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The second coming


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The second coming

  1. 1. The SecondComing Turningand turninginthe wideninggyre The falconcannot hearthe falconer; Thingsfall apart; the centre cannothold; Mere anarchyis looseduponthe world, The blood-dimmedtide isloosed,andeverywhere The ceremonyof innocence isdrowned; The bestlack all conviction,whilethe worst Are full of passionate intensity. Surelysome revelationisathand; Surelythe SecondComingisathand. The SecondComing!Hardlyare those wordsout Whena vast image outof SpiritusMundi Troublesmysight:somewhereinsandsof the desert A shape withlionbodyandthe headof a man, A gaze blankand pitilessasthe sun, Is movingitsslowthighs,while all aboutit Reel shadowsof the indignantdesertbirds. The darknessdropsagain;but nowI know That twentycenturiesof stonysleep Were vexedtonightmare bya rockingcradle, Andwhat roughbeast,itshour come roundat last, SlouchestowardsBethlehemtobe born?