Issue3 07 2008


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LinkedIn CFD Group Newsletter.

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Issue3 07 2008

  1. 1. July 2008 Issue 3 L INKED I N CFD A networking forum for CFD professionals Membership Report Inside This Issue Membership Report 1 As reported in previous newsletters, our group Pointwise User Meeting 1 membership is growing rapidly. Currently, we have Career Opportunity 1 227 members in our group. Interestingly, our Google Discussion Group 2 membership is spread across the globe as well as Upfront CFD 2 across the spectrum of fields associated with CFD. Your Input 3 Somehow we need to harness the power of this Your Help 3 group by devising a database that shows how each member is associated with CFD and what is the expertise of each member. Career Opportunity Research ScientistPointwise User Meeting Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc. (CRAFT Tech) has openings for energetic and motivated individuals with experience inPointwise, Inc. is pleased to announce the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). MS/PhD inPointwise User Group Meeting 2008 will be held at mechanical/aerospace engineering preferred, BS withthe Embassy Suites Hotel in Downtown Fort Worth at least 2 years direct experience will also beon 5-6 November, 2008. The meeting will include considered. U.S. citizenship is required. Backgroundsspecial Pointwise and Gridgen training seminars, in grid generation/adaptation, turbulence modelingpresentations by Pointwise staff on new product and/or LES, DSMC, combustion and/or multi-phasedevelopments, exhibits by our partners, and user flow a plus. Technical writing, presentation, andpresentations. programming skills (Fortran, MPI) are essential.There will be plenty of opportunities for As a Research Scientist, you will join a rapidly growingComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) users to small business supporting DoD agencies, NASA, andlearn about the latest Pointwise and Gridgen prime aerospace contractors. CRAFT Tech offers afeatures, get a glimpse of future developments, stimulating work environment with excellentand network with other CFD experts from around opportunities for career growth, further education andthe world. responsibility, along with an attractive benefits andPointwise, Inc. invites Pointwise and Gridgen users compensation package, including profit-sharing. Ourto present their work at the Pointwise User Group headquarters is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia,Meeting. The call for papers can be viewed at PA, with a satellite office in Huntsville, Interested parties may contact:For more information about the Pointwise User Dr. Peter CavalloGroup Meeting, please go to Senior Research (215)-766-1520;
  2. 2. Hold the emailNow, you don’t need to send another mass email to and Inventor all came out approximately the samethe group. A Google discussion group was recently time and have literally changed the way manycreated ( people look at 3D modeling, in general. The firstfor members that need to communicate with entire step was to expose structural and thermal FEA togroup. Many have already joined and you can to by the MCAD community. Products like CosmosWorksclicking on “Apply for group membership“ on the group and Design Space were easy to use, gave reasonablypage. This discussion group should eliminate the accurate results, but most importantly opened theneed to send a mass email requesting help. Please eyes of engineers to help visually drive design.refrain from sending any mass email to the group Some of the key areas that were affected.and consider using the discussion group for your 1. Reducing the risk of failurerequest of help. Mass email could results indeactivation of your membership. 2. Reducing the number of prototypes 3. Reducing the cost of materialsUpfront CFD: 4. Reducing the weight of designs 5. Broadening the spectrum of innovationCFD for the Design Engineer All of the above applies on the fluids/heatHistorically, CFD has been a tool driven by analysts transfer side of things as well. Even more so, Iin an effort to reproduce or simulate complex fluid believe. Why? Well, it can sometimes be easierflow and heat transfer phenomena on various 2D & to test the structural integrity of a design3D geometry. The tight community of users has because you can build a test rig, apply loadsproduced some spectacular results over the years. and visually see if it deforms or if failure occursBut, the fact is that the adoption of CFD as a design (not in all cases, but some). Fluids are atool has been slow in “mainstream” organizations. different thing altogether. For example, it isOne reason is that a majority of the development difficult to see “inside” of a valve to actuallyover the years has been dedicated to fine tuning visualize what is going on. How can youthe physics, solvers, meshing and maximizing improve performance and reduce the pressurecomputer performance. All in an effort to solve a drop if you are not able to visualize the flow inmultitude of very specific fluid flow problems. 3D? So why is CFD not mainstream in the designGreat strides have been made by many of the community?vendors in all of the above areas. All of the codeshave become easier to use, but the fact is most ofthem are still being developed with the analyst inmind.It is not much different than it was in the broaderStructural FEA market. There was a time whenmany people felt that the easier the product was touse, the more you compromised accuracy. Prettysilly to think about that now, but it was a fact a fewyears ago. There was a defining moment in themarket with the explosion of the mid-range 3D Flow Traces through a Water Separator  MCAD market. Pioneers like SolidWorks, Solid Edge
  3. 3. LinkedIn CFD Upfront CFD (Cont.) Group Manager Kamran Fouladi There are a variety of factors, but probably the most significant, it requires vendors to be dedicated to Phone: developing software for the mainstream multi- 610-291-6642 tasking engineer. For example, above is an image of a water separator that is designed in Autodesk E-Mail: Inventor. The Design Engineer is able to take the native Inventor geometry into CFdeisgn, apply what he knows and within minutes he is able to visualize the flow patterns within the device. He then tweaksPast issues the design in Inventor (or any MCAD product), repeats the above and compares. He can automatePast issues of this newsletter can be the cycle until an optimized design is reached. Theaccessed at: final step is to build a prototype and validate. This process is now expanding beyond MCAD users, with the release of products like SpaceClaim. But, in general, this is an entire category of software altogether. Call it what you want. It is CFD that isYour Input done “Upfront” in the design process. It has to beAs you know, members can reach one another done in an environment that is easy to use andindividually. On the other hand, this newsletter speaks the language of the design engineer, not theallows members to broadcast their requests, news, CFD analyst. It can surely be run by analysts but isevents, and opinions to the entire group easily and typically intended to be used as a design tool. Thereeffectively. Your participation is needed and are a few of us out there that are dedicated to thisappreciated. approach. Don’t take my word for it, fire up GoogleFollowing is our current guidelines for your input: and check out for yourself. • Inputs should be no more than 300 words Derrek Cooper • Inputs should be in Microsoft Word format • Inputs should exclude any direct sales pitch (we don’t want to turn this into a billboard) • Inputs can include a link to send interested Spare a Few Minutes readers to the full story (pitch) Here is your chance to get more involved. Send us a • Inputs can include one or two small images note and let us know that you can help. More specifically, a manager is needed to run our newEmail us at: Google discussion group. Also, let us know of your ideas to make the LinkedIn CFD group the premier CFD networking group. Email us at: