one’s previous karma but rather to the new vibration.You will experience the here and now and at the same time the here and now in anotherdimension. That is prema tattva. I will get to it later.Back down to Earth.From the beginning it is important to know the goal ! so as we walk the path we knowwhere we’re going and exactly how to get there. Not only that. No-one is alone. It is a pathwhere embracing others on the path is not only an aspect but a necessity. Many spiritualteachers in this new age are teaching how free you are that you do not need anyone. Andthat sounds sweet in a world where we are sick of everyone. And therefore suchphilosophies are popular. But bhakti means love and love’s prerequisite is a lover. On thepath of jnana (teoretıcal knollage) there is no need of help. You can do it yourself. But on thepath of love d-i-y sounds like masturbation. Why masterbate when you can make love?İt is the age of masturbation where spiritual seekers proudly fly the flag of freedom.Freedom however is a pipe-dream for such people because we need each other. And weeither relate in business or in love. We create by business or love. Real freedom takesabsolute solitude and there are not many people who have the balls or ability to do that inthis world today. And why would you want to be alone if you were to have the power?There is a major difference between freedom and love. And it is important to understand it. Ihave seen and can still see many devotees who speak love but adhere to freedom. Freedomis considered on the path of love as a witch. I wondered why. Travelling the world for 10years and meeting and speaking to different people I now understand. Freedom as a goal is abig obstacle in the path of love and impossible to achieve without the aid of love. 13
  14. 14. There is a major distinction between different schools of spiritual thought. One school has ateacher who says I’m the teacher. The other has a teacher who says you don’t need ateacher. The teacher will always be there but the teacher who teaches that you can do-it-yourself allows you to keep your ego. For the only place you can get rid of your ego is at thefeet of (under the guidance of) someone else. Humility is the process of ridding oneself ofego and to be humble you need someone to be humble in front of. The humble teacher maytell you ‘no.. I am not a teacher’ out of humility or he may tell you the same thing out ofawareness that the teacher must be humble. Understand. Till you humbly find a humbleteacher of love you are…… lost, wandering around a competitive dimension crying freedom.Teachers who teach you that you are found when you are lost are probably making a lot ofmoney from it because it is poetry to the ears and to the ego to know that you don’t needanyone else to attain enlightenment.I have seen in anarchy groups. There are always leaders. And if you say I am a good leader.. Ican play drums, they will says… ‘we don’t need leaders here’ and all the naïve disciplesfollow them and repeat their mantra.There are of course gurus who are not really gurus but who are making a living from thenaïve. But there are gurus who are in it out of love. That guru will be so dear to you that allhis or her positive qualities will rub off on your sincere soul to mix with your own veryunique personality.And you will be you like you never could have imagined.Part 6Sadhya – the goalI have just returned from an eco-festival in Switzerland. It was nice but nice really drags aftera while when you sense that void, which you yourself don’t have, attempted to be filled bythousands of new age techniques to heal yourself.I am laughing with my friend. How come all these people are so sick they need so muchhealing? When it comes to the dance all are stuck. There was a folk band playing the mainstage (which was small but still main), and everyone’s feet were rooted to the ground.The therapies obviously didn’t work because you cannot stay still to the fiddle!Something is underlying. Don’t get me wrong, I also practice reiki and massage and advocatebio products and environmental friendliness. But where are the Krishna devotees with thefree food and the dancing in ecstasy? Where is God? God it seems is a swear word in today’sspiritual conventions: this is Kali-yuga. 14
  15. 15. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu walked the Earth about 500 years ago. He was a beauty. Anincarnation of love. The incarnation of love! He became a renowned scholar in the home ofscholarship in Bengal. He defeated all theories and philosophies with acintya bhedabhedatattva… made disciples of those he defeated… and then went on hari nama sankirtana. Hewent dancing. And he insisted that this was all the meditation anyone need.Dancing. Singing. Eating.This is God consciousness. İt is a lot of fun. God knows how people managed to miss it.Because the wave of Krishna consciousness seems to have passed with people either stillsurfing or remembering the revolution that was. Prabhupada was a revolutionary. What aman! He hitch-hiked on a boat to USA from İndia at the age of 70 and plonked himself in themiddle of Golden Gate Park and Haight Ashbury, amongst the hippies, and chanted HareKrishna. The rest Krishna took care of. He just told people about God. Some listened. Theybrought their friends. They listened and printed books and hired a shop and brought somefriends and then the Beatles came along and George Harrison began surfing the wave andthe wave spread around the world. Hundreds of temples, millions of books given out, sold,and conned into people’s possession.The activities of some devotees may have been a little uncouth but Prabhupada for sureplayed a huge part in spiritually awakening this world. Just to see a video of Srila Prabhupadamakes you cry. He is so sweet. İt may hurt when he says you are a dog if you are not servingGod but that is the ego. The pain goes away with the ego.God is missing in the spiritual arena. And it feels very eerie and pretentious. After all, whowants to admit defeat? Who wants to admit that the healing just isn’t working? Most aremaking a living from it. Mantra and tantra a big business but don’t mention God because thecustomers will run away. No. You are all you need.For years I tried to introduce Krishna in a new light seeing that millions of people wereinterested in a conscious awakening and a spiritual revolution. Karma, reincarnation,vegetarianism, lila, mantra, tantra, Siva Shambol! But there comes a point where the door isopen and the most glorious beautiful truths offers itself… and bump.. the ego cannotsqueeze through. God. Let me unapologetically explain this most subtle and originalphenomena.(Following this book’s thread,) we now know we are atma, eternal, indestructible soul. Weknow the atma transmigrates through samsara, the cycle of birth and death. I mentionedthree systems of yoga and that the easiest and most revered and recommended is calledbhakti.So bhakti is a path… a spiritual path leading one from ignorance to enlightenment andbeyond that into the arms of the original Lover. 15
  16. 16. God.The Lover.God has three aspects. Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagvan. The undifferentiated all-pervading energy is Brahman. İt is the highest goal of the impersonal yogis. Thus they aim torid themselves of i.d. Be free. And unite forever with this .. oneness which has no form, noi.d, no character, no personality and consequently no play.Paramatma is the living force. The conglomerate of atmas, souls. Here there is recognition ofdiversity. The animate and the inanimate. Yogis see all souls as equal. Devotees see all soulsas equal yet different.I will explain as we go because this philosophy of acintya bhedabheda tattva runs rightthrough all the other aspects of the Absolute.Then we have Bhagavan. God. The person.Retract or embrace. That is what the sools do when confronted by Bhagavan. Bhagavan isthe Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is the creator. You may have noticed that the Earthis genius. Well it is because it had a genius creator. Not that it came to be through chance.Chance is secondary to consciousness. İf you are aware of this you are less likely to beblinded by the conspiracies of evil governments. Because they want you to believe inchance. They also want you to belong to a religion which doesn’t educate you too and theypull off it off with apparent ease.Even conspiracy theorists will tell you that the evil governments have made you believe inGod to make you impotent. Obedience to religion can make you impotent but not devotionto God. God does not make you impotent. God makes you potent. Because like father likeson. Like creator like created. We are little Gods for Godsake and if we live for God’s sake forGodsake then we will have all the power of God. İf you are in touch with the Supreme theSupreme works through you.All that is to do then is to be a vessel for love. And as love passes through you to everyoneelse you will be enblissed by it.What’s the problem?The problem is the ego. The ego is where we are at. İt is not going to let us get on a pathwhich is going to destroy it. Bhakti yoga is not difficult. The only difficulty is letting go of theego. And that is very difficult. Here is the paradox. The catch 22. But if you can crack it… ifsomething inspires you to trust something above yourself… someone outside the well, thenall will be well. Otherwise you are just going to join some meditation group and have somequack tell you that you are all you need.Like I said.. it is the age of masturbation. 16
  17. 17. ‘God cannot have a body!’ People say it. Even those who believe in God say he cannot…. Hecannot what… You cannot do this or that… for God there is no problem. He is the origin. Theiltgghujıı efrd r gdeew v nvmnventor. The computer cannot tell the programmer what hecan’t do!!! The programmer can do anything and everything. He is unlimited. She isunlimited. They are unlimited. And by unlimited one should not think of formless. İt is asmall logic to consider that God should be anythingLESS. The form of God is somethinginconceivable to a small minded man with no real information. But it is easy to consider ifyou understand that the Absolute can appear finite if it likes. İf you can consider this then wecan move on to discuss why exactly the Absolute enjoys this apparent finite manifestation.God the Person is an experience of bliss. Bliss.. or ananda… is the goal of life. İt is themeaning of life. God tastes bliss because he wants to. And he gives the taste to all who reallywant to because he wants to give it. That pleases God and it pleases the atma. There is nobusiness man here. This is a pure love relationship.We are in a business world. Wake up! They are making conspiracy. God is not a businessman. There may be many speaking about God who are because what do you think the otherguy does. He cheats. So the biggest cheaters are those who use God’s name for business. Butbe clear. Not to be cheated. By 1) Not having anything to do with them 2) Not letting othersconvince you that because religion is corrupt God does not exist.Religions are there to help you connect to God. İf they are not doing that they are useless orcorrupt. Most are corrupt because we live in these times. But please…. Don’t throw the babyout with the bath water. Then satan’s army win hands down. They put on robes.. dressreligious… rape your children.. .and you become atheists and follow down his path to …where to… anywhere…nowhere… somewhere…. samsara… the matrix.We are in the matrix. The world of maya, illusion.Maya is a recognized word nowadays and people take its meaning in different ways. Oneway is the Buddhistic way. Maya is illusion. Unreal. This world is a dream and therefore don’tgive any meaning to it, transcend it, and come to the platform of nirvana. Mayavadis(followers of the impersonal path) will say the same only their goal is Brahman. There is littledifference between nirvana and Brahman. Zero and One are exactly the same if there is noTwo.Many Krishna devotees see Maya as that evil attractress dragging you back into the matrixfrom the goal of transcendence and Krishna Consciousness.The Vedic scriptures explains that maya is two-fold. The phantasmagoria itself. The tangibleworld around us. The object. And the perception of it. The subjective. The illusion is primarilysubjective. The objective is just a type of God’s energy. A creation enabling the individualizedsouls to feel at home away from home. 17
  18. 18. Real home is not in this phantasmagoria of a material world but the phantasmagoria of aspiritual world. The material world is known as mahamaya. The spiritual world is known asyogamaya. So maya is not necessarily a bad thing. İt is not something or somewhere to runaway from.Bhakti-yoga therefore is not an escape away from anywhere….. from samsara, from maya,from the material world. But it is an embrace of a superior energy. Embracing that superiorenergy naturally relinquishes you from the shackles of the inferior energy. Karma isdestroyed. The bonds of action created over millions of lifetimes are destroyed by bhakti-yoga without ever trying to understand how.It is quite simple to understand. When you love you feel good. When you feel good youdon’t feel bad. When there is light there is no dark. You cannot get rid of darkness beforeturning the light on. You turn the light on and the darkness disappears. You cannot get rid ofair before putting water in a cup. You add water and air disappears. So this is the positivepath of love. You add. There is no subtraction. There is no working on your evils. Trying touproot your anger and fear and jealousy and hatred and greed. You just love.You just love God.Because love’s pre-requisite is a lover. And God is the original lover whose love is connectedto everything. Therefore to love God is to love the root of the tree of life. Trying to love alland avoid God is like trying to constantly water the innumerable leaves of a tree. İt isuseless. The attempt may look impressive to onlookers. As the opposite attempt to love Godmay look unimpressive and neglective to onlookers. But actually real love has to comethrough the source of creation.Once you get a little bit of this love from the source you love everything and everyoneequally….. and differently. Equally is important at this stage of understanding because that isthe oneness experience, the sustenance, offered by love. The different ways to love are likeflavours of that food. And this we will discuss later.I am going through aspect after aspect of bhakti yoga to give you an insight into the fullnessof it. İt is complete. Each aspect can be described and explained in incredible detail. And infact it has. There is so much bhakti literature, so much wisdom given to humanity from greatsouls who have awakened their highest potential as lovers of God. They have related thegreat Vedas in simplified ways. İn complex ways. İn fun ways. İn serious ways. İn poetry. İnprose. İn art. İn dance. İn music. İn their exemplary lives they have lived.Bhakti yoga reveals your highest self and nurtures your eternal relationship with theAbsolute… .. the Absolute Absolute being Bhagavan… God. İt nurtures your relationshipswith each other and with Mother Earth. İt does not contradict other spiritual paths ordoctrines but rather solidifies, completes and reconciles all paths so that the final journey,the goal of all paths may be finally realized. 18
  19. 19. There is a way disseminated. There is a goal revealed. Sadhana and sadhya.Where are you? Where are you going? How are you going to get there? What are theobstacles? What are the positive signs that you are going in the right direction? What are thechanges in consciousness? How will you perceive? How will you be perceived?All these pertinent questions and much more are described in beautiful, graceful textswritten by those who love God and All. I will try to convey and do the same.Part 7Sadhana – the practiceWe have discussed what the goal is so now let us discuss what is the sadhana – the way tothe goal! What is the practice practiced in order to achieve the goal of love of God.There must be a practice. There must be something one can do to succeed. And bhaktisadhana is just that.Bhakti is a science. There is no need for belief. İn the beginning you can experiment with thesadhana until faith becomes your eternal possession. There is a difference between beliefand faith. Let us scrutinize the words in order to understand what is what. Belief belongs tosentimentality. İf you check religions around the world you will see that belief is regarded asthe goal of those religions. İf you believe in Jesus then you are saved. İf you believe in Allahyou are saved. And thus you don’t have to worry about what happens in your life becauseyou will go to heaven when you die. I can say nothing to these people because they will nothave got this far in the book. But maybe you realize the counter-productive sentimentality inthat. İt is counter productive because one who believes and believes that belief is enough isnot going to do any sadhana.. work towards refining one’s consciousness… nor is he going todo anything altruistic because this life is just something to pass by and leave behind.I say don’t believe in Krishna… in Radha… but take the time to inquire… and to experimentwith the practice that I am absolutely sure will reveal everything to you. The sadhana WİLLlead you to the goal. That goal is a conscious state. A state of love. And in that state of loveyou will perceive a subtle world which is ordinarily beyond perview.Science. Experiment and see.There are things to do which will lead to inner development and a higher vibrational level.That itself is a wonder. That itself is grace.Another concept to get straight. Grace. Once you accept God then how is it that you need todo something to achieve God. İs God not in complete control and you just an impotent sparkwaiting for help? 19
  20. 20. Again.. consciousness invites you to embraces opposite poles. Grace and graft are to beunderstood simultaneously. Yes. Everything is coming from grace. That you will perceivelater if not already. But you have to graft for it. And this is the real grace. God is giving yousome control because that is why he created you. So that you and he can live individuallyand experience the fun of this inter-active movie.Sadhana is interaction. I said earlier that ‘you’ create your movie, that ‘you’ should takecontrol of your life and act positively to create a positive life. However, we have decided togo down the love path and in this love path is the lover and the Absolute nature of the Lover.You do not have power. The Absolute Lover has all the power and you are an infinitesimalatma desiring to relate to that power. You are the creator. You are the created. You are themaster. You are the servant. How the paradox is true you will understand, by practice and bygrace simultaneously.From the beginning you do not have to accept God or grace. You do not have to believe in aboy with a flute who is living in another world enjoying with his dearest. On the journey fromA to B we do not have to believe beyond our perception. We just have to have the interestto inquire sincerely. And to take up the offer given by devotees like me. Try it! Sincerely.I guarantee anyone will be successful in meeting with God. I can prove God to you. But thereis a way. You can get butter from milk but you have to do something. Sadhana.That sadhana is a mood and an action because all actions are enacted in a mood. So themood is sincerity. Honest inquiry. That is all.And the sadhana is mantra.Primarily.Are you ready?Here is where we dive into experience, holding hands of philosophy on a journey under theocean of love. İf you don’t dive then what I say from here may just seem wishy-washy toyou. İf you are looking at the ocean from above the water what you see will be disturbed bythe water’s surface. İt will appear unstable. So dive if you are a scientist. İf you are sincere.Honest. Because I am a scuba diver. I know what is inside this ocean. And all it takes is foryou to dive. You may surface again whenever you like.Mantra.Mantra-ray…. Ha ha. I have actually scuba dived in Hawaii with manta-rays but this type ofdiving is with mantra.Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare HareHare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare 20
  21. 21. This is the mantra.Chant this mantra. To yourself. Out loud. On beads. On your fingers. Count. Don’t count. Asyou feel.But here is my advice.Take my advice.Forget Hare Krishnas. You are not joining a cult. You can if you want but this is not essential.Cults in this world are all temporary and they may help you with an eternal quest or not. Thisis individual science right now. So forget about anyone else. Don’t worry about image. Allimages that you may try to emulate are worthless. Fashion is transitory and you are not. Soforget about being cool. Cool people are usually stupid when it comes to what matters.Concentrate.On sound.The mantra works because sound is creative. That has been scientifically proven by modernscience as well as ancient science. The mantra is a sound which is vibrating love rightthrough it. Female love and masculine love. For Hare is the secret sound for Radha, thefeminine deity of love. And Krishna and Rama are both names of the masculine deity of love.For now.. again.. you do not have to believe in deities. I am just explaining what the soundsare. You will come to realize… not believe…. REALİZE what I am saying to be true.Ego; ‘No I won’t’İntelligence; ‘Ego, quiet a while I am just experimenting. What is wrong with experimenting?’Ego; ‘Don’t trust anyone. Everyone is after something. Your money or your energy. Put thebeads down. This is a cult.’You will hear this voice as you chant. İt will tell you a million and one reasons why what youare doing is stupid. İt is not you.Chant and listen to the words. When you hear the voice arguing with you just hear that too.And then hear the words again.Be patient. There is bound to be an argument because what you are doing is separating yourself from your ego. The more you concentrate and meditate and chant you will be able tomore clearly perceive these two different ‘yous’. Ego and self. İt is something quiteexhilarating. After a while you will be able to defeat your own ego 21
  22. 22. Ego; ‘He is just saying that to trap you. You are going to be brainwashed and then you willgive all your money to some guru. You don’t need a guru. Love is inside of you. Stop chantingthis stupid mantra…’Self; Hare Krishna Hare Krishna ……You won’t need to argue anymore. You will know. Because you will FEEL that what you doingis giving you great awareness. İt is not brainwashing you in the sense of cult brainwashing..but yes… your brain becomes clean enough to be able to detect your own ego and ignore it.Once you ignore it for a while it disappears. The mind, the ego.. whatever you want to callit… that voice which tries to perpetuate your suffering… will become a distant voice.And you will become CLEAN.My personal experience of chanting in the beginning was like this. And many many peopletell similar stories. I will tell you mine.I started chanting and it was very weird at first. But I liked it.The first thing I noticed was how much I started to notice Krishna everywhere. Devotees onthe street. People chanting on the underground in London. Pictures, books, music in clubswith mantra in the mix… Co-incidence. Wow. That was a big one. My life started to get verywell timed. I was thinking of someone and bumping into them two minutes later. Stuff likethis.The rays were getting through.Chanting is like wiping mud from your windscreen with windscreen wipers. Your thick mud-like karma, accrued over millions of life-times, is difficult to remove. İn the beginning it mayseem like there is no effect. Of course… remember… your mood is important. İf you arechanting in order to prove chanting a hoax then of course you will get all the signs that it is ahoax. People will come up to you and tell you… ‘chanting is a hoax’ because the chantingdoes this. İt fulfills your desire.İf you want to disprove it. You will succeed. İf you want to prove it. You will succeed. İf youdon’t want anything. İf you are merely experimenting. Then you will see clearly. And that iswhy I say mood is important. Because it is important to be clear. Don’t believe chanting isgood or bad. Just listen to the sound… sincerely.I trusted my own sincerity. That was my trust in the beginning. I didn’t trust any HareKrishna. I did not meet any Hare Krishna in the beginning. I read Bhagavad-gita.Another good idea.Another sadhana. 22
  23. 23. Sravana. Hearing… reading the sastra… the scripture. The truth: Krİshna consciousness is nota sentimental thing. İt is the acquisition of wisdom which will light up the heart with sat citananda. Eternity, knowledge and bliss. These three thİngs are to be acquİred naturallythrough sadhana:One thing is for sure as I write. That everyone readİng is in a different place; a differentconscious space: Some people will believe in God, some people will not. Some people willhave been to İndia: some won’t. Some people will feel they belong to some religion or someculture or some nationality. Some will feel aloof from all definition. As we enter the sadhanaI would like to make it clear that there is a simple message that I would like to put out.You have to trust yourself.Everything boils down to trust.İn this world you either trust someone who is not worthy of trust. You trust no-one. Or youtrust someone who is worthy of trust. There may be only 5 percent of people in this worldworthy of trust. There may be less than 1 percent. But I am absolutely sure that I am in thatlittle category. I am absolutely sure of myself. Positive. And that is how we must be. Sure ofour self. Because the key to success is sincerity and trust in one’s self.When you trust your self you can then trust others. Those who trust no-one do not trustthemselves. İt is an irony worth mentioning. A new age fad. ‘Do not trust anyone. Trust onlyyourself:’ but if you trust your self you will trust those trustworthy, naturally. Because if youtrust your self you will be alert to who is worthy of trust. And then you will get a feeling: ah;this person is worthy of trust.So fear no-one.And trust your self.And experiment wİth what I am saying. Because there is nothing to lose.There İs nothİng to lose.İt has been sİxteen years sİnce I fİrst started chantİng and I am stİll eager to share. That ishow love leaves you. Eager to share. When I first experienced the bliss of this mantra I wascertain I would make a love revolution. That İs what happens to you. You want the wholeworld to stop and take notice.‘Hey everyone… stop for a second.. I found the answer.. the answers.. the truth.. the love….And I can easily tell you about it.’You think that people will pull over in their cars and listen… because you are dying to tellthem. You know. And it is so simple. This will happen to you. And people around you will…..think you have lost the plot. Irony after irony. You find the plot and people think you havelost it. 23
  24. 24. Because other people are also fanatic about their truth does not mean that all truths youhere are mental delusions from fanatics. The one who really holds the key will also shout Ihave the key along with all those deluded. And those deluded are probably not deluded butrather holding part of the puzzle but missing a few pieces.Mantra makes everythİng very clear.Bhagavad-gita solidifies the clarity.The window wipers go to work on the mud on the windscreen. First of all the thick mud iswiped away. There is so much mud that though much is cleared still the windscreen iscovered. Nothing seems to be happening because you cannot perceive a difference yet.Keep chanting, keep those windscreen wipers working and finally you get to notice somelight.Divinity:You are goİng to realize divinity in three phases: Brahman; paramatma and bhagavan. Firstyou notice the light. You notice that there is a divinity. This is a big change from not feelingdivinity before or a merger as you realize that the divinity previously experienced by yourselfis awakened further by chanting.Nature appears extraordinarily divine. I remember the day after I started chanting. I walkeddown high road in east finchley and noticed a tree on the side of the road. I really noticed it.It was exhuberant, incredible, divine. I had never noticed this tree before. The cars andbanks and buildings all looked pretty dull in comparison. But this tree was alive: Paramatma:God is in all living things.I realized paramatma pretty early in my chanting because of my sincerity of heart. I readBhagavad-gita and surrendered İmmedİately. Because it encouraged surrender. Ultimatelythis is where devotion takes you. İnto a let go. İnto surrender unto the divine. And I dİd İtwİth a deep heart and thus the divine reciprocated by glossİng the planet wİth a deepeffulgence.The next day I noticed the flowers in the temple garden in the Manor; near Watford. Was Itripping on acid or ecstasy or mushrooms? The only previous experience of this natural buzzwas while taking these perception-changers. But now I was only chanting.This you have in store for you as the surrender to the divine increases.You keep chanting. Suddenly there are rays of lİght comİng through the wİndscreen: this isparamatma realization.You keep chanting and you start to see the other side of the windscreen. The real world: thespİrİtual world: bhagavan realization. 24
  25. 25. The final realization. Bhagavan realization is the greatest experience. This takes somepractice. This is not given to you overnight. But you will realize that Bhagavan realization isthe goal before you get to it. You will know the absolute truth in theory before you fullyrealize it. Because the energy comİng from Bhagavan realization is so strong… so sweet… soblissful.. that even before it comes to you…. Its effect reaches you. You begin to feel love forGod way before you meet wİth God. But you know that is what will happen. And that itself isgreat blissful feeling.Hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hareHare rama hare rama rama rama hare hareIt is very simple. It is the backbone of the culture of Krishna consciousness.These names are not dİfferent from the personalİtİes whose names they are: that is howspiritual sound works. When you chant your soul.. your inner self recognizes the sound. İt isas if the baby of your soul is awoken by the calling of the mother and father. But before youfeel that feeling of being found by your eternal mother and father there is some cleaning todo. When you at last feel that recognİtİon you sİmultaneously feel the separatİon: ‘whathave I been doing all these years.’ That is just one lifetime. İf you could feel all the lifetimesyou had been separated that feeling may well be too overwhelming.At the same time you feel…. ‘why did I not chant your names earlier…’ you feel absolutelypleased that you did at last. And you feel eternity. When you feel eternİty you realİzetİmelessness: this negates the regret for here you are, now, with the greatest gift of all.Grace.Welcome home.Part 8Sraddha - trustWhen you taste a little love from above you are going to want to taste some more. You aregoing to want to get serious. Congratulations. Really. Big congratulations if you get this far.Let me tell you. If you get this far you have gone all the way. Because the rest is a conveyorbelt into the loving arms of the personal divine. It is still a way to go. It is not easy. But it isinevitable if you get the point that you seriously want to go all the way.This is called sraddha, trust. You trust the process. Trust in the self and trust in the process ofbhakti become one. Now you are a sadhaka. A practitioner of sadhana bhakti.The essence of bhakti is devotion. Love. Love is not just a general feeling of universalaffection… it is that also… but more than that it is specific. As you may feel love for everyone 25
  26. 26. in the world, simultaneously you feel a certain kind of specific love for your lover or yourmother or your father or brother and sister. Love therefore is not only universal it is specific.It is the same with divine love. Love for God is not only conglomerate. That feeling is calledbrahmananda, the bliss of Brahman, love for the everything. Love of God can be specific too.That love is called premananda, the bliss of love. That bliss is tasted in connection to thelover. İt includes and surpasses in quality the bliss of brahmananda.Here bhakti yoga begins. With the knowledge that we are going for the topmost bliss. Andfrom the beginning we are eligible to taste it. İt is not saved for after death. İt is constantlyavailable… through bhakti yoga.Bhakti yoga in practice is called sadhana bhakti.Bhakti yoga perfected is called prema bhakti.The way and the goal are the same only perfection takes over from practice.In the practice stage the goal is always kept in focus. So we know where we are heading.In perfection we are united with Bhagavan… in deep awareness of another realm. We aredevoted to God completely.In practice we do sadhana.We chant.And when we attain sraddha, trust, we naturally inquire. ‘ok, what else can I do, what elsecan I give towards attaining more depth…’At this point I trusted Bhagavad-gita and I trusted Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta SwamiPrabhupada. Bhagavad-gita gives the answer to those asking this question at the point ofsraddha.In Sanskrit ‘tad viddhi pranipatena pariprasnena sevaya upadeksyanti te jnanam jnaninastattva darsinah’ ‘Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. İnquire fromhim submissively and render service to him. The self realİzed souls can İmpart knowledgeunto you because they have seen the truth:’What truth have they seen seen? What tattva? Acintya bhedabheda tatta. The inconceivableoneness and difference of the absolute. Krishna. They have seen Krİshna. Now İf you want tosee the absolute you have to approach, inquire and serve someone that has. Simple.The guru is essential in the path of love. Because we are talking about love not justknowledge. Knowledge you can get from a book or by meditation. But love is a dance so youneed a dancing partner. Be careful because there is a lot of money and a lot of satisfactionfor the ego for people bowing to you and calling you ‘master’. So the real masters are sought 26
  27. 27. with deep sincerity. Only by your own honesty will the real master be revealed.Arrangements will be made that you meet the real master when you sincerely want to.The guru represents God. İt is not small thing. İt is a massive thing. Because if the guru isconnected in a parampara…. a chain of bonafide masters… then that river of love can flowinto your heart.When I found my guru I was so incredibly happy. I accepted Prabhupada and his writings till Ifound my guru and that was some comfort because I felt guided and cared for… but I couldfeel something missing. And that was due to my chanting with sraddha.. with trust. The nextstep was to accept a guru… so before this there was naturally a void. I felt so alone. Myfamily couldn’t help me achieve love of God. My friends couldn’t. And devotees around me Ifelt couldn’t. When I came into Krishna Consciousness I felt happy to be with the devoteesbut there was a strange religious vibration and pseudo-spiritual egos that created a suspicionin me. The void created a deep prayer in me. And the prayer was answered.Prayer. All prayers are received by Paramatma. Paramatma runs through all living beings likea network of blood. We bump into each other accidentally due to Paramatma. There is noaccident. Our thoughts, our prayers, our desires, mixed up with our karma are creating theplay. When you understand this then prayer is scientific and you can put some energy intothe play.Whether you are Christian, Muslim or Hindu or member of an African tribe…. Paramatmareceives all the imput you imput. For there is one God. Unfortunately most religious peoplecannot reconcile different doctrines which are given according to time, place andcircumstance. Even in Hare Krishna sects there are differences and people arguing with eachother based on temporary advice from their gurus.This path you are on has been traversed before and it is being traversed by many right now…so there are things which are common to all… but then there are things which are absolutelyunique to you. That is why I say My Radha… because She is My God.. although She may bethe same as yours She is absolutely unique to me. Again, divine paradox must be understoodso we don’t fight at every step; so we can unite despite differences.There are many Krishna devotees who say that Prabhupada is the last great teacher and thathe will be the teacher for the next 10,000 years. But that is stripping bhakti from its greatestgift. The guru. The guru is alive. A personality. A person. A representative of God in the flesh.İt is difficult to accept. İt is easy to accept a guru who has passed away or is in heavenlooking on because you don’t have to face him. You can just receive inspiration from aboveand not have to suffer the blows from below that the guru will deal you. The guru exists torid you of ego.My guru told me that the first thing a devotee wants to do after taking initiation is to kill theguru. That sounded harsh but it is because the person taking initiation has ego and the ego is 27
  28. 28. going to die at the hands of the guru. When the guru dies actually many disciples become sopleased. Those disciples are the ones who have hung on to their egos and enjoyed thesensual, mental, intellectual and social benefits of the bhakti rather than the austerities of it.The ones who are happy to see the guru die will be the ones crying many crocodile tears inpublic to cover the reality.You expect when joining a movement towards love that everyone is fall of it. But beware.Really beware. Most in this world are not full of it. And if they are in a movement where theyought to be full of it they will act like they are full of it while being full of the opposite. Ego.Hence you have so much apparent devotion around you but little real devotion. I know manypeople won’t come to Krishna Consciousness because they are sensitive to the former, theyfeel the pretentiousness of so-called devotees. And that gives a bad impression, a badsamskara. Krishna becomes a distasteful word as it is now attached to the egoistic HareKrishna you met on the street trying to push his philosophy when you could see and feel thatit wasn’t realized knowledge…. just some information.This is a shame. I know. But this is the world. This is not the fault of bhakti. İt is not the faultof devotees or God. God is not to blame for the demise of religion. Jesus is not to be hatedbecause of fanatic Christians who get on your nerves with their fananticism, nor Mohammedto be hated for fundamentalist Muslims. Understand. It is you and the truth. The outside is aplay. And in this world the minority will be possessed with love.What is incredible is that in this world there are people with Absolute Love for God. İf youcan muster up enough sincerity and earnest desire to meet them then you are incrediblyfortunate. If you attain sraddha… trust in them you are even more fortunate. İf you feel likesurrendering to them then you are in a category heralded by the Vedic scriptures assupremely fortunate. We are talking about human beings capable of delivering you from evil,delivering you from good at the same time, and hoisting you into a dimension you will cometo know while climbing the ladder of love.I can give you a few names. I will do so as I tell you my history as a disciple.Part 9Guru – the teacherMy prayer was sincere. İt was to Prabhupada. İt was to Paramatma. It was to myself. İt wasto Krishna. All these were the same really. My trust encompassed them and united themtogether as one gracious entity. And my prayer was answered when I realized that Srila GourGovinda Maharaja was also for me. He was a lecturer, a guru in the Isckon movement. Iloved him. Only he had left the world a year earlier, as Prabhupada had in 1977. But hislectures inspired me to keep praying for the real deal as his lectures really emphasized thispoint which I am emphasizing now. So maybe it his grace you are receiving here. However. 28
  29. 29. He was not physically present anymore and he was adamant İn reiterating the verse above.‘You have to approach and İnquİre and serve a spİrİtual master.’Jesus is a spiritual master but you cannot approach him, physİcally.Prabhupada worship is as honest as this but İn Gaudiya Vaishnavism, which is the correctname for the hare Krishna cult, there is a parampara, a continuation, a descendency, a flowof love. My prayers became more ardent as my awareness of my need set in. I soon realizedthat Srila Narayana Maharaja was my guru. From pictures. From a feeling I got around hisdisciples. He was mine. I was his.When I went to India for the first time it was as a devotee. I never noticed the hippies andİsraelis and all of the traveler culture till later. I went for Krishna, for my devotional life andto meet with Srila Narayana Maharaja.I was presented with someone else. Not someone instead of but someone as well of. SrimanPremananda Prabhuji. Prabhuji was the leader of the ashrama in Mathura and such abeautiful loving soul that everyone naturally fell under his care. He became my siksa guru…my instructing guru and Srila Narayana Maharaja became my initiating guru, the guru whogives mantras and officially starts you on the path.A year ago as I write Srila Narayana Maharaja left this world. He left an enthusiasticfollowing and very high class devotees to continue his mission. Which is the same of alllovers of Krishna; to distribute love.Premananda Prabhuji is still around. And worthy of dropping everything you are doing tomeet with him.He gave me the name Pitambara Das and Srila Narayana Maharaja confirmed it.Mine is a long story, a different story than many devotees because I was lead away from theusual path of bhakti onto a less common esoteric path. I’m sure that I am writing to conveythis to you because there is no use just repeating what devotees have already repeated. Allmy gurus have encouraged me to distribute, to teach and yet my way appears contradictoryto the standard Hare Krishna way. This may be why you are reading my book right now.After some time in the Gaudiya Math I studied philosophy deeper and served Sri HaridasSastri Maharaja in Vrindavan for 3 years. At the end of that time I filled with love andrealization. I had darsana… a vision of Radha…. and became mad with love for Radha andKrishna.After studying and serving Maharaja and his cows in Vrindavan for three years Prabhuji sentme to Navadvipa, the birthplace of Sri Chaitanya where I met Sri Sacidulal Babaji Maharajawho completed my guru life-story by giving me babaji vesa and siddha pranali, furtherinitiations into the esoterics of Krishna consciousness. I will explain later the details of this. 29
  30. 30. Sri Sacidulal Babaji Maharaja was an amazing 100 year old man (I think he was 100 years oldfor about 100 years!!) who was in total ecstasy all of the time. He was known as a pagalbaba…. one intoxicated like a crazy man in love with god. He was not difficult to fall in lovewith. İt was instantaneous. I was lucky to have met such a soul and for him to bless me as hedid. He told me to build temples all over the world and distribute his own mantra. I haven’tdone that yet. I wİll try.He passed away last year, unfortunately for the world.There is one other very inspiring guru in my life. And he still lives…. in radha kund. Thesacred pond near vrindavan where Krishna played his earthly play 5000 years ago. Sri Anantadas Babaji Maharaja received me after reading a request of residence written by Sri SacidulalBabaji Maharaja. Both have apparent different views concerning deeper truths regarding thephilosophy but I know they are one in their endeavour to present this absolute truth in theirown unique ways.So…. I present to you a little of my history so that you can get a feel of an important part ofbhakti sadhana… that is sadhu sanga.The most important.Maha mantra and sadhu sanga, they are pertinent İn developİng love conscİousness.Part 10Vraja – the spiritual landBhakti yoga is a joy to perform. If you get a taste for it. İf you are sincere in your devotion. İtis not if you are trying to show you are a devotee. Then the chanting is tiring and theassociation with devotees like poison. Pretentiousness is not for us. İf you are not into theidea of devotion then I advise you to stay away. İt is not worth the show to stay around thedevotional community. İt will hinder your spiritual progress in the long run if inside you areaverse.İf you are attracted it is going to be joyous. Of course, in the beginning there may be somefight from the mind and the ego, but the soul feeling its clarity will be a sweet taste and onethat leads you further into sadhana.Bhagavad-gita explains the ontological nature of the soul and then delves into yoga. Fromthe centre we understand what we are… and then start to move. Now I have mentionedgurus and chanting and lila and Krishna. There are so many topics to discuss. İt is as if thewhole jigsaw piece is slowly coming through at the same time… revealing itself as a wholenot just piece by piece. 30
  31. 31. To acquire love of God you must fall in love with someone who fell in love with someonewho fell in love with God. İt is not rocket science. İt is love science. And very simple tounderstand.Another very important thing to do is visit Vrindavan where Radha and Krishna wandered,played, frolicked 5000 years ago. They are historical figures. Real personalities whose lifestories have been passed down from elder to younger for 50 centuries. These stories havebeen passed down in such a pristine condition that it is as if they were here only yesterday.That is how it feels. İn the area called Vraja between Delhi and Agra there are villages eachwith their own story. First Mathura, a city on the bank of the River Yamuna. This is whereKrishna was born and then taken to Gokul to be with his foster parents Yashoda and Nanda.Mathura is not so pretty nowadays but there are important temples. The most important tome is the Gaudiya Math where I spent 7 years as a brahmacari.. a young monk learning theart of devotion. Across the river is a small village named İsapur. I lived there for a couple ofyears also and the children still remember the song I wrote for them on guitar. ‘The Childrenof İsapur are always very happy.’ And they were. And they still are. These little villages inVraja melt your heart.The life hasn’t changed for centuries and the stories come to life once you feel the culturefrom the inside. İ could never understand how a devotee of Krishna could spend their life inEurope and never visit Vrindavan because here is where you learn about Krishna, theculture. Not from the books but from the river, from the kids, from the plants and weeds andpigs and monkeys and donkeys and honkeys. (Prabhuji likes to give sentences like this… itrubs off!!)The honkeys are the rickshaws riding around the area. I wish Vrindavan would be off limitsto cars because over the last decade it has become infested with Delhi-wallahs… peoplefrom Delhi visiting for a quick blessing. Vrindavan is incredible. İt is deemed the mostspiritual abode in the universe. Not only İndia or Planet Earth but in the 14 planetarysystems mentioned in the Vedas there is nowhere like Vrindavan.I have had so many mystical experiences in Vrindavan. I wouldn’t know where or how toexplain them. When I am in Vrindavan I feel like I am top of a spiritual mountain… wherethere is no time. It is eternal. It feels as if the rest of the world is a moat where sharks maydrag you down, into samsara once again, where people try and stand on your head to get tothe shore to survive. But Vrindavan, you are home. And you can feel Krishna everso vividly.Vrindavan is sweeter than Mathura and Goverdhan sweeter still. Goverdhan is a hill which is16 km long, 20 meteres in height, and 50 meteres wide. İt is a beautiful purple colour. İtlooks out of place in the middle of flat Rajastan and stories that the monkey God Hanumandropped Goverdhan here while carrying it from the Himalyas are somehow quite plausible.Goverdhan is surrounded by cows and monkeys and peacocks and sadhus, prostratingthemselves in penance. Goverdhan was a favourite playing place of Radha and Krishna and 31
  32. 32. all their friends. There were caves and waterfalls and flowers and kunjas…. secret hidingplaces for young lovers. And of course… at the end of the hill lies Radha Kund and ShyamaKund. These are two small ponds, rediscovered 500 years ago by Chaitanya Mahaprabhuwhere Radha and Krishna would have their most intimate pastimes. Radha Kund is regardedas THE capital of Gaudiya Vaishnavism.It is nowadays a place where the devoted devotees pray, chant japa (mantra), and listen toesoteric lectures given by elevated sadhus. I love Radha Kund. She is my home. I would bethere right now if Radha herself had not encouraged me to return to the west to extend Hervery hand to everyone seeking LOVE.Such a small place. Such a wonderful place. And there are many many wonderful places tovisit. Down the road is Varsana where Radha grew up with Her parents. There is a temple onthe hill where their house was. It is straight from a fairytale book. Down the road from thereis Nandagaon where Krishna grew up. These two villages are built on hills. The hills are saidto be reincarnations of Brahma and Siva. Radha and Krishna used to send love messages bycarrier birds to each other.Between the two villages is Prema Sarovara (love pond) which is where… you can guess!!And near there Uccagaon where Radha’s best friend lives (lived… lives… there is nodifference in Vraja!!) Near there is Yavat where Radha lived with Her husband. Yavat is myfavourite place in the world. The first time İ visited Yavat was with a party of about 4 busesof western devotees. The village is tiny so we swarmed the area. I remember looking downone little lane and feeling like … this was it…. I live here. For a moment I was not who I was.Who was I? I was from Yavat. Then the devotees called me…. Pitambara das… get on thebus…. What… I cried… I was from here. I was lead away.Years later I visited again. The same feeling came back. The third time I returned and stayedin the room next to the room which was observed as Radha’s own bedroom 5000 yearsago… or yesterday, today!!I wrote poems on the walls of love for Yavat because the temple sadhu said he would paintin a few days. I did it for love not thinking about preservation. The day after another devoteecame and read the poems and stopped the painting. I saw the poems later on facebook andmany people swooning over this poetry which came from nowhere. They were trying to findthe scripture. When I claimed responsibility that is the last I heard. Ha ha. I am not known tobe a great devotee. I will tell you why later!This is Vraja. You should go.Now… I have mentioned a little of my Radha and Krishna. Did you get a taste? This is KrishnaConsciousness. Vraja Consciousness. Krishna is not God in our tradition. Krishna is Krishna.He is God but God is just his part time job. More importantly he is the lover of Vraja, the best 32
  33. 33. friend of his friends, the adorable son of Yashoda and Nanda, the amourous lover of thegopis (the milk maids)… more… the lover of Radha, the Queen of Vrindavan.Krishna is intimate. Krishna consciousness is all about intimate love of God.There are opulent universes where people go to be with God in all his pomp and ceremony(aishvarya). These are called Vaikuntha planets. Here God has 4 arms and everyone who livesthere acquires a similar 4 armed body. Awe and reverence abound as everyone has Absoluteknowledge of who is God. And they are so happy to be Him.Krishna goes deeper. There is something missing in Vaikuntha. That is sweetness andintimacy!!? Vraja bhakti is the highest worship there is because there is no worship. Ratherthose who end up alongside Krishna in his world become on a par with him. They are hisfriends, his lovers. There is madhurya (sweetness) instead of (on top of!!) aishvarya(reverence). Here God forgets He is God.Why would God want to forget? So that he can play like a normal little boy. So that he canexperience surprise. So that he can experience human love in its most gorgeous way. So thathe can embrace me and you and look us in the eyes, slap us on the face or kiss us on the lips.Krishna may appear like an ordinary boy. He does. But he is not. To many people, evenHindus, Krishna is just a story about love and Krishna is a way to explain what love is andactually when you reach God you will …A merge into Brahman or B go to Vaikuntha and bewith Narayana.Krishna devotees are not interested in anything but Krishna and Vraja. The philosophy is byno means whimsical. Neither is Krishna.Vraja is a world superior to nirvana, Brahman, Vaikuntha…. Anywhere. Yet it looks so simple.And that is the beauty. When you have the Creator of the Universe in front of you you wouldexpect to be over-awed. İn fact Krishna himself showed his friend Arjuna his UniversalForm… and then Arjuna pleaded take it away. İt was too much. Plus… Arjuna loved Krishnawithout reason. He was not interested in God. He loved God. God just happened to be hisfriend.Covering the souls in our material world is an energy called maya, mahamaya. İn Vraja thereis an energy covering Krishna called Yogamaya. Yogamaya is an energy of Krishna’s … aseverything is…. Which enables perfect forgetfulness in order for there to be enhancedsweetness in the Play of God.Lila. The play of God is the reason we are all existing. Yet it is beyond reason. There is noreason there. There is only love. From this world of reason we may enter that realm whenlove plunders our reason and makes a home in our heart. 33
  34. 34. Due to the intimacy Yogamaya allows, Krishna is absolutely in love with everyone… andespecially Yashoda and Nanda, and especially the cowherd boy friends of his… and moreespecially the gopis.. and of all the gopis… yes… you are getting it… Radha is the Queen.Hmmm.. now we are getting into rasa-tattva…. Knowledge concerning the science ofrelationship. Once you start explaining Krishna’s world it is difficult to get out and come backdown to sadhana… but I will in a moment. Let me explain rasa now, having opened this door.There are 5 types or flavours of relationship. They ascend according to depth.Santa rasa means neutral love. The love we have for trees and plants and animals here.Universal love.Dasya rasa means servitude and it is the relationship of teacher and student which in Vedictradition is very close.Then there is Sakhya rasa which is friendship.Vatsalya rasa is parent-child love.And srngara rasa or madhura rasa is romantic love.Now… a little bit of simple Sankhya philosophy.İn 5 there is 4,3,2 and 1.The romantic lover may feel all the different relationships of love.The mother cannot feel like the lover however. 4 cannot taste 5.The mother can be the friend but the friend cannot really feel like the father or mother.And so on.Created first in our world is ego … and then intelligence and mind. And then comes the fivegross elements the first of which is sound. Sound resides in the ether and enables hearing.The ear represents sound.Second is air which enables touch. The skin hosts touch.Third is fire which enables sight. The eye hosts sight.Fourth is water which enables taste. The tongue hosts taste.Fifth is earth which enables smell. The nose hosts smell.İn earth you have the ability to smell, taste, see, feel and hear.İn water you can sense four things.. but you cannot smell it. 34
  35. 35. İn fire you can sense three things.. but you cannot taste or smell it.Air you cannot see.Ether you cannot feel on your skin.Relationship is similar and actually to go deeper into this I could explain how elements andrelationships are more intimately connected. Later maybe.Now we are out of the rasa as we describe what it is.As we get to know Krishna we will get to know who he is before forgetting all about thephilosophy and diving into relationship with him.What relationship depends on who you fall in love with down here. Because the gurus knowwhat relationship they have with Krishna. And their mood will be your mood too. You will beunique but you will inherit a certain rasa.I will save something for later. Because we are still a little way on the journey.Part 11Tapasya – austerity for spiritual developmentThere is something in this world that we keep failing to understand. That is that realhappiness comes from austerity and not indulgence. They are opposites.Generally in this world people collect, indulge, consume in order to be happy. But thehappiness is fleeting and the suffering drawn out.On the other hand for one who performs a bit of austerity for the sake of spiritual awakening(or even for physical and mental health!) the suffering is fleeting and the happiness is drawnout.İf you have open eyes you can easily understand that indulgence does not lead to happiness.İt leads to you being fat. Or it leads to you being addicted to pornography or drugs. İt leadsyou (some) to having a big bank account and fast cars and very little wisdom concerningwhat comes next. Even the offered revolutions talk about faster trains and more advancedtechnology yet those with wisdom realize that speed is not going to get us anywhere.Because we are ‘here’ to stay!What comes next? İt depends on what we do now. That is why it is recommended in theVedas to utilize this very precious human body for austerity.There were yogis in ancient times who used to do so many things to achieve different boons,mystical powers and spiritual enlightenment. There are nine mentioned mystic powers 35
