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Voice of Customer Planning Guide


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Planning and launching a Voice of Customer program might seem like a daunting task, but fear not, we have put together a best practice guide to help you launch an effective Voice of Customer program in 2016. Download the full guide at

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Voice of Customer Planning Guide

  1. 1. VOICE OF CUSTOMER A brief guide to planning your Voice of Customer program
  2. 2. About Kampyle Kampyle's Voice of Customer solution puts customer feedback at the heart of your digital enterprise, with a complete platform that enables you to listen, understand, and act on feedback across all your digital touch points (web, mobile, email and in-store). info@kampyle | | 1-855-KAMPYLE
  3. 3. Why is Voice of Customer so important? Planning your Voice of Customer Program: Prepare a detailed project brief Define your business goals and KPIs Map out your customer engagement strategy Select a vendor Contents:
  4. 4. Why is Voice of Customer so Important?
  5. 5. Over the past few years, a dramatic shift in the balance of power between customers and brands has taken place; customers have become more knowledgeable and more empowered.
  6. 6. They expect a stellar experience in every interaction, and an ever increasing range of communication channels allows them to publicize whether or not they have received it.
  7. 7. This shift in power has made companies realize the importance of providing a great customer experience to their customers.
  8. 8. Gartner Research, September 2014 "89% of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016" GARTNER
  9. 9. The Top 10 Strategic Technologies for the Customer Experience, 2015 Voice of Customer is the #1 technology for customer experience GARTNER
  10. 10. In order to provide a great customer experience, brands need to better understand their users and customers. The most effective way to do this is with a Voice of Customer (VoC) program.
  11. 11. A VoC program allows companies to systematically engage with users; understand their behavior, and gain insight into their wants and needs.
  12. 12. Armed with these insights, brands are able to improve the customer experience across relevant touch points to meet the customers’ expectations.
  13. 13. Planning your Voice of Customer Program
  14. 14. Set out objectives,​a learning agenda and an action plan 1. PREPARE A DETAILED PROJECT BRIEF
  15. 15. What are your business goals and KPIs? Do you want to increase customer retention? Overall sales? ​ Are you hoping to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate? ​ Or increase your Net Promoter Score​? ​List your primary and secondary business objectives in order of importance​. OBJECTIVES:
  16. 16. Each learning agenda item should be a brief, one sentence description of your goals such as​, ​“learn why customers are not checking out​.​”​​​ Your overall learning agenda should not contain more than three items​, and should be in order of importance. LEARNING AGENDA:
  17. 17. 1. What platforms will you connect to your feedback solution? 2. Who will be responsible for technical setup, reporting, replying to and taking action based on customer feedback? 3.How will you report your findings and recommendations? How will you route feedback internally for replies? ACTION PLAN:
  19. 19. Business Goals KPIs Customer Personas Customer Journey & Touchpoints Customer Engagement Data Integration Closing the Loop A complete planning guide is included in our VoC Toolkit. Download it on slide 24 Use our planning guide to help you define:
  21. 21. CX Performance Measurements: Total sales / NPS / CSAT / Task Completion / Customer Feedback click through rate / Customer reviews Customer journey feedback touchpoints: Landing page / Login / Checkout Customer engagement: What do you want to know? How will you phrase it? Will the questions be True/False, Dropdown, Free-form Closing the loop: Automated personalized emails, redirect customer to a specific URL, show custom coupons Data Integration: CRM / Web Analytics / Marketing automation
  22. 22. 4. SELECT A VENDOR Consider what questions to ask when evaluating which program is best for you
  23. 23. Can we embed your feedback solution on our website and our service? Can I completely customize the look and feel of the customer-facing aspects of the solution to fit our branding guidelines? Which grading scales does your platform support? Is customer feedback reported in real time? Do you support integration with third-party analytics platforms? Which ones? Are there any limits to the amount of feedback we can collect?
  24. 24. Voice of Customer Project Brief Voice of Customer Planning Guide The Customer Experience Cheat Sheet Vendor Review Checklist For a detailed guide, download our 2016 Voice of Customer Toolkit which includes: Click here to download the 2016 Voice of Customer Toolkit­voc­toolkit Thanks for reading!
  25. 25. Try NebulaCX, our market-leading VoC platform for free­trial CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL