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LinkedIn CFD Group Newsletter.

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Issue1 042008

  1. 1. April 2008 Issue 1 L INKED I N CFDA networking forum for CFD professionalsGetting Started Inside This Issue  Getting Started 1LinkedIn CFD group was created to provide the CFD Pain 1interested CFD professionals a place where they In My opinion 1can share news/ideas, seek help, and networkwith other CFDers. LinkedIn site only allows forgroup members to contact others on individualbasis. Members who want to contact the wholegroup at once could go through this newsletter forrequests, news, and opinions. Email us In My OpinionCFD Pain Survey By Kamran Fouladi ( Greg Burgreen (burgreen@SimCenter.MsState.Edu)Optimal LLC invites you to participate in a simple (The following is an excerpt of an article I wrotethree-question survey inquiring about significant for CFD Review a few months ago)pain or bottlenecks associated with your CFD Substantial efforts have been underway forapplications. It is called: The CFD Pain Survey. decades to make CFD an integral part of the design process. Government research labs andBased on survey results, Optimal wishes to large commercial corporations have been usingidentify a few articulate alpha-software testing CFD for decades and many of them use number ofpartners to assist us during the product in-house and commercially developed CFD codes.development stage of our software. However, for CFD to truly become a viable design tool, it needs to be utilized by small to mid-rangeThis is your opportunity to provide direct input companies much like the structural analysis toolstoward software aimed at reducing your CFD pain. being used now. Since most of these companies can’t afford the resources to develop in-houseThe CFD Pain Survey is found at: codes, then the success of CFD as a design tool rests squarely on commercial software. Factors such as grid generation, problem setup, and costBest, (to name a few) currently impede the massGreg utilization of commercial CFD software by non- traditional users. (Continued on page 2)
  2. 2. In My Opinion (cont.) LinkedIn CFD Group Manager Kamran Fouladi In the conceptual design stages, one can expect major and frequent changes to the geometry. Grid Phone: generation is a time consuming and labor intensive 610-291-6642 task for simulation of complex configurations and geometry changes can significantly delay the design process. Additionally, commercial CFD flow solvers are developed as general purpose codes and they include numerous options and parameters to set. A user must possess great deal of experience to be able to set up complex problems correctly. This requires fundamental knowledge of CFD and a few days of training just won’t do. Meanwhile, cost might be the biggest issue for most companies to use CFD. Most commercial software are on expensive and annual license purchases, which make them prohibitive to acquire. In short, until the barriers are removed for small to mid-sized companies, CFD will not be used extensively by “the masses” and it would remain a “useful but not necessary” tool.