  36. 36. including being able to levitate, walk on water, create from thin air, duplicate yourself, visitdifferent dimensions… etc . You can read Paramahamsa Yogananda if that takes your fancy.Me… I’m not so fascinated. I want love. And in bhakti yoga you can do stuff for love toowhich doesn’t involve so much austerity.The yogis I just mentioned used to sit in caves for hundreds of years naked, stand on one legfor years, lie on nails, live inside fire, alsorts of weird and wonderful stuff. İn fact in İndia youcan still see some weird and wonderful stuff. I mentioned Goverdhan hill. Around the 16 kmsadhus bow full length 108 times on the spot before moving to the next body length. 16 kmthey go around like this. İt takes about 4 years. They eat what comes to them and sleep withthe snakes in the rain. They have different desires, different material and spiritual goals.Recently I saw a video of Buddha boy.. one boy who meditated inside a tree for three yearsin his teens. İt was impressive. The boy used some Buddhist techniques to live on his ownprana, life-air. Of course, the western reporters couldn’t believe it and looked for conspiracy.The boy looked beautiful as he gave his first speech after. It was inspiring to see. DespiteBuddhism not being my path or my goal, it is encouraging to see youth meditating ratherthan playing play station 3.We have become useless.Life is for spiritual wealth and in bhakti yoga there are some austerities that will help withthe dive into the bliss of devotion.When I started to chant and trust Krishna and Srila Prabhupada I read that a devotee has tofollow four regulative principles. The four regs!! These were 1) No meat 2) No sex 3) No drugs 4) No gamblingI was ready to follow and needed a week’s contemplation before giving my life to devotionbecause at that time to give up these four things was to give my life to devotion. That is all Idid. I ate meat. I had sex. I took drugs. And … well… I didn’t really gamble. Reg 4 was easy.I got so happy chanting that I decided to do it. I vowed to follow these regulations and chantand surrender to the whim of Krishna, who I didn’t really know but trusted was inside myheart.That whas a good idea. I was elevated to a platform of happiness which was beyond sex,beyond drugs.Replacement. I replaced these indulgences with an austerity which gave more happiness…immediately. Because I meant it. The vow was sincere. 36
  37. 37. Drugs was easy. I didn’t really miss a few joints and the odd mushroom trip of course. Iwasn’t heavily into it. But İ did like sex.And this regulation … of course… is THE regulation.İt came back to haunt me after a month of freedom from sex desire.Because it is not a small thing. İt is the biggest thing. İt creates us. İt destroys us. It uplifts usand it can bring us down. Sex is another sub heading. İt is another book.Everything has its use and abuse. İn this world abuse is so easy to fall into. The river’s currentruns rapidly into abuse and therefore Bhagavad-gita teaches us to beware not to go withthat flow. Desire unfulfilled will lead to anger which will lead to frustration which will lead todelusion. Therefore Prabhupada more or less banned it. He spoke vehemently against itencouraging celibacy.And it worked. Many people tasted the fruit of celibacy, which is something like an orgasmicchill. What experience you have after sex can be had by not having sex at all. However, it isnot the cessation of sex which is important but rather the acquisition of a higher taste. Whenyou have that higher taste even sex is easily given up. Not so easily but not as difficult asmost would think.For those who didn’t get a higher taste while chanting sex became too difficult to overcomeand many plopped back into the material pool. Unfortunately, these ‘many’ thought sex andGod were incompatible opposites. Thus to really enjoy sex they had to dispatch of thephilosophy which stopped them from enjoying that too. Krishna helps of course by givingeveryone the feeling that they are right whatever they believe.God is not opposite of sex. On the contrary. He is the God of sex. He is sex, personified. Thisis what is quite confusing for people who meet Hare Krishna devotees. How come your Godis having sex and you cannot? İt is a good question and one which has been answeredby…..’God is God and you are his servant… sex is for God not you.’ But that doesn’t pullanyone in to bhakti yoga. What kind of God is it that enjoys and keeps you as a slave?Another answer is ‘Krishna is the only male and we are all females in the highest spiritualsense.’ İt is true. In an Absolute sense. But on the journey from A to B we are advised to actaccording to our position, both temporary and eternal. So there needs to be a closerexamination of what is good for the soul whilst residing in this body.Rupa Goswami, a respected associate of Chaitanya wrote that one is a great devotee whocan control the tongue, belly and genitals. We waste so much energy by indulging in idlespeech, by consuming too much food and by losing too much energy in sex. Control. Control 37
  38. 38. doesn’t mean negate. İt means use not abuse. The use of the tongue in bhakti is to speakabout bhakti and about Radha and Krishna, about sadhana and sadhya. The use of the bellyis to eat food which has been offered to Krishna by mantras which is called Prasad. That foodwill clean you of karma and give you the desire for performing more bhakti. And sex. That isfor making devotee children.Or remembering Krishna.Because Krishna is the God of sex. His play is very romantic and very erotic. That is known.What is not known is how exactly that can be. That what is binding and blinding here isliberating there.This topic needs a deeper look. For now… I want to glorify tapasya. What Prabhupada saw inthe world was addiction to sex, drugs and meat. The cure then was to give up. I know a wayin which sex can be used in Krishna consciousness…. a tantric path… but Prabhupada spokeagainst that too. He had to. You cannot allow an alcoholic a sip of wine. It doesn’t work. Onesip leads to two.İndulgence is destructive.The world is indulging in so much meat consumption now which is a gross addiction initself… that even the planet is suffering from it. So much water is required to produce fodderfor cattle and the cattle are not animals anymore… they are meat. The most glorious animal.The sacred cow. Why sacred? Only in Kali yuga does a human being need to ask. I challengedchildren at a school I was teaching when they asked me why the cow is sacred in İndia.‘What would you take to Planet Venus if we had to go and live there and we could take fivethings?’Of course the answers were play station, internet etc.. and the more serious answers…water, food…. Yes… and what food. Take a cow. Take two… one male and one female. Thecow gives pacha gavya. Five gifts. Milk, yoghurt, ghee, pee and poo! Food… the cow is givingice cream. Don’t kill it if you have respect for ice cream or butter or milk. Ghee is regarded asthe best of all foods and is very healthy despite what modern science desires you to believe(for their very ill agenda). Urine is a medicine for the inside of the body. Cow dung is amedicine for the outside of the body. Both disinfect and purify. Cow dung is also used tobuild houses and make fires and cook food. Need I continue? … oh, and they are so sweetand friendly. When you love them they love you back.Meat. Don’t eat it. We can do what we like. We have choıce. But why when we have choiceto we choose pain for others and pleasure for our self? Most religions tell you to stop it. Butwhen a religion tells you don’t drink blood so you squeeze the blood out of meat and eat 38