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Construction of capone ft cash oh no (rough cut)


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Construction of our rap and hip-hop music video Oh No

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Construction of capone ft cash oh no (rough cut)

  2. 2. Why Adobe premiere pro CC? We have used Adobe premiere pro CC due to the accessibility. Our development of using Adobe premiere pro CS 5 from AS Media foundation portfolio production. And now, we want to use Adobe premiere CC in our A2 Media advanced portfolio production has come in handy as currently as a group we have already gained the experience to use Adobe premiere, such as inserting video clips, sound and a lot of dramatic effects. Adobe premiere pro CC really opens a world of editing tools at your grasp. And the actual capabilities of this program is phenomenal. This program is easy to use from our own perspective. A rap and hip hop music video would be a perfect task for this program. The next slide will show what types of editing has been used to construct Oh No.
  3. 3. What kind of video effects was used in the rough copy of Oh No whilst editing in CC Lumetri (Cold Midtones) Spherize, Lighting effects-Ambient light colour, Auto colour, Threshhold, Alpha Glow, Lumetri Bleach Bypass 1 Strobe light, Colour pass, Colour balance (RGB), Posterize, Brightness & Contrast, Ghosting, Lightning, Sharpen, Echo, Camera blur-percent blur, Emboss, Brush strokes, Solarize, Replicate, Bend, Color balance (HLS), Lumetri (warm overall), Luma curve, Lumetri (cinematic 2), Change to color, Lumetri (Dreams) and Color Emboss. We took considerations we actually researched audiences needs based on applying effects in our research we asked young teenagers (4 boys and 4 girls) what effects did they expect to see in rap & hip-hop music videos and what they wanted to see. All of these people described they wanted too see a lot of ‘light effects’, pictures ‘brightened up’, ‘different colour screens’ perhaps. These were the answers we received. Video Transitions used were based back to our research into similar texts. We saw in Youtube rap and hip-hop music videos a lot of dissolves were used mostly cross, film, additive and dip to white dissolves such as in Santana Days ‘Of our lives’. We wanted to keep our music video original so we used dissolves with institutional practices. The dissolves used in Capone ft Cash Oh No are: • Additive dissolves • Film dissolves • Dither dissolves • Cross dissolves • Dip to white dissolves • Dip to black dissolves • Non-additive dissolves
  4. 4. Some examples of video effects in Oh No
  5. 5. Paying attentiveness to fast pacing We have understood the pivotal importance of fast pacing in a rap and hip hop music video. Around the institution of Hip-hop and Rap we see a lot of music videos which have effects and edits to make their music videos seem fast and flashy. We have etched these practices in to ‘Oh No’. By having a variety of locations and changing the speed duration of clips to 100% plus to most of them in Adobe premiere pro CC. As well as a lot of dissolves mentioning in the previous power-point slide. Essentially we can manipulate speed to our advantage with editing features within CSS. Which hopefully our audience would like.