The Davidson Legacy Intro


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The Davidson Legacy Intro

  1. 1. The Davidson LegacyIntro
  2. 2. George Mountain, a small mountainside town, was no longer the happyplace it used to be. Seven years had passed since The Resistance hadtaken over it, seven years since every family had been forced into a smallhouse identical to every other one there . The place had beensurrounded by a magical barrier so no one could enter or leave, thechildren (the ones which weren’t killed by The Resistance) received noeducation, the adults were poor because there was no work and theplace became more and more like a ghost town every day.
  3. 3. “So,” said Ivan to Julia, the woman sitting opposite to him. “Tell me whyyou are here.”
  4. 4. Since no one else would go, Julia Davidson had offered to speak to theleader of the resistance.“Well, the people... They aren’t very... Happy. They’re bored, and areconstantly scared that their children will be the next to be killed. Theywant holidays, they want to see their families, they want the barrier tobe gone.”
  5. 5. “Not a chance. We kill the children to avoid overpopulation. We givethem free food and shelter... What else do they need?”
  6. 6. “I see. But people can’t just live on the basics of life! They want to behappier! The TVs and phones and computers don’t work! Please! Fixthem at least!”
  7. 7. “But that would mean taking down the barrier. Is there anything else?This discussion is closed.”
  8. 8. “Can’t we come to some sort of agreement? I don’t know... One daywithout the barrier a year?”“And would people come back? No.”
  9. 9. “Well get out!” said Ivan, shooing Julia away. Slowly, she stood up andleft the room.
  10. 10. What can I do? she thought when she was back at home. I can’t go andtell everyone I have failed...
  11. 11. “There is something you can do!” said a blonde woman who appearedbeside her.“W-who are you?”“Katie. Now, do you want to know what you can do?”
  12. 12. “Of- of course, but...”“You can get out of here. You can start a legacy!”
  13. 13. “B-but they’re banned!”“Of course they’re banned! If they weren’t, everyone could start one andget out of here!”
  14. 14. “I have the contract forms! Just sign them, and in ten generations yourdescendant can come and save this rotten place! Who knows? Maybe bythen The Resistance will have spread their rule further...”
  15. 15. “So... If I can create a bloodline strong enough... This place can befreed?”“Exactly.
  16. 16. They sat down at Julia’s small table.“Just sign here,” said Katie, pushing a piece of paper towards her.“You’re sure?”“Absolutely.”And so she did.
  17. 17. Julia looked around.It was nice to be free of the boring town, but a bit lonely not to besurrounded by people she knew.
  18. 18. Still, she had a house, and a better future ahead of her than most of thepeople she knew!
  19. 19. That’s the end of the intro! Hope you enjoyed it!