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Audience magazine research for creating the actual magazine


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This is a slideshare which shows audience research being conducted i.e. hot-seating.

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Audience magazine research for creating the actual magazine

  1. 1. We used hot seating-asking several questions to 6 students, 3 males and 3 females on a seat about our magazine cover planning. Audience Magazine research
  2. 2. We asked  Do you see any improvement which could be made on the digipack CD covers produced?  For the front cover which artists should there be?  For the 4th cover do you see any improvements which we could make for Capone’s murky background. On a close-up of Capone with his alcohol?  Do yo prefer a casual ending on the final cover with Capone, or both with a different background setting?
  3. 3. Answers identified are  Overall the audience showed enthusiasm and participated eagerly. This specific audience helped us with our magazine advert structure. Thorough help was provided. They wanted for the front cover Capone and Cash together. With a medium close-up. A ‘dangerous’ background was mentioned, if applied would look better. Due to the song being sung near equal lyrics.  For the 4th CD cover audience expected to see Capone’s rough personality. With a working-class rough background.  For the 8th CD cover audience wanted to see originality by having both characters. Capone and Cash and a natural background.
  4. 4. Thank you for viewing