The Starcatcher Legcy Ch.1


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The Starcatcher Legcy Ch.1

  1. 1. Hi! Welcome to my new legacy, The Starcatcher Legacy! :D Hope youenjoy it!
  2. 2. Jill Starcatcher looked with dismay at her new... House. A few items. Witha few bits of wall.
  3. 3. “At least there’s a double bed!” she said.
  4. 4. “Ew, whoever last lived here was gross! The floor is all wet!”
  5. 5. Jill got a job in the athletic career, which was where she wanted to be inlife.
  6. 6. The welcome wagon didn’t take long to arrive, and Jill started off her lifein Avenue Valley by flirting with Benjamin Long... Which didn’t go toowell.“Look, Jill? I barely know you!”
  7. 7. “Fine then. Be like that.”
  8. 8. Another sim in the welcome wagon was Fiona Avenue. Yeah, my sister issuper imaginative. This is her neighbourhood – Avenue Valley. TheAvenue family lives in Avenue house. Hm... I wonder what she’ll saywhen she finds out I used her neighbourhood....
  9. 9. Benjamin was obviously ready to get back on Jill...“Look! A magic flying unicorn!”
  10. 10. “Huh? I don’t see one...”(On a side note, don’t you think this picture is so cute!?)
  11. 11. “Are you SURE you- AHHH!”
  12. 12. “Haha, you got me!” Jill laughed, wiping herself dry.
  13. 13. Oh this is the night, it’s a beautiful night And we call it Bella Notte
  14. 14. Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes On this lovely Bella Notte
  15. 15. Side by side with your loved one, You’ll find enchantment here
  16. 16. The night will weave it’s magic spell, When the one you love is near.
  17. 17. Oh this is the night, and the heavens are right! On this lovely Bella Notte! *Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp - Disney
  18. 18. “Whoah... Ben... I had no idea...”“That I was such a good kisser?”Jill laughed. “That you... Felt that way about me... How about we gosomewhere else?”“Where did you have in mind?”
  19. 19. “I was thinking my bed...”
  20. 20. “I was thinking the same thing...”
  21. 21. “I have to go, I have work today...” said Ben.
  22. 22. Now that was fun, thought Jill.
  23. 23. The next day she left for work in her llama outfit.
  24. 24. “Phew! It’s nice to have a break! I mean, no one will know I just wearathletic clothes to look like I go running all the time! I love gettingsympathy and free drinks from people! Damn. There’s no one here. I’lljust have to keep running!” *fake pant*
  25. 25. So she could get a promotion, when Jill came home, she bought a TV andbegan to work out.
  26. 26. “Too... Difficult... Must.... Stop...!”
  27. 27. “Er... Hi,” said Sheldon Hanby, the postman.Jill ignored him.
  28. 28. Later that night, Jill got a surprise... She was pregnant.
  29. 29. “Not pregnant, just fat...” she told herself. “Oh, who am I kidding?”
  30. 30. The next day, she phoned Benjamin to tell him.
  31. 31. “Er, hi Ben... Do you want to come over?”“Sure!”
  32. 32. Jill hugged him to try and hide her bump.
  33. 33. “You’re pregnant! Wow!”It wasn’t long before he noticed, though.“Yeah...”“Who’s the dad?”“Erm, you...”“Really? That gives me more reason to ask you....”
  34. 34. “Ask me what?”
  35. 35. “Jill, I’ve loved you since a few hours after we met... After you stoppedtrying to flirt with me... Erm, anyway.... Jill Starcatcher...”
  36. 36. “Will you marry me?”“I’m a romance sim, and this goes against my wants....”
  37. 37. “But yeah!”
  38. 38. They decided to get married there and then.
  39. 39. “Why did I do this? Seeing stars... Ohh look a gorilla. Magic flyingunicorns!”
  40. 40. “Ahahahahaha! No... I’m doomed... Save me!”
  41. 41. “Who the hell are you?”“Hm...”
  42. 42. “Well, you’re a lost cause. Goodbye!”“Huh?”
  43. 43. “Ben? Is something wrong?”“Well...”
  44. 44. “My brother... Oh, never mind. I’ll tell when you’ve had the baby. I don’twant to worry you.”“Ben, you just did!”
  45. 45. And, that concludes this chapter! Please comment, and look out for thenext chapter, which shouldn’t be long since I really enjoyed doing thisone (I love Jill’s facial expressions!)